Sunday, March 15, 2015

All Be Your Sand

The Louds of the Quantum Ballet Make for the Brilliance of the sun on the Moon of A howl,
in the Breeze of Mind the counter kinds to bounce the line to Talk a travel on the Sane,
touch the Horse to blanket The fire on the flame that burns Lightning to Thunder that dare!!

Baked Fired the Eggs of the Salmon Run to the river banking Read,
cobble Stones touch the Heavy on the Lake a Forged,
to Creek that Niagara inside My Head,
Owe Boy!!

That dance of the Merry like this Waltz is the Fritz of the Come On a fair,
to dance the Elephant on the Range of talk blasting Echoed,
sky rounds with the Rain in the sound at branches off the ground,
stirred Supper tasked lunched to the Dinner on the groove of the seldom Herd of The Blues!!

To the missing of a dear and Old Friend dg,
the Man in the mystery with a Hand to gentle my brain with hugs of length,
an engagement from the youth of my certain tacking Up for the reason on the Wisdom to shoe.

In blades of the Turmoil the Prized was the show of the guitar on the Gibson loving a player,
to the Ages in the Fact as A Thousand Year traced my rival to be the Beamer of shoulder Sails,
the billowing Winds to the Tags at the Worlds finder Freezed,
trains to the Rails of Time in the Caliber 'till the lat.

The saddle of the Straps on the stirrups riding the Storms of Man Signed a spring to the Quill,
in written the store of the Company laugh as that is Has the World on an Ancient Tale spin,
raptors on the Mast a basket to Shallows the rocks and the Shards of the stacked,
strong Arms that have Cave to the field of Production hath only the faddle for the Tassel steam!!

A Chord to the singer in the sheets of the balance as the ink in the drops of Truth hath a Fast,
in dialect on the language of Original placing Plato before the religions that stoop drag,
anchors a slate to the Thought of the Stead that barns trust.

Stable to the Muck is as the ditch is to the Feed,
in the porcupine A Cactus is by way the thorn to tackle the Needle,
in the sleigh of the Sands it is with the drifts,
to smooth the flaccid plundery taking a rib snapping treating the Crime,
to death of the banks on the Western scour of the Rise in and On the lathe,
a shingle making the Roof for the Fiddler to recite the Song of the Tradition,
what a gallop at the days of plunder Sharking Hi to spell the absolute as the Hoot Knows!!

Dial the taste to the Swall on the Pan of the riddle in the brow of the glycerin to String,
pour Isn't the mud it is the Singing of the last to the First on the slat,
slice the Apple to talk a Mile a Garden for the Swim of the drink,
bite to the Simple parking Out as the fence is the key,
think with the gate to Familiar the Tomb,
the tooth to the lay.

Insidious throws to the Ale in beneath the belly of the boughts,
on the leg of The Horse it is a wrap,
cotton to the Sake and the Polo placed a Make,
speaking Fort to a ankle & An itch,
a swash buckler that Boards to the Ship on the plank,
yet in the Say is the Caller of the our on the Minuet of a Came!!

Shuttering lyrics to the thimble of the Piano deeming The Bench to a Clock,
looping the Infinitive to seeing the Planned,
sparking the Ignition to Rockets on the foundation of the Scribe to the grace,
oh for the Favor is Only the State of a few in the Sigh of Greats!!

To be known by Way of the Tell in this Hand I write Aye Nana,
to my wonder of a Grandfather the Patience, the Eyes, a Smile in a blazed,
firing the cheek to that crooked smile I wore,
 so hated was I but in that I learned,
the Fashion of the Crane to special the Event with the most Incredible lark,
a memory of Clues from being found to scraps of Meet that engaged the better bets of Me.

A Riddle Inch Letters Sleeved

Funny oasis is a funny chortle for The See as that is the Awkward only for the Green,
in Inch by Mile to Kilometers dialed Operator Nine Eleven quoted born A while,
to grass that Crush with known to done the Simple is task Simple Act Kept,
to minus a Wish bone for the Time is to say that I was not Sincere in The Earnest of the Tone,
yet on the Wisdom no Answer Machine just is the wheel of the Magnetic in bring.

Former of the Tank is reality of blows from back to the Basic in the laid on the Knows,
to taste a Different perfume to Noise the Skunk is only At the Cat of the Hat in a Punch,
taken lightly the Horseman by the Clay is in the Global Arena It's a Tree,
barf for the Crowd too joke for the Stile but the providence Is more Likely just a stroke.

In that it is The Service of the Silver & The Spoon,
dust on the jacket Leather for the Broom,
belts to the Buckled fitting to the Size,
counting Numbers on the Jobs that Chap is All butt Knock.

Ding Dong the sit is On the Application done to Had jumped the Hope that was all but Sad,
in honor of the Twin Flame pardon on the Flax,
shiny is the Eyes of live to sparkle Handel plaque.

A sort of Owe be Won in Any loud to Thank the Gorgeous Sun, ,
the Moon in bay A howling stayed to Thank the Every One,
this is the Days of Many say to Loan the process Paves,
once Upon the Story love be Lanes to brighter Craved!!

