Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deleting Erased Value Based

The Measure of the random appeal, 
increases with a need to heal.

The Voice of Tone,
comes with verse not over phone.

The Fight Begins,
with what has been,
not for vengeance,
unhinge trend.

Throughout the Years,
my family cheers,
"You will Fall and Lose it all."

Constant statement streaming Win,
I reply,
it's already been.

So crazed my family forced their cause,
down my throat to bring demise,
with Their words I realized,
it's not I that runs in fear,
I'm just a witness to what is clear,
they don't believe that Life is dear.

Treasured Existence

The resolution to the Circumference,
a circle is round.

An Understanding that maintains a standing,
a chartered Veer.

In 'The Continue'
the shot made from here,
lands upon a line so drawn,
the break is the completion of the math.

The added Value,
a full-course way in the Path,
to add Venue.

The Trust of Innocence will show to guide,
a Route to see a road to know.

Truth will Reveal,
life should not be a place to have to make a deal,
but a light to know Real.

Energy carried through Lives,
so varied,
the Teacher, a Trail,
to view not be assailed.

Learning how to envelope the growth of experience,
in which Time delivers relevance,
is the wisdom to embrace what must be unique,

Choice Invites Decision

The human brain computes to train,
running theory,
see the game.

In the simple I see complex,
knotted thought,
a way, 

The refinement brings to light,
it is the words the sentence spread,
a path to sum,

To stop to think,
it looks,
we're on the brink,
will you wake or fall to sleep.

The collective of masses brought,
to be accountable,
a Common,

The best of tests,
a price to gain,
it is the freedom and not the shame.

Recapture reason,
in clarity not treason,
brings on what is right,
it still seems fight.

To stand against the tides of man,
take no offense,
it all seems planned.

Do you feel the under-tow,
are you swept? or can you float?

An idea of different steer,
regarding same,
not profane.

Introductions often show,
another play or way to go.

So often more,
the Voice of Choice,
is smashed to pieces,
condemned but Heeded.

Bunting Shame

The Numbers Crunch,
the plan to punch,
the ink-filled quill,
the needles fill,
will write the same,
the game today.

To be unlike and much the same,
still in fight,

Inside yourself you hold a wealth
should you chose you'll know you're Will.

To silence thought,
to think is wrought,
the benefit will make you well.

The exercise of the Mind,
reveals to You,
a personal view.

To consider other Means,
will enhance,
produce what's Seen.

The ability to share is rare,
the technique to listen...

Judgement casts to tell of last,
to Ignite,
 incites a fight,
not with yourself,
but for what's right,
your Life.

The time it takes to excite,
is the blast or shout of trite,
so instead of this might,
slow yourself,
example nice.

Halt the Core of your Being,
know the answer belongs to dancer,
the simple Waltz of the Mind,
increases awareness,
it's you who's fine.

Rule of Said

Religions declare their answer,
the dues becomes the fee.


Charged in Wrath,
disaster an after-math.

The carrot-on-the-stick,
always hung in front of you,
as if to show a point of view.

Not to treat it seems to reap,
the fare you pay detracts,
from the message,
the words just trap!!

This taxation upon what's free,
written history,
for All to see,
that in the end there is begin,
an Age to Know,
sin's a low.

'The Continue'
a simple When.

Apocalypse is Revealing,
not a bomb,
it's meant to be,

What's gone wrong,
you're charged a fee,
to be told and how to See.


Education for this lore,
preaches hate and shuts the door,
the problem seen creates a stream,
a weekly bid,
financial deed.

Always pleading,
they pass the plates,
one is offering and one is take,
10%, the going rate.

No succeeding just Ushers ways,
how you die and who will bake.

Should you decide or differ in Sake,
 you'll be flung and then they'll shun,
trash your name and ruin your life,
spreading rumors by creating strife.

The shame becomes the dollar deed,
the cost of such required seed,
the growth of wealth a persons Till,
banks your Life and charges....bleed,
delivers Fear with no-way out,
upon this Earth you're just route.

Threats are old,
redemption sold,
the exodus is,
 not so bold,
to sit in Pews and bend at knees,
hang your head,
a guillotine.

This 'New Age' delivered rage,
places blame on Satan's way.

With each fall or challenging day,
you have said the demons play,
made you do it and forced your hand,
that you're human and cannot stand.

If this is the Case at Hand,
then why do you continually damn?,
the blare so loud a ridiculous shroud,
as you spout the devil's out.

666 is know game,
especially for the ones profaned,
Satan's Spawn will go long,
they have a right to sing their song.