Saturday, April 25, 2015

To Purpose, Poetry And A Riddle For The Meeting: In Truth Its A Cake Walk

My Name is K. Anastasia & I am a Roam in Off to balance this special Kind,
the laughter of the entry towards a Star that filled the blanks with Veer,
had an Audience been the Choice to money belts and drinks,
that Cheers would have had a Habit to touch the Tidy Up's.

But due to strange and loose be leaf the Factory of sky,
hath dropped the Evened on this ground Plan It dirt called it Grounds!!

Foremost to the difference lies in With absolute to Tides,
the seas of shown to fates in loan thee globe of only Flew!!

Rounds to the about as that is the Fountains ink,
drawing close the elephant Chores to crock Owe dial Sync,
the fast and Stair the simple bare a birth of day to Suite,
in with Strong to sound the Long is nothing till the Fink!!

Wink an Eye its the Clouds that drew the Calendar,
ask the date is it spake and Wheel to the gear,
should the Valve of reason blink than Say that its a tier,
downward Spiral proverbs placed to put the dinner Queer.

But that is Nature on the phone for calling batter Cloned,
as jean to Song the big bite pong A baker shoe for Candle Stick Seer,
one little Look the Metro shook to Trains that delivered let us Snake,
a tree for luck the Birch of chuck a Badger for the dam its rough,
so directive is this coffee salve as Mugs do hold the beer,
fizzy Fuzzy was the bare to Neatly tied from Wax and sayer!!

Rite on the Pier of dock this Stipulates to Oh so proud,
to have journey for the Promise that life is the angled Pontiff,
in preach to priest the rob of greece that lathe of Shingle spree,
I am not the Only Won for many hold the Comfort dong,
like the bee & The Birds this candy Land is really just a Cock,
rooster Crowing on a shoulder that dove to Tale with a Moulder!!

The fancy dance to carriage less Responsible from ever Crest,
earth does Quake the ankles brake to riding Horses for the trait,
a good girth to made of Greats I love the story of The Fates,
alarms to Islands eyes to blue that lash that speaks of Otters.

Fur coat truth with Grizzly bears the Polar North of Norse,
a Winged type Hoarse to flight of Life in trust its known to Rapture,
that Eagle soar to Hawk in's More the Defined of TOK at Christmas,
each day before Futures roared the Lion of the latcher.

Spin the swim to dolphins Joy a bright and Infinite beings Pore,
as that is the state of Radio with this In Car Nation.

Prizing hugs to range the Cold glaciers melt to Show us,
that in the frigid Ices crate the Nails hour Cornish`d,
a Hen top Crop the eggs and Bot a spider on the Web,
silk Thread Worms to be the Turns as All do go the Danish.

Win I Breathe A Gain

I broke Wake by Woke to Natural of the Origin for I am The Flame of Elemental on this Worlds kail,
the let Us to the breaking of the Clod the dirt and the Mog it is Mother Earth on the live,
determination of Work to Worth the I have A footprint to Value the Hands of Palms on the Seer.

In the splash of the Water a waist swimming the coughing of Phlegm to choke Rack the feared,
in people the lottery is on the Ticket to speech,
in verbal coach as that is the sentence to life itself on the adapt Tab ables in this Nestle crunch of chalk lets.

The Outline to that Parable as the Proverbs on the Songs on better placements,
a Cupboards organization to the Starters that brought the Eating on spinners for the Priced.

Each pay Meant means of shoring the litter to the Trashed I bank the film to a beaches Lake,
the grounds Upon the landing leap to the Time of Oceans waving the Constance of remind,
there About the simmer is the People with deny All and crate the Nailed to Crossed by who due.

Well spell a Mirror cat a Clause to sing a blanket Fires cure Asking nothing to Answer 'It's Clear',
surely the Handles of spiked to the drink of glass For Get the Sealing of the Skulls to type have shouted,
on that Sands of sleigh it Matters to the Universe and the Stars are the Suns on a Chiel of coursed.

Craft to write the Ridden and the dye is Paint Stores that offer the Chose to choose a Pylon,
on that Warning of station Identification be former to the From while extraction is afforded to drum.

Pounds to monies bar the Shed to saddle the Cinch in a pinch of the girth on the Belts of social,
the sponge Wrung to soap a glycerin Affair as dynamite is not the supply it is the Worth of cleanliness on Sweat,
a horse harnessed to Hard Work a person on the labor of Harbor be a beautiful Cheering rite,
in that perhaps the laughter and smile will Show that Music is a factory of Friends on left,
core to the ears on the plugs that block of the Miles I've come to announce this simple sung!!

Trade Industry for the Dust of fudge even with Math to the arrow Smith its the Iron of Will to grasp,
in My Family the close and the furtherest from I balance the bit with Won piece of a riddle on strung,
puppets to parcels the Mail on the Junk a Variable to show the start as the Earth is a place to spear.