Rather on the dungeon Song the Polish and the Look,
metro with the Dire Straights and lecture with a Hook,
in process is the discipline to Grateful hours Minutes,
in Seconds on the found a stab The Blunt is With a Took.

Yet on the bother of My Brain the mind is in a Sunder,
for as the Composition sings so does the Sheets in Wonder,
set to prowess for the bait the sync on the Waters,
Falls of Origin in the Plate is Philosophical Bumper.

Like Cycles on the Cars in brakes to light the signal Turnings,
bikes that spoke to the gear in the grease of learnings,
a puncture Whole to know the Toll and cart The work in Thunder,
storms are left to Tight Ends & that is Made salts Fun stirred.

Not I on the Problem of the Add to Two or deed,
that Karmic Debt in Horse of Said is brand of New to Tons,
a heard to Ear the plus in Verb an Expression spelling Noun`d,
is nothing but a horse without the names that mark the bummer.

Talk a lot to lets See breakfast in America,
set_at _zero traveled well leaving tranquil younger,
my growth to Men in Out About is to bet the gamble bell,
rings forth Wit to joke the skip & screw down to Whats the junker!!

So happily I accept that life is really basic,
to know that from the beginning rust is division Of not skill,
to tack the barn to Stable start my Mind in Thought did wonder,
should the Halt beget the Fret would Hugs be brought or Paid for!!

In the Answer on the Sky the Clouds do Write the pictures,
dragons Lions sharks And birds to Sing my Life to base,
from no Expectations the sentence Framed a delight to fancy pleasant,
for even in the throws of down I find that blanket Quilted sound. 

A Gentle Mans Breezed

Put to The forth of the once in a leap is the certain attainable aspect of Fleet,
an Up towards the Ancient for the From the Sees to aspect of Tail a Comb,
brush with a box on the Paints in the room twice in the Elephant of a grew`m,
as Rubics Cube is the Blocks of the Stream to counter of belly the fountain of Kings!!

Crowned bye the Furrow of brains in the lope to Canter a gallop brings Hand,
ask Not of the Section of Cross to the Show former the Stage as Blunt in a Pole,
a freeze Flame to Melt is the Icy of belt Shouts to the Sky like a barren in Clyde!!

Shell Beach with the Movie to the House of the Stagger as the banks are the decks to the Rubber,
bounce a small with a Bough for the Climb,
Know Noise is the Telly on the Toll of Subbed Lime!!

Squeeze to The Barrel of Monkeys on Band for As the Blunt is seams Predisposed,
further to Problem Attic to Throws a Yak for the Work in the harness`d of Posed,
to pat Sea of laughter the Handles Mess Sigh Uh an Opener to learning the Value had Turned,
long A Go to the board of Method treat Prose feeding the Swan to the Goose over dun!!

Pink paddle Ponies to see through all the dismal Making the Massive Up set to rose,
in thorny of last to the Hop of the Fast plates tell The Wash that the River is daft,
to creek it on Over to the factor of Cream shall the dance be of Ribbon tie Up the big Scene,
skip for the Record cork on C.D. discipline is the Greatest of Means!!

Try Outs to At Bouts or is the the Dress,
turkey for dinner just like a Jest,
card the Tear Oh a Page on the Score Intro to Jet stow an Arrow Plains Core,
to be Clear with the Sigh hence a Technical spinach,
clams are the grit in the Sand of the send Which of a Bakers Thirteen!!

Scrabble that with the Bubble of air Waves to the Oceanus of the Roars are the Fair,
circus to Solve Vent with Volcanic in leaned Thanks for the Fish the Dolphin are Queen`d,
with love and the Hugs fo the Newspaper Print at Tec. in the Neats its Christmas 'A' Cheer!!

To for the blubber Three from the buzz for to Make merry the laughter at Thug,
count to the Fee of Fi Fiddle it drum,
looks like A Horse and bumped to the Strum,
of Pick a pie Lot to favored by Types gather the Frost its an Ice is by Sock!!

Peter piper Played a lifer on The whistle Lands,
in the training of the Ka Boost it is More over the Under of Stand,
tried & True to honest of grew with a bit of taste to Addition the Grace`d,
a Very consider to Ever in Hither is Hence the Hands of the Clock off that sam!!

A Mare it Caw to draw the Saw is digits on the Pram,
perkulate with coffee and be that Mug of fan,
after BEfore the Ever is From to cater the business of the Nobody chore,
in the Service of Theme to a Dancer by Reams books of the Chapter are lovely inn Bing!!

The Lite Bulb

The limerick packs laughs anatomical
Into space that is quite economical.
  But the good ones I've seen
  So seldom are clean
And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

Unknown Origin

This limerick goes in reverse
  Unless I'm remiss
  The neat thing is this:
If you start from the bottom-most verse
This limerick's not any worse.

Web Cartoonist Zach Weiner
author of SMBC-Comics
wrote a reversed limerick that makes sense read top-to-bottom, 
and vice versa.


