Thursday, July 10, 2014

Break Betters Catch

Bar dock the rider to the task in Ex~Cape,
the broth of this World is a terrible laid,
the lathe of a shive to the death of Sex,
swallow the fiddle I won't eat Vittles!!

Period to that I brake for the Phat,
it the long Past of doings I was Told,
Wares to the Go Halt at the X,
for Central to Know is Exacting this Show!!

Question the Nature of Human fly by's,
the example out to the natural skied,
a Sun in the Moon asked of the Spoon,
den that to Set for the Ample lets.

Trigger the Blast to Open a Bite,
hold the mouth`gagged bye balling days,
cried in the Screech of Brake Wheels grade,
the Team has know I but the dot cause is dyed!!

Track off The Century bents to Curve grays,
a time of Being in the Mid Summer dies,
ought knot the loom from a Text to a Boon,
swing in the lull a bye it's a Sadr pie sliced!!

Frigerators crisp 'till the Rot slims,
a slurpee detail in the reinings confide,
brights to the Ayes of NoWAY never,
it's been GREAT I know better die!!

Like the Eon of Ladders that Stretch Mans Mire,
sticky the Wic with a Flame in the Dire,
than the Fire Burns Hotter just to seek the be Tryer,
for the Path of a Day grating Cheese too the Strider!!

Even on Over the barrel takes dues,
stopping bye accident is eventuals brewed,
a body Skull now is a Goods in the Gurt,
lucky bee Hiven for the B.D.S.M. Ordered listings!!

Den Ner Times Corked to Champagnes   

I Will Daisy Chain And Throw In A Hand Grenade To Flea Whole add I, N, G, Like Alphabet Souped

I curve this Thought to the Mind of Listen,
the Rosary counting of know bead coins,
the pay price to equal the accounting spreads,
pass a bucket or is it basket,
eat a berry or bite the apple in an Orange guardings.

Now enter the Present Movie House,
not my Head Reel but for the Sake of Films.

Here comes the Zombie I wanted to help,
reaching out a hand the Arm comes appealing,
super glue is like Elmers kinder garden classics,
do I go Sesame Street of Grouch,
to learn that Garbage Cans can Lid?

Or due I Scene the Cause to the drone Clone,
once bitten two infect the contagion a bet,
throw the Dice it's Snake Eyes grubbing,
the groats of learn to the oatings of larks!!

I love the tickering sound of the flickered tape,
a negative returning positive lates,
take to the time to investigate,
the breathing become the Cell phone Real,
a Star Trek broached Captain Kirk talking.

Great 'Prometheus' to watch 'Oblivion'
both Nightmares of my Brain in Vice,
a terrible or the explain of Others,
all with the burp & hiccup throughout Darrows.

Home Box Office the Soap Boxed,
'Big Love' another interesting revealing confused,
traits seem sensible butting joked,
however I consider the State of Provisions holding Pledged.

Yet in such thinking what ever Rides,
sheet scrolling used myth to fable,
a bit of this a switch of fact,
Wares to the Tale,
the Sense is to Rack!!

Bothered by this World of know 'Contact' 
foster that to building strange odds,
keep it simple the increase is lods,
complex it out to communication strikes,
now babble towers in a texting bird.

Half the burrow needs a Dictionary,
I'd say the divide is the Abbreviation,
however that explains the Tight Knit Versing,
to put plates ask the Kenning Trade,
in either theirs is or I boot Caboose.

The little Engine that Could,
forget me knots,
make a wish blow out the Candle?,
where does that One Hive from?

Freezer Burn

I implore the World yet again to stop,
there has been a Stratification on this Earth,
in a deep state of tiers the decking has ill foundation,
for it has been placed upon the shoulders of a dead man,
beaten to the Cross of Crucifixion itself religion serves,
cannibalizing in the Realm of Spiritual traying the debtors.

Eat this his body drink this his blood is unhealthy,
for in the case of Christianity particular specifics this is a literal,
explaining that it is Jesus Christ in Spirit,
for having have said that he would 'die for all mans sin'
this is sick in the consider and I plead Society to halt.

The walking down the Church aisle to Priest,
as people in sobriety gaze to the grounds,
a train of disgust grabs my core I barf in expel,
religion has perpetrated a gross in the lane of,
consult to the dead for everlasting life!!

This Act of Communion under Pretense,
look to the futures of brinking shook,
text escaping the balance of what has been Religious controllings,
let loose in desperate Times of mingled bombs think Flag furrowed.

This creed in doctrine taken to a Tenth degree,
in the ill of society today people shading,
no consider to the consequence of authority by Men,
a warning to those that chose this calculation,
theirs is an Ancient Brain with Mind Fulled to Date.

Ascribing to the Game of Trust Me I have cried,
thrown open Site Fits my stone,
in ink of write I pounded the fight,
words to the expressives in frustrated by Nears.

As I attempt to beg once a gain,
the turn of the knife is a belt run,
tightening in in riddle prosed to dine,
too Wake envelope for the Self being brake!!

I smash to the grounds this shattering loud,
verbal storm of crisis in the Mind of crate,
a box that holds the rotting verbs,
in Noun wise I reason graces rate plates!!

Should this ladder connect of Time Itself,
must the broth of a dinner craving explain,
the Mind of believe in a Drake of Griffin?,
this connect in unconscious conscious event of Swallowing??

Plant these pots in Deed from Thought,
it's Versing Scenes in Realing back to whole!!

Although if it is any console as a Constellation lark,
I cannot chew this Knight for the satisfy,
it wills itself to the Flight of escape rather than the dig fluff of repeat,
just the Thought the Chew,
he would get stuck in my teeth of Dental,
what do you do then pick a bone to spit Complete?

At the very least a Whistle to the Blower,
creating the meld of idea to this Earth of incompletes',
bringing to the fore front of the brain electrifying teach,
that B.D.S.M. belts my Lead to Meet this weird in body reality,
eye to ball link to chain egg to shell breaking the habitual speed too due.

Who's the Monster in the Nower?,
a stage to already doing this perk to Immortal,
or the Sayer in additional crying look at the Reachings of Eternities Feat?

Questions to held accountable hand shake to hug,
to embrace Life Itself in cuddling the exclaim to Sense,
not barking never think progressive of actions gagging my deep,
enter than Dracula and an Impaler of the Upside down driven calculate.

From Set at Zero to the equate placed on my life,
I state 666 here is 999 broad bourne to ample tweet,
learn to the education of confuse in hearing flesh gift,
a Time, a Place, a Year by No Mistake this is a breaking Bait.

Hook line and Singer vine to Heel this with Chords,
in sheets of musical Opera of a Symphony graze,
the pastures of deed in a Twin Flame firing Infinities Trued,
the worth of a Venued Match to example a Whole without a debt death X'ing.