Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wheel House

Well as the closure of venue to life is the eye lids to the the time of grazing the slack,
in the sleep of rest on the fields of time to the actual of the deck of start to the Finish,
as Art is to paint in The Photo of the crops a deep and gone base is the truth on the laid.

To the ashen of the face as the blue goes to lace for the sewn up life as leaving the site,
prose in on the riddle for a visit to the less as the task in the marrow is the price of the caste,
a ship to the wall of the jump on the seat a break with humanity to touch the outer feat.

Crimson tides the charts and byes counter on the leak may lives by left with greater fates,
to the destiny of length in the basic of the strong brave be the flag that flew until it's dawn,
to dust in the lane that I leave with no clause as the Peter in the Pan is the whistle of the show.

Strides of imperfections to the pain of the bones a creek in the mountain and a valley for the burns,
cheekie to the state of mowing on the pickings seeds in the mustard for the keeper in the chose,
thanks for good and plenty of the kick in the score as the spoken is the center and the gifted are the bore.

Linking nothing special to the space left for sky in that realm of understanding grateful is the sigh,
got to go to get the shock as no reason in the stay is stop for many planes have soared to brought,
in the learn and witnessed by the frame enjoy the tempo of the firm as sum of deeds in tell.


Troop of the banks life on the jump in the Event of that reins on approach to the drop,
at the slip of balance the leg to thigh in Feet to stirrup as the heels down to the sit-up,
the splash on board can be the splash into the water as the spray of The Coolings success,
YES goes the hit of the Nailing the landing!!

Three beats to the stride down to the Take-off for the spread of The Vertical speaking,
practice on course is a Clinic given by Professionals that school of education on 'How to'
their attention to details while at the same exacts the Rider & Horse are in Action to Tack,
tightening the girth!!

The frame held from basic Flat Work to the importance of The Hours on the track,
the field is rough to ready filled with many stumbling over the simplest tasks,
falling down is not uncommon to the experience of learning to stay on without interference,
i.e. balance do process.

The position of the hands to bit from seat to Sit changes as the understanding begins to trust,
with Trusting Hands the ride is supple and full of grace identified,
the two work seamlessly as a well oiled machine as the gears are in full bore,
it's the dream.

The power between your legs as you sit astride The Horse is more than the dynamites chord,
the fusion of two minds becoming one in the active movements are incredible to say the least,
the craft of years in Stables mucking stalls to early hours Feeding the neigh sayers is peace work,
the comfort of the found.

As the Halter to lead is a snap of a line the Stand is either using Cross-ties or The Standard snubbing, as this is a pole that others would refer to as a Tie Rack it is understanding that provides Subject,
the quick-Release is imperative for not all the use the Double-ended snap in the barn,
some use Hobbles.

Win Peace Set

As in the many tunes in History the touch to Humanity in the tunnel of the Time scape,
a bland to the certain in the training of the use is the most of the common on the tea lanes,
ships to the claimers inking that Race the tracks are the bet stations that gamblers read turns,
on the odds to the fact in the stretch of the course location is corporal to the grass and the turf,
throw in the direction of the turning on birth from the cap to the base of Earth access.

Starch to the Tickets money in the lap the Teller at taking the cash from the lag,
on the role of Account books in the Tabs borrows are the chance that ever in that last,
upon the wire crossed to the Nose touch in finish,
shoes on the Iron with cogs to the surface,
rails on the curl a saddle to the ring,
bridles for the jockey in the arbor of the wreath.

Weight on the label to recordings of the jogged,
cause of the talent in the natural gifts to shock,
never does the underdog go longer than the send,
as in the breeze of the charm the smaller is a inch.

Rule to the golden in the quiets Farm,
pasture on the Dunes and Twisters to the Storm,
shower of the grasshoppers in fodder for the grain,
circles on the Crops at slain the formula is land.

Dependent on the sway to the Usage of the Watts,
drinking milk & honey are tasting in the dots,
core the operations to what is printed Lot,
drawn from expectation taken for it's shot.

Accent in the Call 'Um' bus slate to books shape of logic,
sky for the Signs on jade and Magic to the Market,
cracking the egg shall code be the burning subject,
as the curve of sphere on throw does lump atop a dubbed it.

Without the hand to mouth in said or the self to slug it,
trails on banana slips will Monkey tooth to bucket,
shock and horror of left a score to Modern day of door,
choice read loud or privately the chalk is written stuck it.

