Sunday, November 2, 2014


Life has become like dieing in your sleep,
As all The Religions dream Scenes come in Sheets,
the answer is blowing in the wind ask the clock of All Time in the Ages of the Assets,
control on board of directors in the guides of dark Nesting to touch Hells that War,
in boo ga la on the Cores as the structure is Sew on the Reams of Paper trails learned.

The burn of Fries exploding from the books examples on the sky pouring Fire in doom,
satellite transmissions to Standard of living barring down on the Minds in the giving,
freeze Frames of Glass Houses that shine-On the approach,
sharing the barter like the After of Coached.

The carriage of Human Beings soaking the bums,
collections of sharp introduction to sterns,
the martyr to breakfast the bomb takes brunch,
Lunch on the Terrace and dinner on the crunch.

Whisper of Hours to minutes on timers,
Clique to the Mind or hand with a Finnish,
double back the twist in the guts of the Risk,
to Tale on the donkey and yo-yo for the whips.

Wiping Milk & honey touch erase delete,
the Bank of Tomorrow presently at Weak,
for shoulders are the shrugged applications Claused,
by a check Mark on the box and a vehicle from Nods.

The surcharge is a safe phone how apropo is that,
from in the deep and thick of Main the Vault of stream is stick a theme,
traits of the code on the face of mode open a page to the arm of @ stage,
market at spend of the All ready to Take register the Faith in the realm of a state.

Know signature required at the algorithms traits at the speed it would be to Wallet a fee,
swipe to the Name on the travel of sum adding to shaking the pennies on the run,
digits to Numbers a few put to dash the Area of a method or perfective in a catch.

To the Card Games on tables or wheels that Rule et,
a prison of Mirrors to the Fun House of Piers,
than at the brain touching base Value to pane,
blinking is locked on the loading of sane,
notes problem Method the signs all do say,
one for the Counters and two Four the thumb.


It Is A Canon

At now Time the edges Reign religion by the Yoke,
this said the Hands of Many have got this Bit it choke,
the leather braid of robe in trades in scrolls of written cork,
for on this Ore of earth in pore the bend is bladder Rote.

The reins of Which are pulled and tugged for death is varied by each stand,
yet no bridle saddle girth or Mount has in the deed an Original NOW,
the bare of skin to row Tintin a collar with the leash of bin,
a crown wrapped down or Tassel shroud the dagger or the Chord!!

Scream All same Names to dates the prunes of Whine by no missed grate,
a Vine with withered grapples drinking as the Apples of The Fates,
sauce in set to grind the fret for Clever portions slate,
firstly second thirdly rapes of Minds of Men of More's!!

Countered with this die die die a garment of Grenades,
pulling pins to blow pen up advancing only shrouds,
dancing banks with Pulpits bakes to Hell the apron bye mistake,
from envelope to Sealed breaks the letter of the Proud.

Pound your orphan skill that shred with delve to sake of Cause,
in plenty of the filling bloods a bustle or a Crowd,
tanking cities by the pound hammer in the sale,
flag the Miss dress with a Send and introduce this Tend.

Sheep on shoal the Cain of able an Abraham at stoolie cable,
hoe the Garden hand the clause Present the enter of the Maws,
scraps of flesh with Walking daws a held between the beans,
stringing talks with count the Bachs to gift a Crater laws!!

Molt a shell the golden Bell the crawl of Cat Coon,
bandit over to the Clover grazing on Cartoon,
vision with a touch of Whip the sentence prose or Raid,
poison sky to Cans of Aye the ventures told us Frame inked Frame!!

Shore to dye the Pink Sands lie an Island with a shoe,
small to type the Conch did sell The Soup & bread so Sweet,
dolphins Hotels barracuda Sharks diving on the Snorkel charts,
houses made of some Thing else the storage or the Belt!!

Curl same to walk of lane shallow of the Sea at claim,
wander from the farthest stain the War is on the Shopping Vain,
grit with Teeth in pits of pluck a ride to centered on the duck,
does Real truth that speaks of dutch say to skill the gotcha cut.

Sure of advances trust is bust a leg with notes that struck,
but in the rather of the corn Wheat is buried and wipe is sworn,
strange be deeds that swear to sell to the Hi of business Hell,
corporations on their knees begging Breast for Maul in eased.

Dopes chain to drink with added booth to drag these more touch downs,
in gator of the Crock at born an egg to crack as be come Form,
yet in the store of broken crunch the absorbed are half a creed,
does the Yellow sunken in or is the obvious on the Glenn!!

Heating Pad with pull plug stick to Yank as peachie Can,
process of the smite of slant has Plato on the skit,
yet even Odd at see and Sod the book does hold it's Cue,
the game of Spanks on carried Clue brought message without Flu!!

Caulk Nee

Strobe Beings

Barrows onside tread the bait hooks grown snaps to the you-you at back,
to Mariner of the blast down under about the shack reality bounce Tap,
knock Knock who is Out I the Will of the chin on a stump,
branches ladder the bought of the Trunk routing the limb to the sync bid a dope.

Casting the reel in the fetch me touch deal the bit of the tongue in Bit Honey,
saps swell the ebony glue to that paste from the Body of the burp of the shew,
swiping lanterns as the Show must grow on The Hitched to the sky of the shouldering lawn,
blimps with the running airplane attach The Flags blowing Anvil to the sight of a touch!!

Led strange in the by way of tact a sit freeze still Time telling back,
clocks on the hour of the note without a minute as the be is barned,
in the idea of a Stall in the held Hey hello dimensions on the Tribal gone Wry,
carrot was a stick the Tunnel in the thick Mass sieves on the all bark to Pall!!

Bean a bummer list each every other fret in steps on the stares the ice creaming bells,
bowl the magic finger to the Tea dot coffee Cream bread for the Pantry butters in the gree,
bank a balk at greens pea`d ask the Pod a filt' scattered on the verbal the Nose is by a Tooth,
gear to tackle spinning cycle recognize Pedals are the Five wise counting ten dull bind,

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in that plaster pair est know the clamp is say speak of Shade in echo the storm of wider graeae,
in glow ba Vest the sandal hoop lace to islets span repeat the process session on an other tram,
dock Upon the footwear's a ticket ore the land Tires in the screechin' our burning rubbers Their.

Filling pipes of Plumbing hosed in the spree Cartier's of gold suns in blankets are the bare,
knuckle for a Sand which fire in the pill swallow with the Whistle the engine is eclairs,
hot are the liquids in liquefying grained molten are the Banshees sirens in despaired,
wax at splinters eyes blood in Think the rain for in the falling arbor it's simply called the reign.