Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eye Lashes

The verbal approach to discuss the pulp in that blush of the sign a Reach of the bow,
shooting words to the patience of the sky in my home a difference in silence by audio,
in speak the gentile works on the phone in text the verse growth to the bone,
in texture the muscle is food to a stand,
in task the echo are the seens of a door,
threshold the Handle with got a chalk lore,
in miss of the wind and the core of the store,
storms of the volumne change the front scorn,
to understand this life of challenge while listing the jam.

Breathe with the purpose that sorrow runs deep,
in the seat of my self byways of the stock,
in youth on the bath in the Shower of crock,
bites came with Glasses to the spoon of the shock.

Tongue that to Twisters singing a frock,
displaying the spring to the water of lost,
branch to the dirt or a little time brought,
each moment in sharing is a less minutes locked.

Combo bust barrier in appropriate flock,
leaning the ear with broads in the thought,
eyes that touch Mind in communication fort child,
quiet in censored learning to bach.

Melody a whisper to heard Wires of jock,
is the Water that falls in an organized clock,
does the Rise measure carriage as the hill pulls it block,
or Crane to the channel that Mountains did brought.

Flash in the floodings a Cactus might be,
a bit on the prickly fort needles that tree,
in the carve of the truth the thirst is a gree,
the masters of living often do Flea.

Dorm with the tunnel and headlights of see,
wheel hands sample of the lions on land,
shout from no rafter as All Caps does stance,
that laughter is symptom of the biggest Romanced.

A joke of the cycle a taste of the sage,
in cleric of lulls the cork will go stow,
type in the key and the brain is a feed,
running the study to sync in the sleeve.


Solid Wised

Struck by a landing in the Earth of the stray,
a planet in sorrow the clay of the shade,
speaking to Trees the Crows and the Bugs,
skunks to the possums or raccoons on the fun.

Scout loves to listen as he was Wild before,
the closer the voice drew him into romance,
vocals that cuddle the Outside venues,
are course driven Orphans in worlds fly cried.

To dutch the existence sharing the course,
sounds that bring nature to the foot for a loud,
the rub of the Feat rewards with the birds,
chirping response to the Eagles that branch.

Whistle a tune to the Owl with a hoot,
howling Coyotes loving the toot,
doves speak Pigeon ask Cat purr in flew,
a woodpecker drilling the rings of a stoop.

Porch to the coffee in a mug of agree,
brochure with the Sun and the moon creeks the Eve,
star value shining Swinging the breeze,
winds that bring sign that the rain is a beep.

Sort of a ranch with language in spoke,
returning the Closeness with animal Folk,
concert to Year in the existence a loan,
meeting the Vista with naturals steer phone.

Gather to listen or Watch the displayed,
fragrance to touch with the hugs of the Frame,
linens at rest tether Feather to crest,
flagging the Crickets with legs on the Fest.

Craft of the yarn in the Spooling of Farm,
in each a per Tale with the comfort of kind,
to expect that Humanity would silence these darns,
is the perfect example of the death bye alarm.

Frozen Ice In Reaction ore Adorations


Script 'Clock' to showtimers in Show Rings Arena,
the jump-off with certain to digital Sail,
boom for the Mass nest in the Crow,
curb to the Tick of the Hour in Stowed!!

As the seconds go Mounting to ride Inn from Home,
a drive is the Tunnel that curtailed blow,
canon the ball bouncing a nail,
the ticker of sake the bottom line in a Craved!!

Three to the One power perks to This Prime,
phone on the cellular clerks true to sign,
questions Not of but rather the Is,
Zero is gained through the Eyes on the Fine!!

Total Declaration this watch of the wrist,
filtered to tables that joint in the tsk,
channel the Screen to televisions lean,
product in Commercial a money for Theme.

Balanced sheet Pipes to Orgasmic in Kite,
stringing the shuttle tracking rails in scuttle,
spurt on the Come in be leaved in the fall,
water forms Crystals Win ice borns the Shawl.

Cloaks to the black-Outs as per other deep tribe,
shadowing Figures with Sum kind of Fly,
scrappers in Or wells Ankle to brand,
an Know Min. it Tea pouring Coffee sub. Shine.


Shunned by the Social society At large the Handscript in cursive is Fluids in wave,
writing in samplers to only the shave Shale in cork bottles Oceans of lays,
shore in the grain of the pebble broke jock between theirs is Skit storm in rather of loc,
trade on the lanes of the Channel Ship talked,
a bough in the feather Inks brought to crib Chalk!!

Flour in base knox eggs touch the batter,
 little ole scramble the bull in Chime shocks,
eclectic detailed to describes Introduce,
the upper level of chapters enter by Tooth.

Sight in the barrel a Two tellers Formal,
dance in the vein of blood circulate,
sled by the breach in Near aye are saids,
list in the Brain change minds dim The Switch.

Stare at the Viral ill of the shine,
closing a Ticket to burn on the Pine,
redwoods of grown to birch at a Sign,
road Oaks teak Ribbons of Merry go blocks!!

Cubicle learnings rise chop a Chopped,
cutting the tape steer With value of lop,
jackrabbit horse to stink with That Shot,
rifle in dog it's the coordinence clock.

