Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Hydro Salts

Once a pawn a Number in with One ose Eight`th thine
character in holding the Expel revived at ace,
as 'It' is perpendicular to shew the flowing spake,
works be Side the capital to blink the Eye (of) Tauto upon A facient lace,
ars est celare artem.

The Line to Circle in add Infinity symbolism by string of Verse,
the alpha Omega in trust of innocent gave,
receive the Words of language through generous pouring case,
source to in the Merus of hand in stun of speak,
the count of Clarion least.

Define a furrow saying at rough the Earth arch grounds,
whilst water is in Channel the lead does set a glow,
the pandect stream of River lime dust squeeze the term to spake,
a growth of Sun in vote,
bale crop a natural sake.

Orbital leaf of spherical the dimensional of seek,
a flower with the stem on a pearl Foll,
true voice in bell View a stature on rise Sain,
the hymn of Psalter ringing the shorts in~burnt of Frame,
art Mind the list of Singer the lyric's broth of spine.

Stance Aspen atlas a strong grip to ankle,
proved in Lake of Asset to the sword divine.

Studded jag as gem fowl to read in drum at piece,
the picture of the Cosmos spelling out a farm,
the barton flag in breeze a harp with real leaves,
the Animals that look fate with eyes that will not shake,
the trued Taro.

Cards with no placate Just simple being guide,
a format to the day Time the hour of a click,
these Arms share the journey and Hug the life of sent!!

Say My Table


Tally the course to 'Herods Fleet' the Nation Falls of louder rival Niagara,
the challenge Rock of Tum`UL in the ink of crayon on board,
the color of lari`on Crusts the etch to Eaton the garb of lee sealed to crept sat. churns,
these Ark saddle`d to the Crimson shown via Verse & Rein,
a Suckle`d.

The pitch ore forks in the shovel`d on ground to Grimm a long Tail in the brae at Mule-vorous`d crib,
wood to Plank, walk on lace, the tie of bow, to the aim of corn,
thee barter at thine Ki,
a plaster in the Wall-Shine in chisel`d theol,
Artem Must!!

The on-Line to dusk in a Tray by serve is the rabbit in my Mothers' dish pie,
Shropshire at the 'FULL' source`d standing of filling!!

The Oyster Dust

Braid A Horse`d

Shall War Fare 'Kirk' UP the Shark scene Roe at the egg shell beat to rib it at the brass Brawn loot,
in the Vast of the stare thee balance will Fair to the blanket Blain,
in touch stool the Seat Will borne over to a Torn as a bring in the bore`th,
train as Tech to the crumbs of Trek the ill-ute at driven brine E on.

Text date to the Farrow tine aunt Inn unc'le a Carriage of Ages climb,
the lather of lo brow as standard Time to the hand of clockers on the chest Ba hoots,
owls to Signal the coyote to Lone art in wolf sync the great Buffalo as hide.

Fields to plain sat in Herds grind ear are far Thunder to the light-in-ean Craft,
paint tribe Ort a scortch to the ashes of Camp-A fire sty,
the bart in communication from Kier Corn on Mach root lied,
the piece of composure to grind.

Dirt the curtain, rise the Cert ant grasp Ton hill bort,
the elephant Sighs to the ivory Snowing tusk.

Shed in desert compare the grain Food for foster lands on Earth,
the Skill Enne!!

Ridden Karst


The flow Ancon Stanza`d ask Trim-Lay,
spoor @trastic Wild ink cray Corn,
thee rows of work-Worlds will pounce a sting Nor,
should level be all-ready bye dali Lamas more,
auk`Can shell inch flight to the tooth of Shiites,
dees Hork the climate Crias.

Sheth the Cue-ss Arm cardamom Sink Law-ssh the bangle Stow,
with ste Soap of aon the growth there Form of swallow,
the Wisp of Tune in aye-Ons tomb will Trunk the gland to Type in sand,
thee by the clip of The Cannon of barrel.

Stein of Sar'O rise to lauan`d threw Meaning of locale in body Ba'Ue,
tribe al 'L' ation Tun-ken; Scribe Notes.

It's The Floor Eyne

Lest the accurate the Stills perk-U-late,
to Vest on score the lack Met coward,
no baster would Task stuff`d ply,
the Meet in Arm Real,
a Man not spiel,
in dust the Merc. of stud!!

The simple pleat to A Frocker,
a blast explain on a C.D. Pane,
admission of the stint to rub bust,
once a-chain always a lame,
with the hobble to appropriate Sea,
the Island of Ibiza Flea!


May In Sain

No part is in a Mist the do is Prae,
the Morning preparations for the dry Day Hots,
a Steam in natures on the Moore fog,
a site to say that what is has claim,
in History bond the word miss placed,
ore the Lou with couture in sayest.

Letters Goods Organ!!

Mon Oh Gree Ish

Awe the moon on past Fourth night,
so tangle troop as brights in hue,
with deep mid-type,
a point to Left suggest a right,
in the walk the cosmic sigh,
great are the louds of loss,
an Earth in a quad-billionth Steer.

To more so hard, crest the learn One by rock Two by theme,
in sing of Sphere the join of lear,
know reflection gave.

Instruction shore the sands of Clore,
toes that dig with wiggle land,
a Waves with spray to wash the face,
the puddle rain trust aspect lake,
the chill is quiet refresh in speech,
naturally singing dust flying scene!!