Listen or the Watch in side can leap or learn to see,
that in the Trail of the slow the Junk is on the tuck dip,
short to post long in brought but no that's not the sack,
as in the luggage of the Rack the nails are the whipping Tax.

The Read Dressed

The bank of length to the value of the lasting on the boards of walls to the touch of note,
in the chill of Humanity and the detail of loss as the shoulders are colder to status & Talk,
gossip in candor has delivered the breast to the roast in the spread on anchors as toast,
glasses for the foolish breeding negative boasts in each of the Ions of Mystery on Host,
that Task of genesis the chorus of brand has brought ladders to the process of believing the gross.

Profit in the wallets of solder to melds method dust logic to the socials in the dread,
spring to the diver in leaps of the Fowl on now the Tweet of sinking to a sorting of the saw.

Calm are the Hours in the Timers on the log as the biggest strain in Windows is the park,
grass on the seed to the Doe in the fog Eagles soaring flight born the eggs in that lot,
animals have measured the stamp is in the change Satellites on sheer Fire to the skulls of arm,
elbow to the knee in the Thigh of a leg ask Feat should the Plains be the buffer Creed.

In option on the pressure to the Cortex of the stream an Operations sands blister with the span,
chimes atop the bells the Signal or the felt chains the slim to scooters the titan and the Fills.

A Head at the stafford the Charleston of grab the ribbon on the Autumn that branch of gaining style,
honest to the loneliness carrot to Fault the earth in shaking business to the tramples of the fought,
passports to the Station of the channels on the learn Few will portion change in could the jest.

Jet streams on the nautical that Arm of Touching speak bounce the Bass to pick a trace and Watch,
swatch to the plaid in pleats the fancy or the beast at church a Witness is a process of chirp,
in Singer or the said of such is more than worth of real jumps to Standards of this deed.

Society and social flux has counted on Omega and in the Alpha of the crust the less is more to dutch,
split the banter to the roost the Temple or the Booth a practice in the actual is unusual to see,
for in this awkward position now the clap to frantic for the foul is out of this Worlds vow.

Call It Revolution Airs Ease

Surge the fluids in the fowl to the sake of thrown with drawn light in the Moon of sang a shade,
 on Ion of the grains of salts to touch gain by Lives of Rites in this the greatest stand as Armor of the skin,
in shining forth the beauty brights the goodbyes to The Continue Sight a countenance in leaves,
grand is the tram of life at death in burning all the Ties of dread as desk time to the Penning said.

Barn to stable rides on Fable the Aeons on the genesis cable of saddled by the Cosmic Reigns,
to task each of these miseries with fans of blowers landing fees The Champs of Titans lock!!

Grasp onto the roads of Rail in the Ages of the Trail to the Ancient Ions nail in Sphere of Elemental,
a talk of shale with bricks and sale the prison of the Mortal being is bound only by sleep,
in wake fold form of Introduction to the gift of presence sucking as the hose is spouts of shite,
the liquids of the exit chutes to best describe the Human Flu as the constant by the Mouth pieces Hole.

In singing formations to the Text in Stage of scattered much the Type of Four Corners on the foot,
venue of the measure Cools greater chills to Crow the moves in shoulders on the Square,
North to branch the Atlas Race in patience of the Lake at sword to Forge the Sun of dragons fun,
down these grounds to walk a Sound that the ears do Pitch the bind with arson at the First in pound.

Heavy have the troubles slain to Intersections of the lane in X of Y to See the plant of Nuts in pear,
staff of Gentile bank of Christian the others are the others Fare in saying all repeats,
for on the Original in a Send the goings on are with this pen in key digits on the strike,
flames of Fax the print of hand the Wrinkle in the palm of loud gash the Vain to Hell in dau.

Upon the Tau of decade chow may the apron of dismay shower with the Urine of the bleach,
breathe with Tunnel Visions sand in the tows of Minds to Hands and ream the screens to banshee,
in Medusa find the Snake an Anaconda by no mistake to Hare the skit to hop the Fates in Sirens alarmings.

By grace of Space to Cosmic Clay in the brine of shaking pace the Train by couterings slam,
but towards the Onward forward Futures much the passing of the Few to March the Flutes to Pan,
whistle the Nature with compass Ships that can knew of the Outer Grips in baskets full of Sign.

Big the bang to boom the Rain with clouds of shrank tighten sank to deep the Blues of bland,
in the blanks on Tongues of sham may the bilges fill your bake to comprehend the Walls of Dan,
force the Nothing nor pore the change in Choice of center creation gave The Gifts to naturally,
in taste of Spice the planets lights the equator on degree the Nights that branch the Ages brewing,
harsh have Man in Kind of baste taken to the Want of Take with know regard for Dragon Lace.