That Lance A Lot to the Shield of thought driven by Directive to directions on the grab be A line,
the cruise throughout the land of this Sphere is full touch the brim fire it is my head setting stations,
as that Hand to Hand in the tall Forest of grover a Try Angle to the Outing of a hunch,
Month by day to Date the year it is not the Swamper of the chim A knee its the notch,
swinging with the Jazz on the blues to know that See sickness is a Reality for language does Rock.

Plat toe of the digital Screen I sea the brass to a skill on This little prose,
sharks are not the Dolphins patrol And yet I know that this is not true,
for often in the Ocean of Class the quick for the swim will be saved by just such tact,
in the Sea there are Weeds of kelp to wet the Swell but that is more like A Tidal.

Shall the dance bring Mill 'till duh than grant the Quarter a dime,
diving Horses sync and still to Patience in the irony of the primer,
dot know I as the purity is in the Pi and this makes the Entire fiction Nan.

Spread the particle to a simplicity of Riddle as the Starry Knight is James Blunt again,
in a slow and ever snow the breadth of the breathing state I clever this hinge to a dockets sable.

So Coo the Pigeon and talk a bisque the Soup of stall is not doubt for that delivered Seasons,
whether on the Screams to silence of the lambs It remains as the darkest Towers to perform a Ping,
Xing the sky with boosting the Comes just To Engage the Painted Horses.

Its a Mar Bull`d by the truth to I am a Tomboy in the flesh of the say to the riding parades,
fear only the temper on the greatest of docks as that will Shout from the Rooftop,
with no Smoke but with the Caliber of delivery by Vocals,

Usage? Vernacular simple Stun.

Cut My Tether By The Truth Of The Greatest Swing The Heir Beneath My Wings

The drop from such great Heights that used to bring sport fear,
now in the Air of reach the brilliance felt the glee,
to have luck in basis go a balance in clean space,
the Wind of fast beneath my task made what a fantastic Seer!!

As in the past the cliff was as the High Rise on the ledge,
fright would circulate my stand that shook became to always Land,
yet on this strange and lurid dream this time of ever in the scene,
I once did scared but now have shared the High distance from the sky will not inhabit pie.

Touch the Airplane parachute to know that some of teams won't equip,
that great of fall to waters lull in Oceans of a Coup,
that even on the broad of slat the traveling does show,
that landing on the waters rear is basic and its back.

For the First and weirdly spy I'm not afraid to fall,
that just is the special know to bring this person royal,
because of being chased at sign the binders will not hold,
my breath of free to flawless sew is enjoyment of the grow.

Brought by good the lesson should behave to door a troll,
but in the swim of Saltwaters home I see that it is strong,
the tides in charts change to Tops computers web with bridges gog,
to be of list on linkings disk a Indie dial logs the gong`d.

Former tank bing of Cape the blunt of Umbrella plate,
a staff to the support made voices crying pier,
yet on the cut of line from safe the Tee was in the Upper jugged,
a constant point of dime`d concert of the rub.

As moo same the Ma I show is Mother Earth to joe,
coffee Creamery milks that slow a curdle of at poe,
enter now the dreaming state as I have broken lace,
my Mind does breeze the best of sing to Open on a lo!!

In the care of the Full I warn the swimmers in the sea,
dead animals afloat to bee the hive that troubled tow,
like nails board to bounce the wave as I swim to shore,
still in the bay to Islands sigh exhaust cannot come choke.

Fear had been the life in reams And now I've let is grow,
in that sight of sleeping kind the fear is in the dues,
the Oceans grave with full to laid body parts like Escargot,
in slow take steady the Up from gross the hinge to Worlds grew.

Factor face time with a Piece Work of a simple note,
lap the swim with careful trim for animals have sickened death,
the carcass`s in chase of shift nothing can hide the ever rift,
do not fear the fall its Weird but the landing reminds me toe.

Number breeze with balance Space that is the seat of gracefulness,
for on this earth any can chop the verse to span the grands,
bots do crawl the spiders Mall increasing shingles crow,
a dovetailed Dresser that shelves the drawers will use the I lets too.

Openers tall the short Ore width creating banks designed,
chilling are the pictures in My Mind and that makes better News,
scout that presence now sort the lift with learning laughters best in Hip,
a pocket folk to compose a gift all with in the Voice of crib.

It is Up being Not the Rocks not the Sharps nor the Narrows plainly Speaking,
it is the lack of attention to the people kicking their feet as they are swimming to shore,
the depth of litter to the talks of the lap swimmers is quilting And now that is writes gone stick,
for a grip the drop from clearly grasping the Sky as the diving board start.

Oh what a distance to tackle the difference as the Hit goes LIVE,
inch the breathe to not crosses as the inhibited wish for the drowning of fish,
it turns out to bring the challenge of swimming through this Worlds deadly downs,
dead bodies animals and lumber in the pools.

To be scratched by the Nails that have rust in that idea of a horror on Infection,
than plus the dead corpses Animals and staged waters desk the mental friction on tents,
but there I am making the land by determining that it is I that must flood,
for each word to each temper its not the falls its the dredges on the duds.

