Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Addendum

I Wield nothing more than set,
in Text of Old an ancient call,
I hear the;

"Tone of Might!'

In such a Symphony of vocal tune,
I speak without delight.

The Message Sight, the Word adorn,
a Time, a Place, a Fight!!

The War in 'Such' concludes a plight,
in lost you issue doubt.

The 'Land' in which,
this may hit,
I hold to close, too tight.

For in the 'Chance' of a 'Choice'
I hope you chose to pay the dues,
and not to pass the debt.

'The Rally' of,
 seems so broad,
I fear you will not Muster.

In such a failure man accepts,
 the deal as 'Court Jester.'

The shame in this,
will persist,
to Know 'No Good' in Bad.

The blame is blood upon your hand
of this I just See mad.

The dread becomes,
the Red in Bourne,
you kill for your belief.

The blood that spills upon the sands,
will be the wallow low.

Just to swallow, man in whole,
you sink as if you drink it full,
straight into the Dunes of which,
Mountains hold the View.

As if the Contract had a clause,
in this you gave no pause,
and now it seems so flawed.

To settle Peace with such type,
you lied from the begin,
the common thread of win.

Yet, in-spite of this wrong,
it was sealed but not for long,
your enemy did beg the deal.


Upon review, an argument ensued,
implied became a Rook.

Apparently, you just took.

Understanding not mistaken,
you planned to bury and placate,
in simple Verse you did Curse,
using language that was terse,
you omit the deed.

In a strange reverse,
this action strengthened Men.

The decision, not at hand,
became the law of their land.

Your aim just brought Purchase!

In that Land,
where Peace will come,
you delivered perfect.

To interpret would manipulate,
to read in plain would be insane,
you issued death with No Let.

Black Water; Ready Toil

In a Place that is found,
connected-by what is Round,
delivers you a Sphere.

It can be touched and will reveal,
two become it's near.

In this Bend a bounce of through,
a Walk of Made will show to you,
'The Blue' 
a simple truth.

As such, a return does date,
full of hate as knowledge stayed,
ignored for not sublime.

To include,
an end for man,
or to chose,
a Polar Stand.

The shame of held will be in hand,
the ear you seek will turn to reap,
not the bounty but your pleasure,
for this lust becomes a measure.

Upon 'Such' learned 'Hatred' Turns,
not to speak but to tell,
that this 'Action'
should be felt.

An Impact!!

This necessity to be heard,
a Prequel to Here,
leaves you with truth,
a blurb...

...that your travels,
'Give a Reality'
to a place and madness,
delivers girth.

In no appeal you change things,
the silence becomes disturbing,
as if 'The Plot' enhanced 'The Plan.'

This Magnifies Itself,
as done!

In the tact of 'Such' an erupt,
it shakes the Core,
of what was never believed,
Faith leaves,
 darkness is light.

Days become a chore,
this Scene is abhorred.

The 'Photograph' made,
is proof of a ray,
built by demand,
to point at alien lands,
left for Sake.

The invisible formality,
takes 'It's' form and then 'It' turns,
to manifest what burns,
intensely driven,
'It' seems the Sun,
until it's done.

In this, not a test,
is the threat,
to be a 'Jet'
of merely what,
implodes when struck.

In plain sight it does not show!!

Minds so old,
the ancients bold,
but They did tell you so,
and thus you go.

It is in this, that throws off track,
an exist.

Weapon staved in a formality, 
ignites your day to Play.


It does leak, what you stole,
upon the land, not 'it's' home,
this Element is blown.

A known stone is what ends,
a moment shown with no sin,
does take shape and it begins.

The worth of mineral,
rich with denseness,
black it's claimed,
should not be touched,
or War erupts.

 Left unnamed,
moved for fame to create,
a formal Reign.

For with this bit, 
you have evidenced,
with such prevalence,
it proves a Book.

In these Caves,
where it's found,
are these Scrolls and still are bound.

In good condition they remain

Hidden from View, to produce,
when these days do come.


In such thought, Earth's not bought,
Mounds do hold some strange Truth.

In wait of a patient stay,
for delivery upon a day,
to use in a very special way,
to hold something at bay.

I wonder,
do these things exist in place?,
do they work
is it Present History made?

With such a magnetic pull,
electrifying if known,
bourn in lands of flight,
built to last, made to show.

This does possess great power,
an ancient store,
for there's more.


Properly used to liberate,
a guide to See,
free 'In Charge'
holds the greatest cost of Knew.