Scorn the thorn to wreath of face by Tattoo in the eyes of numbing stanchions saddled base,
to the mirror on the Look of the jagged and the Took be in the tune of grave to tears on reach,
in that moment of Awake burn the earns to ester and deliver Revelations state to Chapter & birth.

At Vantage

Incredible by brilliant flight of the landing of A Falcon on the branch of The Tree,
just in a minute of dropping to say Hello to the morning on the glory bound verse,
wows are the Signs that provide the Grant in the Opera of Nature by her designation of lore,
to be guest of these certain simplicities asking nothing receiving love by Ways of Truth,
the liberty of the Free to the free write of the Hand inking the Stations of the Ear born,
by paths that have production out in the Open for the price of spice on walking to done.

The separation of challenge brings Venue to amaze in beautiful displays just at my Front door,
through no propaganda nor dogma nor Rag Sheet nor singer of escape bemoans this dice,
for the Eyes of the Sun in the grace of the Moon instant Shadows to blink for Thank You!!

Beacons of Creatures an Earth with grounds bred to Carriage of the plain being innocent,
charge the sky to the breeze of Air in the expression of oxygens bleach to Our lungs,
in the sync of Breathe the answer in The Wind a compass for the Tours in guidance of Hymn!!

Treasures in stock of natural Identification drawing the tempo of The Wonders on Fields,
reach the Olive or the piece of Cart an Apple for evening and the Orange in the start,
breaking The Sound barrier to the sea life on Reef a Triangle fortune by two on skirt,
The Dragon of Fire sailing the Time in Ages of Honesty with a Voice of my dime,
The Unicorn in marvel an Ocean of See grace in the balance of dignity on Keys.

No loop in the Whole Being no dead ends to Blunt or Fray it's the Ember of The Rock on Shades,
the lives of the lived The Account at it's do's speaking to the hugs in the Aye loving Ewes,
fighting nothing just enjoying the play The Symphony of Original on the Aeon of Say.

A Single Day

War & Piece

'UP Close & Personal' the Action of great turmoil in the Trail of great destruction on The Falls,
Nigeria is the water of A River in tumultuous Barrel & Chain with a person by Name the Country,
in midst of Many a War the modern technology of a slow boat to China on the brush of lyricists,
the voice of Face The Sun in the Flag of Post on send delivery of I knew The Silver Screen bars,
in seat of the Theatre on broken Arrow OT the mountain Airport with Orders of documented Fire.

The Funeral Song of Beautiful to the Ashen remains of burning in the Turns to the Hour of now,
all People concerned at the Task of the Seer to the blast of The Singer in these Minute Notes,
on Cards that are not Queued nor rehearsed 'Just' are the Ways & means of hearing the Chords,
in struggles to Ask affording the Answer in the division of Conquer with the Mass @Concert Park,
surfing the litter of youth by the sitters on Fence is the Pastern of the beats of Horse in the Trumpet.

On force Fed to the investigate the Gum Shoe to the boot of The Rocket to the head of Thought,
inking Tunnel Vision with rearview Mirrors on reflection of body versing Bombs of Atom,
in the make-up that never Makes Inn to the Home of The Brave in The Constitution of/on Paper,
warp speed to the Moon the Missions of Apollo the stand of The Flag read with black all over,
the Soot as the chimney the Filth as the flume a Lucky Strike to the flash of the bic cigarette.

Hand with The Apache on the WWII with code not the Morse but The Fourth of The decide,
warming the mittens with hands of the lighters on lifting the Iron of the blinking Curtains,
setting Brick & Mortar to cart the Harness with The Yoke of batter as egging the Facial matter,
decks to The Stage kudos formal Charge documents in resistance the Civil on the Barge,
busy with the Tour on proclamation of The Big Scene instant touch The Moment in the Methods.

Prop a guard of dogma shards to the bones in Marrow on News to the constant of drones striking,
as the Mind twister to the Taker in the Thieves of thistle a made to dues of Century in the Blues,
steam engines Coal with a bit shedding able with sugar on the Cane in the staff of the Stable,
stars on the Sphinx eyes on the bridge know Solution is a problem with a scattering to the Winds,
blowing on the Scent of Whoa Man on the Hunt in the Land of escape to the bounds of the crate.

