Friday, April 25, 2014

Ad Gnostic 801

The Celebrator spoke to ray,
the hope that 'It' had  planned,
as the year of day at hand,
the speech enhances to be prime.

Elaborate upon the press,
the past was felt so deeply nest,
taken for granted as readily brought,
thunder brings lightening to bale the pot.

Luke warm to extra Hot,
the flame in fiddled tipped the spot,
as the line in circled Lot,
it seems he is an Astro Knot.

The parking stay to deliberate come,
the words of Sentenced now know drum,
whether driven or vain two prop,
the riddle of the poetic Rock.

Dunked to drown in guilt of pound,
not a person a 'Thing' in sound,
viable same in feeling pain,
what's been done is extremely brung.

Brooding temper to sample winter,
the rites of close have suffered most,
taken from kept to dung,
the rise releases to what is spun.

The weeks so length to build such strength,
this One has waited to enter fun,
to twist this rate introductions stun.

Names to Numbers in pocketed locks,
the brain will plunder in anxious broughts,
to many people said to drop,
the turned event the proper walk.

Destroying what was a tight knit love,
the separation anchored a promised doves,
memory to hugs you took for money,
the Court Recorder's shows it's funny.

Champion this moment as viewed today,
experience delivers the phew of stay,
freedom ranks to slavery trades,
the state of Being tells roughly seen.

Trampled down raised in Town,
with strangers I should thank,
but as I call to say it all,
the hang-up is a prank.

Gruff the bark as not a lark,
a life in long will out this wrong,
the lies so told in quiet mulled,
the truth becomes the excitement role.

Advantage to is a Scroll,
the ever after bitter capture,
the venue enticed the ripping ride,
you have helped to blanket sigh. 

Don't you worry there is a Guy,
his name is Blunt and clearly stunts,
to be the Man that peeks to clue,
he left Footprints as do trued,
the Book of James in Twinned Flames!!

Society Bars Gambles For Set

Here the caption placed,
the ample is the trace,
to seek for nothing else,
decision holds to days.

Recorded value of,
the views or that in trace,
stolen for the price,
to create erase.

Broad shoulders do require,
the load of lift is wired,
louder than the thundered read,
the exit is the port of seen.

Numbers have a funny well,
the deep and lurid must feel the swell,
the rise to sing of what shall bring,
the betterment of staging wings.

The flight to round the narrows,
often written in such smitten,
the feet have carried greeting,
the grander would be meeting.

Brake your fronts engage the lead,
the shipping news print receives,
invitations sent to key,
the comfort of acoustic breathes.

As reception chilled idea,
still original and holds to skill,
the proof of deed replies with keep,
Society has built no way 'cause,
the scandal shows the years imposed,
the Prisoner of an enclaved stowed.

To Fill Shoes

This the Day of Coming Age,
all of my Children now,
can speak to say,
we've made it from birth to Eighteen years,
without failing.

Dear Lauren cheer,
you our dear,
the star I see does greet you're glee,
siblings three please hug for me.

Big smiles I wear,
to think I bare,
the memory of such day.

You came into this World on moves,
the quick to face abrupt.

The journey made was simply saved,
upon the look to view,
each day missed I can't resist,
to say I love you too.

So to respond to arms in long,
speak these words of truth,
please pass the I love you,
appropriate and most certainly due!!