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Difference Between Nouns and Verbs

Nouns vs Verbs
Whenever you are taking grammar lessons, one of the basic things that you need to learn about are the parts of speech. Here, we will go back to basics, and learn about the differences between nouns and verbs. Surprisingly enough, many people are still not familiar with the differences between these two, although they are an integral part of the language that they use everyday.
So let’s start by learning what their basic definitions are. A noun is a part of speech which refers to a person, place or thing ‘“ but it can also refer to an object, state, action or concept. A verb, on the other hand, is a part of speech which indicates action. It can either be used as a supporting verb or a linking verb.
Some examples of verbs include talk, walk, read, run or wash, when used as action words. Verbs can also be used to denote an occurrence, such as when it is used to describe what is happening to something, like decay; and verbs can also denote a state of being, like to exist or stand.
Next, what are the different kinds of verbs? In terms of valency, there are transitive and intransitive verbs. Transitive verbs are used as the only subject, intransitive verbs are used in reference to a direct object.
Meanwhile, nouns are classified into several categories, including proper nouns and common nouns; countable and uncountable nouns; collective nouns; concrete nouns and abstract nouns. All in all, a noun answers the question ‘what’, while a verb is more of an action word.
1. A noun is a part of speech which refers to a person, place or thing, while a verb is a part of speech which indicates action.
2. A noun has several types, like proper, common, collective, etc.; while verbs can be classified as transitive and intransitive.
3. Nouns answer the question: “What?”, while verbs are action words which answer the question: ‘How?’

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