Friday, September 7, 2012

Does Ignorance Direct To Deceive?

To be without the Gift of Sight.
I wonder why.

To even imagine that you are unable to look beyond yourselves,
causes sadness inside of Me.  


How plain Life would be.

To not Imagine or Ponder Upon,
the View of sights so far gone or ago,
being restricted to a Singular Plane or Breath,
causes the pain that I have experienced,
to be no-more
Than A Bump In The Road.

To be Inhibited,
to be Unaware to explore the beyond,
Understand the Past or Be in a Multiple Series of Today to See Tomorrow
would cause such dismay.

How could you or one decide anything?

I cannot imagine not being able to See.
The very thought would cause Blindness in me to this World of Need.

I would rather detach myself from Humanity to stay intact,
than to imagine that the Gift of Sight,
is not common-fare. 


Without an Inner-Eye to decide,
your Words would have no Leverage.

How CAN you stand to Direct,
if you don't have the Internal Intellect to know.

Dishonesty at such a Declare,
would be the Fallacy of Man Itself.

Why would you take the Lead,
if you could not See to Be?

I question all I see so naturally.

The Impact of Change,
is the destination of,
 Forever in Timeless Scene Of Amaze Me.

To Question with Answer,
is to Answer without Question.

The Epitome of My Life.

To Allow What Was, to be, Is The Wisdom To See A Greater Purpose Than Me

To come to this place with a Message intact,
is not unlike saying,
"I know that."

I close my eyes to See the Skies that delivered me into the arms of stay.

Pressure mounted each and every day.

Years have rolled on in my life,
regardless of the strife.

I have had to see and do,
before I could be Wise enough to act.

The crisis of the division in what has been, 
and what is, and, why:

Then I cry.

Rarely do I speak-out on,
the subject of 
"A Life With Purpose."

I am met with friction,
Mindless Doubt, Criticism and Filth.

To Presume,
is a learned behavior.

To Be,
is a practiced one.

In this World of Now,
belief in "A Sage" exists.

"A Seer," 
is older than all of this.

I claim only what I know,
I speak with Words Of Old though.

Rarely do we obtain a view 
of such a sorted action as all of You.

Performance in Life?

To be what you are naturally, is not a Test,
or, is it?