Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Global Equine Perspective ~ Decoding Equine Performance by Tamara Placek Stafford

Decoding Equine Performance
Premiere and Overview: 
"This is my older sister Tam, pretty cool stuff if you ask me.  She trained me!!"

Me, Freckles and Tam at the 'Paddock Arena' in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

"And now I can ride Rogues!!, just like this one in the photo below.  Shades and I are the two that are having a discussion about 'halting', lol. His owner was looking on as her daughter Julie, was cruising effortlessly around the warm-up ring at CTETA also known as Woodside Horse Park. This was a  Schooling Show in August of this year, I am the 'Acting Trainer' for both Julie and Shades.  The day ended well for both of them, lots of ribbons for the young lady, to include a championship and best of all, a very exhausted and content Shades.  Great first time out!!"

Me, Shades, Jewels and Belle at CTETA, Woodside Horse Park, Woodside, California
August 2013