May Peace be with,
whomever may be due.

Rent collects Life's Account,
with no respect it wakes the dead.

A Bank of Dread turns black red,
water spoils and then it's said;

"It bled!!"

Saturday, March 30, 2013


In the 'School of Ancient Thought,'
I was taught,
a Universal Sphere,
to adopt.

An 'Order of Sought,'
to gain a greater knowledge,
a 'Philosophy that Delivers:'

In a Signal,
there is Tone,
in Color,
 this can be Heard.

The production of a Voice,
brings 'Clarity of Choice,'
to Decide, not Abide.

The Ancients believed,
and produced,
a 'Path to Guide.'

Acutely driven,
a 'Bedrock of Stone,'
that must be walked,
and not blown.

Importance was Instruction

'Destiny will Deal,'
 the Cards You hold in-hand,
Fate becomes a Wheel,
to 'Deliver Plan.'

Their Clerical Stand!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Blue Door

I think upon the past of time in my memory of banked inside.  I See 'My Home' the beauty Inn reside.  In just Prose I hold this sight.  In this View, a window to hold and pose a thought to a different Land.  In which, I see a galaxy persist.

The color a brilliant hue out of my bedroom in review the Place in best, I did not rest.  The ground upon I stood strong, not privy to Life is Long.  Age of which had no song for the show, I just belonged.

As it seems there is belief that We do not ever keep; "Not All are from this Earth."  Some have traveled so far it's learned.

The setting of the sun could not begin to describe this total Sum.  In complete and total done, I used to watch a Universe have fun!!  In the Settlement of which was small I never heard a Human call.

Unaware to this Plight I lived in peace of this, I swear.

The Days were warm with the bounty of no setting.  The Moon not present, the Stars not placed, the Sky however, was full of grace.

Left to me at a Wars End I lived in solitude knew of sin,  In fact, I often ponder that.

Why such hatred, why such shame, for the jealous, just blast and blame.  I have learned of this I state, that it is not good to take issue with Fate.  My Destiny left me alone for all I loved was killed in place.

A Battle Field held the date.  It came so fast it seemed mistaken.  To teach myself, came with that, long before an Ancients Path came to be, I was at liberty, free to do.

In such existence I sought no wrath, I felt the persistence, My life, My path.

As War did come I felt divide, "Do I support?" and "Lock the Door?"

At this date I ponder done I once felt bad at action of.  Placing guise so when Strangers come, they pass right by and never sight my Home of a different life.

To gauge decision with all I see in this place, I'm not lured to change my way.  For earth reveals to me, the Nightmare that I dreamed.  For 'Her' Sake I am glad for Mine, had I not thrown those Locks in time, than this battle that We're in would have destroyed the Home I love.

Do you think in your minds thought upon return or your Lot?  For should this war come to this land should this planet die at hand, where will you go?  Space is not small and if you're lost then a Cry or Call will bring to you things that maul.  The fright in such is the Touch that Dimensions of what seems unknown exist and come to factor the plea that you shout out in desperate need.

I lived in silence much like now, in fact, sometimes, I feel as if Mother Nature does intend to put me back just to mend.  Watching this World yet again I insist that We Come to help resist.

I see that No-One believes in such spoken Deeds.  The balance of prosperous or further thought, seems so held to only Taught.

Should 'Such' things omit the Text of the Ancients and the like, than to defend, your Mind should mend and become your guide.  All I know is that this show is doomed to end with doubt.

No matter your begin, to know an Origin represents 'The Continue' in this hymn!!

A House Of Madness

Lend purchase to the Immortal Soul, 
do this before you offer up the Innocence of a child,
as the tranquility of your life. 

The simple sale of an offspring,
to obtain that which should naturally be unobtainable,
broke the Laws of the Land.  

The reckless appeal of Humankind,
into the courts of the Lords of the Dark, 
caused a riff in the tides of man,
changing the Laws of the Divine. 

Thus the Rules,
 of the Darkest Under-Lords, 
were known. 

The Laws that were broken, 
the laws that reach down, 
into the midst of the ones, 
that are better when not named, 
is where this small life was thrown. 

Tenderness was not known,
to this small being, 
it was found and given freely, 
as if it were their own. 

Protection was not present from the maternal one, 
but would be delivered, 
by the Demons,
brought to life on that day. 

Knowledge was seen by this small life, 
in the darkest prayer of night, 
just not understood. 