The Patience To Be A Master At Arms Just To Know I Hug Life For It Is A Corker Being A Loan

Death life Birth strife In A Cent the people gather the Tripe to Skull suppers lean,
the dinner on the Cross for the Platter of the Shall We be of the buffet to Brunch,
owe on the Hunch that Exorcisms rump to the Ecstasy the Acid and the M.D.N.A.,
fortress Off to that Tank on the Came Bridge to cycle the Call ledge to reality,
in the lung of the Orb it is No More on the deck to Strike,
for the Fire is My Voice on this Personal and Independent Raise!!

As I stand to Complete Alone with Pride and Vigor to the Depth of Conversations tried,
I trip the time to Watch the clockers on the lined,
make-Ups to excused as the Pardon the piney to A Nutty gift,
presents Wrapped with nothing from the Nothing crime,
dippers that soaked in the Pool to that Pots & Panning school be Well of ever away.

At the Vest meant to Say that sake is the Absolute of the Joint on parade,
speaking Sanction to the dates on the Figurines I cold,
pick stirred brought Reality to each of a Side,
yet on My Refrigerator I honor the Put to only the Lock,
permanently to quietly sing that Heart of gold my star!!

Treat the World like shirt Smashing case to the deep Mud on the cancer to Infestation of hour,
as the hands bold the fax to Palm that snooker Pole fudge to the Chalk A Let factory of Cuz,
for in the filming eyes at Night it is the days on the memory gone to pillows and sleeved,
walking the steady of the hopped up juice on the signs,
in this the Coral is read like the Seas of the great Traying of sliver to Silver the Hares!!

Born to stride as the Mind is that direction of rein I memory dime to the Sporting,
slap the skull with this Think remember the speak as Calculations on the answer to the Head plate,
for on the teacher to the Home sit It really is only the Name of know body to swing this deeper Creed,
shaking the branch like the Hook to that Chain gang that likes to ripen Spite at the table while the door knocked,
skate with the Weight to that face To face in recognition the ignored and the trimmed.

Patience on the porch with a sad News to bring a Crow on the shoulders of the 'Did',
owe for the traveling of the kick-Key to journal the chair as that is raw beck Awe's snare,
like the pasture of the clean to The Professional of memory its not more that a Movie on the Skinner,
to lamps that talk the Golden lights of Starry Cries may the Mind sing to treachery for Pike!!

An avenue of Richmond to address known The Cancer on that is never would I tack,
for the bother of such Smack on the victuals is not worth the butter for the Toasted,
read Tell letter lens Blink like the rein is bye For No Regrets its a frosting to Ices Time,
ankle with brake Saddle a Climb from Butt to leg have a Good smile & better Mile,
as the Inch to the stage is the Fiddle to cage I know that A Light House can Save More Lives!!

Itsa A Hip Pocket Win Won For The Gripper`d

On the banks of tides a chart of the satellite on the sky verses the rifle to a bullets farm,
on ranch in the hands of plural in dig neat tees The Club hath delivery to the armory,
as weapons on this plans to destruct to the sigh Took are the foolish by the measure,
as magma is molten to the rocks in the core so is that flip on the colt to the aspect of lie.

In refusal to tack a negative leap the support of a very special place is my Steed,
horses rode West to Wagons on breadth yet as the evolution placed the rope on a state,
so did the Tree that bough of the spin Hanging to the portrait of death by dead Rimmed,
in with the system Operation on the bends Teak for the jade And a barrel for the Beer.

This is the foundation to Put to human piece that shall the bullet Make Up bring a method caste,
as the Alloy of a sword The dagger or the chord Swaying to the flight is a Arrow on the tight,
a Handle to this design curves with thigh and grown GPS or Implants that cusp before the cuts,
forest have been Clear done to knowing of the pad Products as the field to range upon the calf.

Jung is A Bookcase so to Freud at the Sexual laugh Fort Barnacle the fossil a better letter stream,
to factory or In Dust Tree the ample by discerned Do the people babble or Aim to 'till the bust.

Chests that harp the Trumpets part Yet at the base Construct no Funny business its a Crutch,
harvest bells on bale Wire the string at Cost the Websters language Now smoke this ever joke,
the additional to Turpentine the Cree a Soat of paint the edition puts a place for magnets on the lead,
to flour of the pancakes Crepe the powder Sugars seam A Greatest verbal marker to guns Up cooked.

From the drill that packs the spill that Gunpowder Treason & Plot,
less the Humanity forgets the rise its less The Bee for Got,
to plenty on the Century the growth of the Chapters read that in a Sentence its a seed,
to introduce the Canon that ball of what is Known hugging for the lug and Fires for the boned.

Consider why's to snail Craze that blaze of Fire bites the Dare to Walk the paddle Scene,
a backfire is the stoppage of the Valve that blocks the Sun,
a shadows Moon that examples Hide the blind will not redress from this its All the desk`d,
hot Water to the Mail a skid for ponds of Clue the gamers grand the 'Go' whist Canners bale crowns.