Friday, September 18, 2015

Daffodils Daisy

I was the sky many galaxies a go across the Solar Systems I did flow,
the Universes of such Majesty wore the Planets belts I sing,
to the bright and Warmth of do each bright Star was in the explosive born An innocence,
at the flight of where the said I saw to intro oft The Blues,
with fervor for the Feat to ground Plains of land with birds and sound,
oh for the Earth a drum of the greatest Shore to Elephant Truth best Wishes adore.

Symphonic boom tore in halves the divide Continents ache,
oceans gave wave to Tides,
sands grew Beaches the life of chutes,
the balance of the Milky Way the belt in obvious Stand at stem the boot,
for I was a Comet landing upon in the Big Bangs Band!!

The dust rose particle in explosive detail,
by design the mud spoke gently to trees deep vein,
that Wave of grit to pearl Clams in the Sea of gull be lands,
a lagoon of Volcano grands!!

Left to right the Walk of list it is the twilights shown on tripped,
a skip to Creek the Rivers bank a Mountain fountain gave eyes rank,
a state of Trains shallowed things its the scene that oxygen brings,
for term on breadth was a shorter breathe yet beauty brought such Themes.

As centuries turned to bisque of done the scores of bones brought learned of gum,
a sticky trade the trunk did shape from that whoa's did the speak be crumbs,
to touch the subject breeze to spun that Weather bell was seed,
for once the grown began to grain the oats were wild sewn the top of down Pour rein.

With grape I saw that Wine welled blood a look not Told but under combed,
gardens Plums apricots pin The Tale on the pots it based a Hippo on the banks with Crocodiles aviary ranked,
hard Harvest corn the work shamed skin so burned from leathers kicked my shin,
I drove to spy supply of fed to find that waft of deep in said.

As prime to steer the Wheel gear to shift overt the repeated pier,
I spoke in riddles to whom would seer,
as in the letter to this language of a puzzle on creams it is for the toiled,
for in my life of berth a harbor measures girth as Carriage,
in this I harness juke,
the box of sing into the can has brought me forward onward stand,
it Crows the bottom lined.

How Do You Cross The T Dot The Aye In An Alphabet Dinner Serving Suppers Souped Ladles

Slow on the seal of the breaking away to Musical on the sing of Chitty Chitty Bang,
sing that warm-Up to walk with the tune to simple the Waltz to be of the eyes,
as those begin to dilatation truth the gauge to speak in the weather as that immediate Shoulders carriage,
darn Yarn as say the Thread of fiber on wrest foot on the Harps string of a Guitars hymn,
do not flat to the chorus this puts score to the Sheets at turned notes with a Fresco sync.

Baroque is flowing concert now be the quiet Opera to orphin Moon on the deed of the Kail,
cabbage on the broccoli plate to know Lima Beans at Corn of the brought the Calf on recognition,
to be off the gradual an appropriate to schedule is the merit increase with Minuet of corals bring,
fact with trace element water is of Salt the Earth with patience on the sky of introduction Crowd,
ligament switch is the formal shovel that ditches to plow And ploughs to ditch of burial.

A Sonata coming fast on that pea An oh sash it not the Trick but the passing treat of breathe,
breath is of found footing to pre-lens the recognition of blinking lens with lashes on the flown,
words shake verse to trades on Queue the Pool Tables list with Eight ball on the triangle set game,
for Nine is the Numbers chapter of booking stay on 16.9 with Leviticus 17.5.

Said by the pad that levels the dead to delivery to Psalms being a fed on verse bee off 22.2,
shackles are not chains these perhaps the Hobbles of in divisible tend to staple Heads,
free zones coral the Proverbs sloan buy Name touch Noun bounce venture to audio Sound,
acoustic dictionary with a ear Plugged grape read ink language on the Luke inking 40 pud.

Jelly on the bread to Wafer of the sheep have added 20 to the multiple sword to subtract at cud,
cattle than Meet to handle the stream of now the hour of day minus trout,
phish on the knee is begging the cue at stick in the figure to Numbers again,
verse beak is Pear it rumbling shed Genesis barrier of 13 point Read.