What should have been the terror of an innocent.
became the joy of the guilty, 
sending back not a small life, 
but rather, 
a Child of the Guild.

The tones which drive,

the self-purchase of such a Soul, 

straightened the view and the depth of sight.  

Upon such value,
was placed a "Gift of Guise"
this was put onto the small one.  

The defilement, 
of such a soulful site, 
was transgressed by the fool hearty,
and ill-tongued foulness,

of man.

Discernment ruled in such accord.  

The reckless arguments,
later in life,
will be determined and known,
"well-deep" to the "Ancient Ones" 
of the Unnamed.  

Delivering the time between;  

Hence for the Revival,
of such "Age in Wisdom" 
of the,
 "Child of the Guild"
 will enable All,
to converse with the Dead.


originally written in '09

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is It Just A Temple Lost?


In Antiquity I See "Peril."

Has Earth always been in turmoil,
a demonstration of a destroyer, 
as a sort of Voyeur?

Not one man has set-the-bar,
to release her from this scar,
seemingly at Par.

Delivery of a Course,
providing Choice,
I implore.

A plane to exist,
without remorse.

Should such a Stance,
only be found when 'Others' are bound?

Is Man so caught by Beliefs,
that room for error cannot release,
an Understanding to what is not a teach,
but a natural observation,
to Reason? to Station? to Relation?

Engulfed in Interpretation,
lacking in translation,
the Wealth of a Message,
providing health and not just deal,
seems so covered that its revealed,
by nothing more than,
than the evidence to even the score.

A Planet of More!!

To consider 'The Universe' out there,
you must admire the 'Order of Rare'

The Scale to calculate Mass,
what a incredible task!!

With destruction the Stars Create,
explosive by nature,
bound by date.

To not believe that this out ranks,
any thought of what can't be,
"It" must increase Wisdom's Keep,
to advance and not to leap.

In our most Ancient past,
made Mythology learning to last,
as a way to know: The Golden Path,
to bring relief in Irons Wrath.

The contemplation of your Life's Station,
should level the measure,
a consider to the debtor,
to accept your actions,
that create impact!!

Should You deny,
than You knowingly remove,
any resolve in Revolve.

Therewith, it will remain,
on Your shoulders to solve.

To excuse the focus of any aspect of life,
as unneeded and merely a lie,
becomes offensive to the light,
that Our Sun warms this run with.

Accounts for 'Those' lacking the Conscription,
to the nature of collective impacting,
misguiding and not tracking,
will leave you exacting,
the point of 'Clause' not the measure of Natural Law.

The Sun does enter the dawn of night,
as the Sky yawns in open light,
the Moon does move the Stars in sight,
as the Bays do rise,
 an Ocean waves in delight.

The bountiful of beauty starts,
the day in shining entry of,
Mountains stand and Valley's love,
the warmth of that which stands above.

In such Movement,
grace and might,
this grand display is a showing of,
Orion's Belt,
Eyes which Know,
growth magnificence reaches low.

As the Ancients in our past,
did explain and describe,
the Iron Age and it's Path.

To expect,
Cause and Affect,
does make senses sharper yet,
because the grounds on which we walk,
have been destroyed for Coinage sought.

Should this Place not just cave in,
than will the bombs you build blow her still?

Either way appearances show,
that this Earth is just a Till,
filling pockets without a purpose,
billions of years will just go,
in less than a hundred,
you've made it sew.

As Your search for Planets grows,
as you take or as you rove,
upon the surface of unknown,
to establish a brand new home,
do you Own or do you share,
with what may have been Theirs?

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Title To No Life

As 'The Continue' becomes the driving Force,
as YOUR scenarios begin to take root,
when you look to the Stars at Night,
know that the solution is not the answer!!

To 'Want' death removed as not a 'Part'
makes life a Need and not a Gift,
the Wanton Refusal to Accept truth,
implies that it is 'Lies' that You wish to live!!

The Requiem of Voice draws close,
a Song to Raise you.

Awake ye Old Soul,
just to know,
this is the Show!!

The Stage is Set,
the music played is on the day.

The singing of 'The Ole Soul Planet'
can you hear?

No plea is the Tune,
it is so very old in View
and the comfort found,
is the knowledge that it is around,
and that Life is Bound to Be,
the history that you see.

The Origin of my worth shouts,
Elements Rule,
I trac the design only to find,
 that Humanity,
shows no such worth.

Disappointment ranks my Mind

Well 'Cry' Your banter,
'Know' Your value is,
measured as rift.

