Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Blunt Show

Behind the Blue Door

Cups Of Reality Remind Me Too

Told as a Child and all adult,
I'd be used and abused so people could stoke,
their guilty pangs upon my brain,
in order to continue blame.

Must credit my Mother she is correct,
once the Mark is made to wreck,
the number shown is only grown,
the fact for fact as people stone.

Don't worry or feel bad,
 for what hits this door,
I write all the more,
there are a multitude of kids that suffer this chore.

Listen well and know you raise,
not the choice as Satan's page,
as you won't care that I've served fare,
there are even more children that currently endure such despair.

Written simply in open forum,
so in the case of risen for them,
just a glance to know know chance,
the chains we bare 'our' fashioned stance,
it shows for life that worn as lights.

Trampled down to better them,
this disposal chokes to skim,
that Religion binds to break,
 the lives I've witnessed that do take,
so we will not grow up to be,
more than lawns mowed for seed.

Should you be stuck with such dread,
be gentle with your head,
time will be a better play,
to distance yourself from their stay.

With careful consideration to silent replies,
no one supports our freedom cries,
but if you make it please don't cry,
'cause I still dream and the dream is try.

Don't give-up I know it's rough,
the chains do make you see,
that the key to progress is to know the lock,
Society ignores 'Our' plea.

People turn their backs to slap the fact,
that proof is not denied,
as that is said Society beds,
repetition is the product bread.

Words State Text

When the Fires Hot it sets to forge,
melts the steel to ample Sword,
the doubled edge of all that's bore,
by design is gifted war!!

Pits be wielded upon the groove,
the beauty of the shine is moved,
to advance with armored dance,
reason tingles invitational seals.

Twist to formal bright to Star,
twinkle, twinkle, goes the spar,
clashing blade to lightening par,
the journey serves to real afar.

Small to Large electrical charge,
the bolts enlightened by chambers broke,
in the Wild of ever Smoked.

Arms engage to hold the Keep,
disciplined battles in fighting leap,
with the mounting heavy deep,
the wait of loaded life is speak.

Time of relevance,
spoke of break,
now the Country change is Fate.

Null the whole to kill the Fad,
no worries 'cause it ain't like cad,
to turn from what is just plain sad,
the proof is in the Life of Had.

Natures Portrait

The gravel left to sand,
a pebble is a find,
step to stone the grander sea,
the reddened mark will be the speed,
which brings the countenance of wealth in breathe.

Witness to this Testify,
caves discover eyes have died,
blinders placed to Society dumbed,
led down the peeks to come.

Over hill to snail the 'till,
it is the turn of tides to pail,
one bucket, two bucket, three fucks it up,
all in the moment of why,
the question allows the Mind to line.

Millions of still fill the bill,
should you belong to the pong,
back and forth bleeding wrong,
first it's this, second that and then,
it's just plain Fact.

The Clouds make best of weather cast,
in the honest of delight,
storms will come to remind,
that power hits without a fight.

As this person whom says to line,
the anger is much more than fine,
it is the expression of the worth that will be to sign,
to know that the Sky speaks to say,
every thing has a place,
to be what it is naturally on any given day.

When Light Cannot Be Scene

The spring of a mountainous flow,
the water will always know,
the river between will show no divide,
the balanced approach to the Bridge of Life.

Supported by the bedrocked stone,
the thirst is quenched as the babbling creek,
the freshness splashed upon the past,
introduces how to fast.

Torrent Verse to Clique returned,
the evidence becomes the proof of sum,
greater exportations brought,
belief in innocence is all scrolls talk.

Discussed indifference dismissed out of plan,
the Set is Let to bring a Stand,
introductions to the earthy see,
no tears do eye will score the read.

Ponds in tanks the drill to dank,
the bog to marsh is best direct,
to scope the field of such in kept.

Reason thru Wisdom truth,
what is will be regardlessly,
allow this path their distract,
to identify don't look back.

To provide an upright stride,
the example is lead by Self to do,
in such said the thought is kept,
the Avalanche is beautiful too.

And To Think It's Up For Grabs

Produce what shakes to better spake,
the shout to valve it spout,
control will take and to receive,
the Lot issued Seed.

The call to made that once was reason,
now the payment up's,
no longer does a voice say Hi,
the screen does more than spy.

Tracking adding more than Ap's,
the need out did the saw,
so easily addressed in read,
the persons all in raw.

Discounted times of books that find,
control is desired to bank the grind.

Faster, faster, the Mind must go,
'round and 'round like merry-a-tow,
answered exhaust that negative cost,
as the phone replaces thoughts.

Pieced Out

To breathe the facts and add the Maps,
the guide to difference is the voice exact.

Distribute health to sickened beings,
than the rise enhances means,
to meet and speak not lock the View.

The pour of brief is 'Just' in seen,
in complexity you shall see,
that simplicity is the ease,
to explain we all believe,
 that the puzzle is the brain.

A Flower Child

Know Matter,
the turn is judged,
if not religious you are drugged.

The Spirituality of any and all,
has been condemned as a fall,
widely reported to open sordid.

Growing-up in a City,
ages show so many lost,
as the gain invoked a cost,
people stole the Minds a Lot.

Yoga has also been shown as released,
said in practice you'll be beneath,
written reviews have smashed the do's,
CNN reports these too.

Interesting that all are Tells,
of other ways or different Bells,
as like the Upanishads there burned for skills.

Freely practiced with Mind of thought,
either state it is what's brought,
to place a cuff or find the key,
the balance remainder adds to See.

Information Holds

The Radio that never plays unless it's contracted tones,
to have thought that what is herd,
bares to the bones.

The dollar speaks to whom shall bring,
no freedom in the sing,
now prearranged to open blame,
the D.J.'s are the Train.

Old school Stations played to Tunes,
the popular of the day,
as this changed the actions came,
know News is also tamed.

Journalistic Reporters drop,
like Flys upon the breeze,
investigations never made,
opinions given place.

Determined Anchors still do prop,
the once in a while stop,
to ask the question I've posted most.

Where is the truth in the lip,
if what is said does not match sip,
a person, place or even sting,
the issues brought have no bing.

The hang-up had to every scene,
so quickly dismissed as only stream,
the words that flow are ready made,
the awful is a pane.

Should radio play be relied,
upon the friendly state,
than does the Orwellian Book become the common thread?

Exasperate Society takes to advantage all that's spat,
fighting only works for sums,
to add the dealer's track.

Communication was to bring,
better Society to peace for breach,
now it spreads the open brink at speeds it took to sync.

Principally Taught An Ancient Pot

First you're born to be bread,
than they've severed head,
know belong is Family dread,
moves so quickly to Country fed.

Targeted for the mark of lead,
must be tough to strengthen met,
Society denies as Person tries,
keeps it hidden to promote demise.

So as the slave trade moves the where,
it will not matter the fare is stair,
built to whips of certain tips,
the held imposed a different trip.

Up, Up, Up the Zoo did sip,
guilt is worn as Nation knows,
their love for destruction so predisposed,
that Singers song spoke well and strong.

Generous lives to smashing mine,
people brew behind the spine,
dirty walks to opened talks,
spreading filled the gossiping locks.

I live in a State meant to Unite,
however the happenings are blown to a kite,
the World at large should take a good view,
humanity pukes as morals abuse.