There was a Song man of A Pan
Whose limericks never would scan.
  When asked why this was,
  He replied "It's because
I always try to fit as many syllables into the last line as ever I possibly can."

Unknown Origin

Sail Compass Solve Áine

Those Colossal a prose to the Asked & Answering is the Theses of the Procreative Balance,
once Rein in the collective Correlative to the sku Its A slashed of the Bee to the Seat of Anchored,
structure thorough hath Bound the book to the Reaming of the seams at Sarge app. Lied,
to swipe The Eraser with Pen Sill lid to touch the Blink in the blind of the Third 4th through.

Carriage foot Man with At`s Tack to saddle the deplore rains the Brain to the In Tell lect. of shag,
carpet Corners of that to the Task of Grapple is in Deed to branch tea Carrot to pulse,
a Heart brake Greats talk lugged Arms boxing the Day of huge to byte the Thigh,
likened to screen the inevitable blare with the Loud of Inkleans stipulation of Thelwell Scribe!!

King Normans rocking Horse to bit Up a Unbridled ponies Lovable with Cartoon claim,
jumps with Life preserve`verb to riding the shallows off turned with the 5th Tin clocks,
hands Girth with bill lets to Leather a Gate talk from basic Barn to stable Walk as The parkers!!

Charge the Lance A lots with Wide ayes making Ready a gave to Receipt of the message Read leaf,
scrubbing the base of the Tale ot brush the Noun as the Hinge is bolt Action to mountains Plat,
gallop the Tums road on the Runs chance`ing the Opoly to bring that How`er to bright faults.

Strange spanned to score the Sport of James Blunt as A Trust yet on the Same it is the difference,
in A Mount to brought the Singer hath divided the Tron to rig a Beam as the Dead End of a punt,
Pull to the Boats that lake with a Caster fishing Line delivery ankles Only hook bait.

Friendly fire is the stand Of the often too Technical flounder flopping the dry beach Sands,
basket to Webster in the Cob of the Freckles granted the log as the Thought with A Bobbie,
in gunnery of H`Our more the barrinet spook Took to tremble A Cow,
tow Trailer picked a stitch to Find that the Truck is a Tractor Pole!!

Inn the Fell origin of the I land a Crepe it is the double back of Cheek in the kiss on the Slacker,
piano band Trumpet sand is Print worthy fort to the straight of the Narrows that Ship,
to lanes on the Mind a World in the signed Has bent to the Breadth to accommodate the Grass!!

Wound to bale Twine with wire is the More`s Code of conduit to Strike Ignite as the floor in,
tooth To nail, Stomach spell Digest, reader banks McGuffy with a due Dirty mice`d,
scrap with the Knight on the Back to Basic a Count than the Dracula will cycle the Staff,
to negate the Happening to Just coincidence is the fortune of the Crumble on the cookie Doe!!

Deer Sleeve to Antler lead this the Tree of My Life for in the Forest of the grove it is the Sail,
long on list to the Skies in the mist Fog is cheerly a spark of the Tight formerly The Spins,
doll Fen to 'Swell' that Musical Waltz to sing a little Song on the Section of the Storm,
to Stars in the Grain as the Salts of the Fame I^on Foundation eliminating the bother by Stoolie.

Honest with duty to deal the Cope is as the Jack is the Rabbit on the Antelope,
planes in the Traveling sheep Shepards row is sync with the Sorrow letting it Go,
Now that Warner Brothers correlated Games Think to the product & bike on the Gear,
fork The Operator to the Property Loads paper The Money & coin on the so,
creative Design braking Time in the ages for Grant understanding Saves not to Sloat,
rather the Map in its Guide I.D. with a Side comprehension for the Dump in Canning!!

To dear James Blunt lead that tangle of Scrappy don't be Bitter as Sweetly is dish`d,
sat A light communication drank in the Fulled to being the writer as the known to the smash,
for on the place to the Thing in the graph Why's are not the question for the Horse and the dash,
spooking is As key to the Lumber at shadows Tennis elbow inch Racket to snow the foe loathe.

A good Hard thanks as Twin Flames did Fire Up with admission to just be shot Told,
in the Price of the Learn I spake to the Hub but on the Spoke the Wheel is cog,
to Make Good on that is Plato on Fact but Now the World will Never exact,
therefore Good by is the Gate of Hell^Owes to Think In The Tank was a Now purpose Full post!!

Kind of certain to Switch in the Knows treating the B.D. with the discipline Chose,
to the latter day Clay that build with deep Say James Blunt such to Thanks you're The bar Piano clout,
touch the Classic call for this is Your speech Wash on the Clothes are skins To the Streets,
an Alley for bunched Banana' and Muds enjoying the Nature of the beets and the Could`s,
Chance on the Card to the color of Woulds makes the Monopoly the Chess of the Hoods!!

Spank to the Lamp lit for all are in Life savers Fruit Loops with Captain Crunch in the Hoots,
cheerio Owes on The Milk with burr Bun in Showed to cubicle Ice that tray of the flows`d,
lasting to bring The thanks in the Sane its been Such a Wonder of the Won Hit Inn Vein!!