As Children fall silent,
I believe it is the 'Dream' You beat,
long before we speak,
We Remember!!

To open your physical eyes and begin to absorb your ways,
you become dismayed and it rocks your reality,
a horror in play.

Oh, how I yearn for 'The Ancients'
whom understood the plea of,
"What is Life!!"

In an Answer,
lectured for Instant,
I was told of the sights to be,
and how in time,
Lives would remit the knowledge of the Fiery Sky,
invoking a Finality of only Lies!!

In Halls of Old Display,
we were readied for the Days of No Refuge,
life would become a Span,
and death just an inevitable curse.

When People deny their very selves,
for others Lies as the Truth over Accountability!!

As Darkness was not it,
It's close enough to explain that the Sun had yet to Be.

Scholars would direct Our minds to Find,
to discover,
to lead Us to an Ongoing Right,
not linger in a negative repose of,
"We just All die."

On the Brink of such known ridiculous thought,
We were taught to grasp to more.

By then....
"We" may be, know more!!..... an Ancient lored!!

Their Words echo in the Time of which had Foundation,
Reason, Fight, Might and Accord!!

Upon such Days I grasp that which is,
for all of what I was told,
in this History of Present,
lives in this brilliance of strange assume.

Without thought you excused belief,
than you threw away what was taught as story's,
to be prepared for no days.

Your blatant disregard for any forward truth,
leaves the Past as the Autumn of life.

You have vanquished this mystery,
of this actual Continue,
to nothing more,
 than the production of what will just be naturally.

Time cannot have measure,
should the Balance of the Scale be rigged,
with the Ounce of no more than a feather.

To seek out that which is found,
is Acceptance, that it is Bound.

The Secrets of such a Keep,
enable the find,
and thus invokes that which knows,
 not kind.

I look to see the Universe above me,
I know the Trumpets Call,
 the Orchestra is playing a Symphony to know,
that you have hidden the very text,
which may have reduced this threat,
to what it is I bet.

An opportunity of Choice,
to be a better and more accountable Human Being,
in a time when destruction would become a theme.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dire Strings: A Lyre Sings, Of The Disgarded Wings

The Sky does go,
the Sun breaks Still.

Red by Design,
this mornings guise,
as She sets the Spin.

The Horizon is lit,
She'll dance 'till Noon,
and than you'll fear.

For in the warmth,
of no heat,
She bares the Rift,
of Isis not Man.

The Massive Orbit of such a stance,
moves not the moon,
but makes evident a Stand.

No 'Person' respects,
this ominous plan,
as there is no peace in this band!!

Nature does introduce a way,
not a brand new day,
but to say "go away,"
you have killed Our home,
destroyed Our name,
to display a better shame.

In the obvious,
a Red Sun won't lie,
not the One in Set,
for I hear those Ones make You wet.

But in the Guise of the Mourning sky,
She exposes all Man's lies.

She moves in a circular focus,
to place on Heads the sin She's found.

Her scorching nature,
burns not land,
but reveals stones of blood.

In coming with such, blinds,
that most will fail to avert Their eyes,
in such a magnitude, no mistake,
for take heed, there is no room to run.

In this Play,
you will feel Her cost,
for She holds not just what is dealt,
but the Cards are felt.

A Wreck of All to Know a Fall,
in this Crash, Fate gives Law,
He delivers Destiny to Solve,
for Evolution is Creations Rule!!

In know Arms,
you held no lead,
for Choice seems a Should,
and you turned your backs on Could,
walked and took,
great advantage of a book.

No Tablets bear this News of Rook,
it is the Root of only Put,
a Word, a Chapter, Verse of Look,
says that You will Rise to expose a Loc!!

The View of This,
fell to tell,
it seems that red shows up in this land,
of no repent and know the lent,
of another for it is bent,
upon destruction of 'The Few.'

In each grain of sand,
Salt is found as it may delve,
into the Spice, a Taste for This.

For it is the Flavor that can create,
a Path, a Way, It may grate,
the Grind of which serves Remind!!

In a Sea, a Shore to Reed,
to a Treasure held beneath.
The Contents of 'This' Keep,
warns the find to never Reap.

But in such Writ of a Strange Find,
the River flows and Shows your Time,
so you do touch this Ancient Site,
disturbed for Wealth and not Respect,
I fear that this does invoke Death to Know!!

