Friday, June 7, 2013

The Wall Is Hit, A Numerical Brick

It has been 'Said'
spoken 'Fare' fed,
a mark is 'Made' on the Forehead.


The implant of a certain stance,
without much 'Thought' it's been yoked,
what's done is talk,
and is no joke.

The other place,
a locale to trace,
it the wrist know replaced.

The Twist-of-Fate,
it's to late.

The Signature Mark has a start,
Cell Phones Act,
 such a lark,
just like that,
a coded mark.

The Numbered Sequence,
worse In-Fact,
select to You,
and can be tracked.
in Extract.

As You speak,
as You move,
the GPS pays it's do's,
the phone is used,
and "It's" abuse.

A constant hand,
the motion of planned,
the fingers scanned,
production of,
the screen In-Hand.

To further lie,
the truth reveals a numerical real,
number claimed by birth record,
matching a digital license,
swiping Named.

So as You turn,
calls are learned,
the text of pixels a return,
a simple signature,
 a  Digital Discern.