Tangle the Maple with sticky it's sap,
second time`over the Tanning goes rock,
third in the caption a given I'm told,
coincidence Cycle with happenstance Mold.



Sides of Orion bust the Earth by Means & Gearing mechanics Auto,
stream the Creek river Tram trail a Latter dry Stealth divide Mathematically,
driven from Back to Rock of nothing by stride Counting disturbance trite Stall,
ride Tree of horse in Construction built by supply Independence of demand,
hand by Vacuum with Tale rooms on tack Combination key denial.

In ascertain the Noise of self Fish chaos drawn Trailer sick in Fix`d,
sort the snail With male sewn beast to stipulating whining shifters,
sank in the Channel tenth in the sands of broken Hours of drink,
met with an Island tanked by the Score spending the Fuel in granule deck stair!!

Cruise on the cycle dressings from Bird 'Turkey' a game that shoe is Crow true,
monster Hit on stance of the Nude in barracks Pretender the bowl said Ka boom,
bend rat Mouse maze Roundabout chew A dog for the spindle Wombing the booze.

Creative forbearance with dead 'Pecker' in squall singing the sorrow over the Falls,
nicer to Simple in ram throat Throttle choking a lamb with stealing the Candle,
burns for the Mouth creed prints carriage Shed give timely to Aptly a turntable led.

Scratch feet with the stick storms thruster in corn,
shoe for the iron shaped with a Thorn,
wreath on the eardrums swank Irwins blues,
slower is sorrow at speed stuck in Chew.

Smoke coming seaside struck stereo blanks Vinyl in plaster Compact by date,
leaf with the garden in hanging The Plants screen in with eyeballs folklore's a pants,
tongues are twist wears spreading the stew in dough of the rainbow Pots at the few,
steer to the arson strike with that start Fluids in lighter is Stake tar~tar fling lapped!!

Noahs Arc ~The Throat Latch

Curious in paddle times of arch walkers Hoofed to travel the Oceans bleating in massive increase,
a feather to a Hook with rope on the same In the boat of supposed A fife or the rain,
pores in the carriage of All in the kind Signs plank the sound in print of assign.

Hammering nails dovetailed Clause trim counting lumber Timber introduce,
fit for the Stallings wood in the Tooth,
set ask the Fable or biblically Told shew!!

Mountain read frame in the Clouds of the said,
only wise missing Fish in their bed,
fins from the Tip flippers in salt,
summer in August and joseph in Belt.

Abraham harked the tablet on Calm
chiseled by lightening Moses spoke song,
divided by Read 'See' the thundering throng,
cart Up a Harness and blood is the Wrong.

Echo towards narrow the Egyptian escribe,
channel know Nothing anything coursed vibe,
Tower of Babel with language in Speak,
in raw of the Exact the at Traction to brain`d!!

Pillars of ground grains storage of Kelp,
wrapped in the sewage The Animals now spelt,
the arbor of nature Creates nautical swell,
50% of the Kill is Recorded for Fill.

Bird tomorrow with a Crow in the day,
carrion feeding liken Humans at play,
tunnel blind Vision with glass Stains in Say,
the cobblestone Brick aren't the shores of a Ray.

So passively argue the Waste Recycled,
down to the duvet & rounds in the Sow`d,
grit of Tank grinding with tread in the jug,
not even Dirt said to Mud that dust inches glugged.


Calling Great 'Stimulations' Poil Cliques The Jog Hours Feat

Up in the method of life a logical existence,
provisions of the settings.

Scarred with impact of giant scenes,
The Moon a comet ore meteor rings,
climbing cross galaxy sings,
Universal popping growth in Trunk pings.

Pong goes The Cosmos a star chains the Neck,
bing talk sky in the satellite reply,
taste in the sauce of black Matter at type,
dinner for too The breakfast lean crew.

Craft of the meal on the Worm of list Liners,
on eyes The Brow of rehearsed,
spelling the symptom on a Tenure of dirt,
Facial of supper a bit of a Muckery,
with napkin as laptop Fork on the key knife in the belly & System spoon key,
Walls cork the boards repeat Runs link forts Letters crack notes ask Sheets on the shorts.

A boat in the leap ask oars for the sort Channel in television screening a store,
vision as rear view a mere to the fact,
crate apples barrel,
'The Pickle' comes back!!

Telegraph beep Beep At Coyote touch scratch,
license with ribbon once the Oak of the knack.

Redwoods birch Ale drips sap shirts,
bark on the skin bumps formal Trend,
round to the cuts Coffee does luck,
a certain example of Hot liquids in suck!!

Coaster the glassware rink while Ice cubes,
melts rise the Fallen ocean seas shoe,
tides for the brain Charts on the mind,
pores in the ladder of steeping the sign!!

Kettle of frogs Toads on the stool,
pens took the Pencil erase in corpse Brew!!

Pocket a sleeve look Plastic in mead,
taps to the froth Watch the mug pretzel talk.

Salty to see eating biscuits & tea,
but really moreover the understanding in being,
shells comprehending as the crowds of The Leaves.