Then thus Found in such a Plot,
makes Heavens fall a sight of Law,
the greatness of the gold in hand,
becomes the Pillage,
a Chalice if planned.

So take your Leave,
don't dive beneath,
for the Water is Salt and Loans,
the temptation relates the Home of Wine,
to fill the Cup of this Shrine.

Removal surely on the Rise,
for it lives in a guise,
the depth of is,
not so deep,
but lacking Meaning delivers Sheep,
to know that it may not be,
more than a few feet from Thee.

So as 'The Ocean'
blues the Sky,
so will you  come to realize,
this Wine in Water is demise,
the Chalice tips,
it is the bread of the Whip,
which the Dollar shifts it's Rich!!

No Heed will provide Your Mind to this find,
once the Sea is Maid,
it becomes a glitch,
for to sell and make this 'Well'
payments Find the deepest Shell.

The Wealth of this Element,
preordained to revel with,
but No-Man can Pay the Fee,
and it should be left in the see.

In the time, of it's to late,
you Mine this treasure,
as Heaven's Take!!
The Shine of Which,
will blind your site to this warning,
and your Might.

To Recall, Another Fall,
held within this Discovery Raul,
the bones are missing,
merely scrawled,
are the Names and it's Maul.

In the instant,
of this claw,
erased of mention for Monies would taste 'Prevention'
for if this Gold were to go Home,
it would Tell,
 the World Shown.

Strange that in My A.M. hour,
such Words of lurid power,
express my Mind with impact of lines,
the Sun is now in Full-Width.

My Isis Moon,
is over in,
'Places' that have already been,
the Host of so much more than just Men.

Do not close Your eyes to blend,
for 'This Dig' is more than claimed,
is will become a sin in plain.

For in the plight,
of 'Not Your Rite'
is was not buried, but hidden as the dues,
to pay for You!!

The Scope of 'The Bounty'
will Record the Lore,
of more than just an Ancient Store of Stone.

Because the Heart of this accord,
is strung to play the Liar's roar,
this Instrument Held by the Consort,
is the written Conscription of found in Hire!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An End To A Means In The Defined

There were 'These Gates' that I have seen,
I walked through much like you,
in a Life I can't explain,
'cause lives before are abhorred.

As I know "Gates Magnificent"
'They' were built with what is different,
Open, Closed, I did stare,
for it seemed no-one was there.

The Workings 'Of' seemed to be,
a measure of eternity,
as if the balance was a Quest,
I watched 'Them' move with such great breath!!

Not Ornate but obviously Placed,
the Weight of Such showed such grace,
as 'They' opened Awe in Space,
I could not help but stay that day.

As I know you don't believe,
lives before can be a lead,
to a dream of what so naturally,
is progression for All to See.

In such sight,
my Third-Eye now,
I looked to See,
and it's not right.

The "Gates of Many" no-longer there,
I cannot believe I just stare,
'A Kingdom' fell to Earth in Night,
these 'Thresholds' are the truth of sight.

The emptiness I taste in fright,
do you know of this plight?

Could it be a Prophecy,
that the Heavens fall to All of Thee?

If 'These' riches now under feet,
reside in Whole to Total Rite,
are you aware of this Meet?

My sadness comes in Third-Eye sight,
why the fall in Just of night?

There is no residence in this place,
to be the host of such disgraced,
for most deny an Inner-Eye,
lacking ability to even try.

Who will know this Treasure lost,
as it fell at such cost,
not one did stop, surely this is a wicked plot,
as I witness this kingdom sought.

Religion is a Life to me,
I swore to "Know good"
I stood to be.

Never did I venture thought,
to believe in less than Wrought,
but if All has fallen to this earth,
than what I know is more than work.

I am not familiar with most ways,
it seems my birth just created Waves,
not Hello's but Tornado's stayed.

Upon arrival I felt wrecked,
the sight of family was so direct,
my Life I found in Their death threats.

I've had my breath taken from me,
I've had my small frame raped,
in dead of night and in plain sight.

I've witnessed horrors that change your mind,
I grew to know this life of mine,
as an adult I felt still jolts,
of men in want and so they took,
as I laid still and in one look,
ventured back in sight to stay put.

As I know I've learned "Not right"
but it seems that if you fight,
you will be hurt for just spite.

So as I state that life has raped,
me of more than a body sore,
my mind is in more pain,
at the sight of G_d's Kingdom,
falling in vain.

In the End, I guess it's all a sin,
but no one believes unless they have been,
in lives that trouble them from begin,
enhancing Senses to the fear when it's near.

