Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Mr. James Blunt, I had a lovely day with Lauren, my youngest and....

What is it called to believe?
In a "Twin Soul" that you see?
I love a man, in a distant land,
visits he and sings to me,
but, hide I don't; why bother? He's for me.

My son he sings, "Oh, Beautiful"
his sister howls: "Tattoos, the Beast"
in Chinese, to say the least.
I laughed so hard, I had to share,
while eating lunch, it was a dare.

James Blunt; "You know?"
"Yes" she said.
Oh, well, what I mean is, "Five years ago,"
"Yea" she peeked,
by no mistake, I tried to speak.
Seems she knew, but, I went on, just to caution all his songs.

"Well," by design, a thought out plan,
I gave my heart to this C.D. Man.
Promised myself, to Marry; Stealth!
No other Step-father will be.

"Sure" she said,
"Oh" I stuttered.

To complicate, not your mind,
the odds against, "Of coarse" I whenced.
as she relates, I said,
"Wait a sec," I am your Mom,
my idea of him came from a song.

"Which one?"
She uttered with no remorse.

He sang, "Oh Beautiful," my perfume,
Este Lauder should sue him: "It's true!"
I asked myself, "What the Hell"
I have the worst life here.

With such a plan; Well, designed,
should Magic be my only sign.
Than I shall go the way "I wish"
from "Worst to Best" in just one swish,
it is my life, I could not resist.

"BRILLIANT" Lauren does declare,
"Oh Mom, I see you will not swear."
My tattoo written there; upon my wrist,
I too could not: I must persist!
It will be my sign, not a sin.

Upon my side, I will list,
in Chinese, of coarse, "I can't believe" what I plead?
To say, "I am, the Beast" she outs her plan.
Do you think James Blunt will even "Give a Dam?"

What on Earth, could you mean?
"I am the youngest, and I'm not mean"
She goes on to say her deal,
"I want to be an actress, See?"
"Will he help this, will he be real?"

This poor Man that's caught inside this plan,
should run from Earth, if he can.
"Oh, Mom" I turned to say, o.k.,
"I'll email him, immediately, today."
No way.
I'll say,
"Come pick us up! and see our way."

"But, what about your siblings three,"
I touted so hopefully.
"They don't count, it's up to me. I am the youngest."
A pout.

"O.K." I say, to Lauren true,
tell Johno, Rebecca and Kathleen.
That dreams do actually really become,
nightmares in life, we should run from.

"Don't worry Mom" a smile, a smirk,
"You have me" a wink, "It works."
I accept that, you see,
regardless of the judgements.

My Mom's so cool, and Johno sung.

Plug your ears if your hear,
our family, at least, to us is dear.
So, if you are a twin soul near,
then brass you'll need to hold this year.

'Cause Mom is right,
a way we search.
Making albums with research.
Love and Peace relies upon,
the trust you need to sing a song.

Dangerous for us you are,
is nothing more than another scar.
I invite to you, I taunt,
it is a Lore an awful want.
Do not count on a lifetime,
of Freedom, Grace; A single pace.
To find what's there and hides no place,
but, stands amongst this very race.

Don't spend the night,
don't come because,
you feel sorry or you won't love.
Be yourself, it's always best,
especially when you would like to rest.

What life offers cannot be found,
unless you look around each town.
And know the secrets that aren't kept,
for Twin Souls still might make you...