Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Pong Of Pinging

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must divide the Poles as retentive Nest as the Upt in Casing,
the borrow of the barreling in the splitting of the Spinal Galactical sphere!!

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it Wood remain the Singularity of the Spacial rare of sum glacial melts,
put formulas in the basing Crest of the molten lava Laws of stilting.

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posting the pours in an explosive process of burl wrapped sings,
the lung of the already burbling lathe shifting vernal oils as mineraling keys!!

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to talk or too meet provides said stokes to perform as the pluming of the smoke in a spoke,
the craft in the skill than builds to the Dill a spice in the Salt of the Peppered display!!

Should the Mountains not Valley nor the Rivers neigh flood,
the creek of the stream could not bridge to the steam 11

In the choke of a Hold or the Halt of a Horse,
respective to humans applying just Force,
the loss is not palpable for the Origin is borked in the silence of doored!!

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times very stressed the bile still licked,
for reality shows the ample skilled blows!!

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the birch of the land in the Tree of the planned,
each carry is central to the building of stand,
'cause eventual truth is that the Swan has a clam.

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know Man that prevented the day to the stay.

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in a one glancing stow the Mind went uh~oh,
provisions that stopped the brain in a thought,
to recognize Life as existence in Knights.


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The Measure Of Proofs

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qualify Keeps as the borrow from a L reverse to the Round of a Spherical prime,
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deepening the blast to the comprehension of the red rockets blast 'til skats,
reason bets Visional in the Mathematical held back in the throw due dice!!

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as Instruments brake to a Learned approach the Volume turns the Louds!!