The excuse that I hear,
resounds in silence of grinding gears,
for if Heaven resides here,
than 'All' that was imprisoned,
in Minds, in Cell, in Time, in Place,
will be free to join this Human Race.

No censure, no writ of order,
will come from what fell to earth,
only the grave of Death,
will know absurd,
as He rises upon your turf.

Do you know that Heaven was Closed,
so long ago that what fell had wings,
to settle in upon this place,
as if this Plan had an element of Ancient grace.

The "Gates of Mention" had shut,
in 'Their' dimension,
putting off man's ascension,
to places of no retention.

So as the dead do rise,
within your Life as lives you've been,
in denial of your sin,
within these makings I see a trend.

Leading to a bitter end,
delivering to you,
the City of which you seek,
as being beneath your feet.

No rotting Corpse to offend in present sight,
but the stench of ignorance seems your delight,
for the flesh of mind is an awakening of a different kind.

It is Real and in plain sight,
in every day reveal,
a 3-D dimensional field,
the only way for you to believe,
that in this Continue,
not everyone leaves.

Wretched are the ways of Man,
that merely reside in the land,
with no more knowledge of a plan,
than you ascend to a place,
that no-longer stands.

So as an out-reached hand,
is closed to determine move,
it will be inevitably set on each Horizon.

The trust to believe in what is greater than Thee,
will remain as a guide,
in light I see the dim view,
of the disaster that will befall you.

In a tempered violence,
numb to the Numbered kills,
the invasion will almost seem still,
overwhelming you in the night of Their Will.

As in History Civilizations do fall,
in absence of what is Natural,
communication is denied,
as sight in real proves the lines have been cut.

With the outage,
the Wire and Echo,
the satellite unknown,
directed by Done,
you may shout,
but there will be no where to run.

Belief will be waning,
as Innocence continues weighing,
the Rights and the Wrongs,
of Faiths that keep saying,
"Do it this way or We will kill you!!"

In every Belief or Religion in thee,
there is an unwritten rule:
Stand for the Belief of Another,
for it may not be Yours,
but it is Your duty and a grave sin if You turn Your back on them.

For you do not have to accept that path,
but you must respect the road traveled,
even in difference the claim,
nine times out of ten,
leads the same way.

Should you dismiss, ignore or persist,
in the Wipe-Out of this simple notion,
than what You hate will not rule You,
but come to be as the utter truth,
the origin of man will expose itself,
in it's wealth it will be the most hated religion,
on this Earth.

It is the karma of this law,
that what is hidden,
are secrets kept by instruct,
an Ancient Script.

As You play to an other's roar,
You will identify Yourself through strange actions,
and the Plenty of Your Kills.

The Veil will not be lifted,
for the persecuted bears no curtain to hide 'The Truth.'

The Secret is,
to know the wealth,
for the riches of Whomever this may be,
will exceed the limits of Humanity.

Their accountable will show,
in the persistence of the message that must flow,
without hatred, rage or wrath of an end that has No Go.

In their Letters it will worry of hope,
the chance of a whole,
produced by the payment of sum,
in total and not some strange run,
where burden is not Yours to shoulder.

The Words will produce in plain english,
that Their wish is not to deny but to invite,
to ignite better,
Two will Song,
the hymn of belong.

It will spell out the difference between,
Imagined, Expected and Delivered,
the Construct will just be,
intended not interpreted.

For in the Inscription there will be,
a Clear and Concise design,
that clearly You will deny,
and point it out as lies,
should it not be the Lair of Your Guise.

But because of this Erupt,
it will only further the Whipping of this Law.

Your religion or belief will begin to unravel at Your feet.

A prequel will be identified as;
"Stolen to Embolden"
this mere Text will cast your Translated opinion,
upon that which will prove to have been before.

The scarred remains of more will be found,
to brace the ground upon which You left,
the impaled remains of Men.

The burnt Scores will point to a greater Store,
an Entombed Title,
on a Rock with such apparent impact,
that You will fall to Your knees,
not for prayer but from Your own beguiled disbelief,
that in Antiquities are found,
the Ancients believed!!

Wisdom in Keeps,
of More than Minds,
but in Actual, in Original, In-Place,
a Scroll of know delight,
for it will also increase the plight of any Religion,
pointing at another and stating;

It will come down to the most simple,
yet complex fight,
to ever display a War of Light,
and the answer remains,
in the dark!!