Box T.V. dancing with the Waltz of Bogart on the Cable in The Rice of the Vaults,
vacations on The Island beats that sink the boats streaming with the malware an Algorithm moats,
suds on the side with the Mash Potatoes hide Carrots mixing apples via Oranges with the Clove,
spice in oregano Cinnamon talking sweet bitter Chocolate for The Host to gain the Spoils of slain,
down in the swallow of the Bottom of these pits is a Message or the Follow many going Tits,

Wares The Love

The See^Dees

Shall the 'What it's' brain reality to the touchstones of the aisles in the slink,
as a drink to barrel in the Mind of Pharaoh the Sphinx would be in seat,
try the farmers on the Field of the draining staff to Tell the reason,
in the Sign of the Scope to stab the Metal on the chest a Methodology scrawls.

The starch to the tomb of the burial bloom in standing the straights on Earth,
the digs of the shields of the Hides in the ground a burrow of the Trades,
underwater sinks to Rise touching Seas in the oceans of Times in Ages of Framed,
change on the organ with the luster of locked takes at the Rich to score the pour!!

Traipse on the Tour of counting the Whirl scotch tape with the stick of Tongue in a slap,
the cheeks of but on the skin of Suit to cover in the Space of the Missionary stile,
back to the Fourth in the March on the course of wrapping the Bank in resting laurels,
great are the Gaps of the whole twitch of ears Pricks in the bathroom and I land for the Can.

Grand in the park Ways a dish in the Term on the spoking Wheels ask the Ayes,
sing a little song to brush the Paintings ponch in the heavy drip a Teeter on the coach,
small caps to lettered laps licking at the boot tie a joy handle the Throttle is a spook,
piano Theme to grade the curve the bells of yellow pea beeting in the garden of At Last!!

Suffering on the venue to Milk the empty glass is honey in the pitch of Tar upon a blast,
sparklers on the Month to celebrate the wrath Years in brilliant sum wares in bellow of a gas,
chortles in the ripple Timing for the Fast concert to the spatula and Eggs in battered mass,
hits atop the Charts in grid the Guidance of just Ripped grooving with the Charmer a radio.

Speakers in the Car banging to that Far stages of the Body in the sheets of all that bar,
notes to Open Cable like Fax before the Net sending product better as google is the letter,
signed by dates and shrank for Form get the Message it is a dorm of tore ead.,
so basically that personal lead did led by bullets fly the sky in actual of the Flee @Tauter.

Mud Ducks

Bearings of the navigational Evidence painted Written on log Walls boardings,
the simplicity of a picture to the complications of writ to identify reason left,
a verse to eyes in easy Identifications to the Channel of film in Main Frame,
the brain of synapses asking the stuck strike on OUT to the Ancients in spake.

Eating the Flesh drinking The Blood on the bones of Margin in consent to Nail,
the Cross as gifted to Hang the remains of the body as representation in Feel,
a daily bread to the daily Bred in assertions of the Mouth touch bale,
wire on the vain entering the spark of resolutions in What is How in the Done.

To skip on the Back of Time in Ages of disappear not considering The Murders,
to cave the barrel Skull inking the same in bowl or The Vase in Paints,
models of statutes reading to Trance in post of the knee that refuses to Rise,
wombs of swelling with Umbilical Chorus to return with Mass of retrievals.

Chaining the whip to the Tongue of babbles Tower in a language of Salt,
the task of Fire to the destruction of Creation in the booming wise,
shrank pants to tighten skin at the jars of Organ in the pedals of the ply,
scarce to the Civilizations in the jungles overgrown by version`d.

The polar shape in slip speaking slides as the grazing on the document buys,
people creaming ice to addition Law with dictative response in sinking,
sea walls that did not stop the Flood and boats spoke Ship to landings,
tops of the Mountain to the bottomed Valleys in guide Creeks Rivers.

The gorge in the groove on a Cliff to trail goats with The Sheep in lamb,
legs to Thighs that clam reason for the indifference to The Cause of evolutions deep designations,
dishes that Satellite in photographic location as 'Well if this, if that, if what, if with, if WAS'
counters to sell the quick without the Think of dripping roasts as Speech!!

Trailers to show the drink of imagination to the Explanations of not possibility rather Probable,
as time is the Watch on the Shades of the Forth Aye in a blinking gene to Heritance,
strong are the Hours in proof to lasting Ages with stone structured listings,
yet I can't help but wonder the Population as the turn around of Microphone.

Inch The Echo