Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What is Poetry? The Unconscious Conscious' Conscious Lead?

The Bit of Bridled Truth

As Poets 'our' dead from what you've read,
I claim a riddles through.

To explain or Exclaim!!,
that Prose is Versed,
the rhythm bets,
that rhymes are set.

 To entice farther still,
the likes advantage only due,
the words are meters Let.

The spoken sentence in reverse,
offers cursed and places wreck,
with bounds of met.

So I've heard poetry is lost,
but Bound a future Found.

Strange how perversity still blames,
the Tongue's of switch,
play the Gamed.

The chest of Man,
the Steel is planned,
to bank this placed,
Eye target; Raced!!

Why must Songs be so Framed,
to hide Exist?, or just to List,
the coming Age as Knew resist.

The formal persist of know reply,
it's all just a Sign,
of Times that Vie.



Voiced Speaks On Past In Present Dues

Clearly with great advantage,
the View of Past History pursues.

The repetitiousness is very nearly,
the most hideous of fights,
it is horrific.

The Good vs Bad,
a religious record,
to manage the masses,
with one simple crush,
the demise,
a managed plight.

It is varied,
and most certainly done!!

The changing rules to adopt new moods,
transgressed at best,
as the 'olds' do rest they just must,
turn to change,
 a different Vain.

An opposite,
anything is better than watching this death,
now it is a lie becoming Religions that debt,

Found-Out through history proof,
religion games on each of you,
the Plots are stolen prequels to do,
in such renounced beliefs and erased Chief's,
makes Red claim,
as blood is evidence and remains!!


Should a Practice shame itself with death providing wealth,
than life must die to provide,
the fear of fright in scared,
a Witch and now a Gun,
a Cross of last did sum.

Either countenance must be known,
as craft or profane,
to nail in the same,
to Like or feel ordained!!

A wealth of hidden treasures,
kept from human view,
knew and told of Times,
that blast an Age with New!!

The Voice,
parchment placed,
wrote for Type,
Satan raised as Uncle saved,
Lucifer in sight; I pry,

Hold back the Books of Do,
if done to Sight the seen in Real,
began the coming feel.

The deal dealt a Centuries death,
to poets, sonnets or verses read,
know spoken tongue understood,
as babble is the Hash-tagged done.

A town, a city felled for same,
a Towered ramble of no-One could,
understand, how quick, how fast,
if belief is actually passed.

The rubble of the stone is Clear,
still crumbling in the hands of whom,
make know calls with Text remains,
as seen in placed,
not reamed, erased.

The strange appeal has stretched Time to reveal,
the 'old text' 'rote in granite'
still exists as Verse atones to posed,
much like the phone.

With each finger swipe,
the Chiseler stirs to Keep,
the Hold redemption,
a lost art to interpret or to translate,
equaling one in the same,
as only Time separates,
the Ancients brake.

To Incarnate, to Be or to have Been,
this Entry would silence them,
a quiet spell to curse the minds,
that did erase that traces rhyme.

Exposed disgrace as Being,
the Human Race degrading,
the worth of thought,
the value of consideration,
the measure of memory,
and the Course to Guide us from,
a decrepit demise of sewn.

Aptly named,
praising: Blame,
the crucifix is stilled to shame!!

Even the 'olds' would change points of view,
to change sides to 'out' all you,
to realize that Evils' live and all the warnings only denied,
that action has been read to the bone,
than ignored to store the Stone.

An Open door,
to a Closing venue
to make evident decisions for,
the individual whom changes the suit,
to proper, formal, naturals pursue,
to See the Truth.

Not manufactured stolen Verse,
changed to advantage what's now perverse,
increasing the Satcheled purse,
pass the bucket down the pew,
secured to ravage as coinage adage,
10% likened to,
 the savage reign in a thousand years of said,

A play to restrain,
not add too with re-read,
displacing seed to utter bleed.

The diction only spake,
warn to heed the times of trouble shall proceed,
the fall of humanity,
the proud, the flesh,
is simply called mortality.

The equation equaled an Ancients place,
to trace erased, guide the few,
for Dark is Red and Black is Blue,
as Dragons fume,
finality comes in Two!!

Fire flames no burnt remains,
the tempo hot the Charts are Art,
the raise in menu, the vision Pop,
the choir of,
is a Band in State.

The station changed holds the key,
now digitized for all to knew,
a coarse of driven point to view,
the climb is merely the demise of the lies,
written to spite the Proper evil as the Game in Hand.

As Cards not Dealt,
questions instead,
Moot to Verse,
reverse the scene,
to property redeemed.

The Art, no Act,
B.D.S.M. is real tact,
dungeons Master Lairs,
with only what is done to stare,
to bring or made to run,
'cause belief is waning too,
singulars are training to prepare,
for what Ever offers: Wares!!

The After of a Moments Life,
exists within this given sted,
condemnation opens links,
not to spy the chains go clink.

To Rein-In,
shorten leash,
the collared flight,
the Opened soar,
dimensions squared builds boundary's dare,
whom Few will enter to Sight the Fair.

The cosmic magic of lives that fact,
the employ of Sir's for racked,
to Master abrupt Word to Verse,
learn the Mystic risks to trip this,
for the choice on only tragic,
opens up these doors of traffic.


Held to Mind the Thought does prove,
that escape hears a tune,
the Tone of Low calls for Rafters,
to swing right through this Sight of Ruptured.

No Men in sight to stop this flight,
the Fight?,
seen in closing eyes,
the Third-Eye views.

Halls of Forms Armored Knights,
these Dark Lords seem to store,
all is Seen, the dance?, my floor.

To Rock the Truth,
find the root,
unleash the found to only sound,
leaving the breeze releasing the noise,
escapes a Universe in a state.

Rhythm to the frequency
I do run, I know the pace,
of this Sted in Human Race.

Is the lead to know disgrace,
it's not my face but your days,
the words express in years of eight,
a wait not long,
just a trace.

too measure miles,
exact the date,
mark the death,
with practiced Stay.

Go Long,
believe your biblical record,
as the Verse of a lord,
crucified and than thus ate,
the Prophet did prove what's best.

Forced to Memory spoken Versed,
not written rule to charge the Fool.

Changing Facts to exact,
dividing lines to advantage Signs,
darkens plots to make remarks.

The Ever before the After is fact,
the chapter learned to speak not flat,
most not turned 'cause of burned,
choices' made by Monks in days.

Uncouth, Hidden beneath the Catholics' loot,
thoughts to Lead,
ideas' of spoken threads,
sewn to distant familiar times,
for preparation knot reformation.

As only years can prove,
evidence has been removed,
translated rude reversed to do,
the 'might' to know,
such fright for genders,
that twice these Sentences' produced such Censured.

What comes is done,
trained for some,
a total whole,
not lost but pulled.

Too out the Mission as admission,
of apathetic assuming position.

Authority is and Equal wrath,
the quiet in the midst of storm,
the Reign of already adored,
is not a crown made of thorns,
 but the whistling of a trumpeting Lore.