Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Prelude To A Prequel Of Love And Music For The Desk Of The Very Best!!

I love the bass guitar on the dg list of singing to the stars,
as the dance is a Waltz and humanity just an Opera,
the lyrics are to verse and stood,
yet it is this the drums,
the basis of moral,
touch principle and know that the ground is beneath the Feat,
traveling Orion to the sphere of Cosmos on the Universe galaxies bell,
I find that planets hem to the threads of method,
it is for the Elephant on a Moral Mile!

As the Antelope keel touch the Crocodile Tale,
teeth of jagged rocks and cliff note to sailed,
reach not for the any person,
as that is the rink of only the tree root,
the ice is in the sleeves on explain forest that to snow flakes head!

Rein is harnessed by the bit of language traversed to exit a soled,
in instant photograph the piece is not metal,
it off Firs to Shield a River duh Nile?

Lombard is a Street in San Francisco,
Van Ness Avenue banks to the route,
a map with simple directions is the beat that is an Officer at horse,
now as the Golden Gate Park Mounted Unit is not a theory or a jest,
IT is the fountain of least ripple to Human Be-In.