Friday, April 3, 2015

The Flying Trap Ease

Trades on the Winds touching the Solar leap to lands Upon the Story,
in the steady on the goes for this is the deed of Oxygen to shoe,
a buckle for the Equator the Poles on the divides roundin' an Stew,
sync with a Powder on the revelry of drew Thunder announced,
as the bulb on the pressure to advance a skid talk spice gain a View`d
that Map of Sanctions to envelope a Truth for in the Stile there are these Chests.

Stream like a Sound to the Mountain of Core Va Lash,
in the blinking scene belong to what is naturally a Singing,
feel in the breeze of Thought at logic to conversation Crock,
reptiles anchor with a gallop of Antelope in the Fields of gravity,
Ancient Migration on the Trails in the Sky lit with Tons.

Speak of Nature to the shy doubt to Tack nothing for All make the Scope,
majestic to Theater a Cinema of lives Living in the tangle get a Comb & dust,
to Witness testify to the factors of Plates on the shale to earthquake the laughter as a hugging fax,
with the tremble shaking stand on the Terra belief is an Era to this a cup of show.

Eyes on the rare in timely detail the Horse before the carriage as the Harness is mortal Combat,
war snot to Clarity on this a steady to Answer the Tale with interest of a fairy,
lightly tread for these earthly grounds are filled to the brim with The Dead.

Over grave upon Tomb the digs and the Brooms Watch foundation as Cat spells the Nines,
in turmoil be Ducky in Tribe call Quack from the Quest regard the Sum thing for the ever spelling fare,
milk shakes Restaurants primal divides Service for the Table and a Napkin for the Guide,
a Treasury of Fountains on the sip of bread & Tea,
dunking is a Sport to know the Saucer has a leaves.

Start the Pour with certain bellows stoking the Fire to increase the sung,
a bookcase bravado Pages on a Steep shall the beaches of sand be Individual counted torques,
chess to Board rooms of Elephants letters Speak with Candor not a dripping causality.

By grain by Rye by Wheat and the ride Feet brake the Wrecks to performance of found,
tunnels that Crashed in the echo bound traps Make dead the Apron to tie Up the said grounds,
filling with Counter this Planet is brim Month fires to Stone sew the Main to a brow,
with the Tongue lashed pretty communicate the Ability not all the Tears,
drop gone subject Cattle the heard to a dissection of  swept a gave to Opera a Graved.

Bring the strength to a shark The Whale in a placed Swim talking dolphin from the Octopus ink,
face the Marrow with gathering News shall the great of All Ways be the Providence of Ear`d,
focus on the shower of Powering Truth speaking A Star may the nights be a skill to firth.
frost on the Snow a footprints belief travel the Trail of the Ancient by lifts.

In that distant surreal know Familiar by Voice on the strum of guitar its in the Harp of the cares,
from each Feat may the beauty be loud as in the sky I vocal a Faith to be leaved,
the deck to Tack right courses the dime in quiet Silence do good be Valiant a Light!!

Sidewalk Blues

All songs, except "Amazing Grace," written and composed by Don Garrett (dg), some going back thirty years.

Special acknowledgement to: John Newton for "Amazing Grace" arranged by Don Garrett; to Dorsey Dixon and Roy Acuff (Acuff-Rose Music) and the "Wreck on the Highway" inspiration for "I Was a Wreck on the Highway" ; to dear Jimmie Rodgers, Peer International Corporation, for the opening lines of "Sidewalk Blues."

dg on guitar, slide, vocals, harmonies and groans and hums throughout.  No bass, no drum, No Rockettes.  Just loving tweaks and mixes,. On "dg's Lullaby" Steve Hohstadt on lead guitar and Pat Hohstadt on harmonica.

Recorded at Trickle Creek Studios, Garberville, CA, Steve Hohstadt, engineer.

"In memory of our son, Dave, who once told me how he liked the "Wreck on the Highway" song.  It meant a lot."

"Right next to God, I want to thank Steve for his patience and friendship in putting this work together.  And to dear Pat, his wife, who kept receiving me into their household and encouraging me even when she was knocked around by pneumonia.

"An to my dear wife of thirty-odd years - the "odd' part pertaining to yours truly she has had to put up with - credit for graphics and photography and any benefits of this work should go to her.

"And finally, thanks to our dear daughter Kathryn - You'll never know what your encouragement means."

Me and My Guitar Player

My friend plays guitar, he has no name
He just appears like the stars with no shame
He plays out in the wood and on the hills
He could be right here on your stage,
So quiet and still, so quiet and still
                                            He just plays straight ahead, simple and clear
                                                        He gets in trouble if he tries to do things he can't hear

I've seen him so free --from afar,
Sitting on the edge of the world strumming his guitar
Ocean waves down below that crash on the rocks
He could be playing the Shepherd's song
To guide the flock to quieten the flock
                                           And what you see may not tell the whole story
                                                  Of what's going down, in the sound for you and me

Everyday is the last of this life
Tomorrow's just a dream with no strife
Guitar man gets glad when there's nothing
He's called a man gone mad, listening, just listening
                                                And there's a roar from within and a roar without
                                                    It's a battle for just one glimpse of what it's all about

He's waited for so long, he just stares
Still looking for that lonesome sound, deep in his ear
He don't talk and he don't see, a mound of clay
He's old and on the street
For love and pay, for love and pay
                               Is it gold, or is it care that lifts his soul
                                                Just a space on this dirty ground so free and bold 


Every Won Is Shooting For The Stars And You Forgot While The Land Spoke Feet To The Longs ~Earth Tiled A Basque

Law Law Law the Fountain of The Rocks that Shale Know,
to pebbles on the track a Purse to Pocket Fulls of Rice,
in the bed of Field to task A raining Cast,
chaps on the Saddled over Hiccups to Bath,
in shorts to sing the Riddle by Cats.

Turning the Al^Bum to stomach Up the Circus merry Go round,
a Circa Horse to the Pole and Verse is a Musical A Fair,
in Pipes & Organs the benched and the Most,
dear scenes to ankle the very deepest of Shows,
A platter Foal of Math!!

Shell Beaches clams Crow mustard to the Igloo,
chilly are the Hours on the lathering Sweats,
tribulation to Tributaries on the Creak Plats,
venue of Victorious brings spoke of Hubble crafts,
planes of Flight to these Tongue blasters on the Crush.

Top per Gun to broken Back fires in the Ka bang its a Kings fierce,
ascribe to the Big Bang asking the Class of Acceptance due You believe in the Spay,
as Cult was the Science in the days of shored to symptom of the starlights twinkled,
the Grid ore graph That term life discovery of accuracy to waltz on the Crab,
basket on with dollar Bill to coinage on the sku,
is than the Cross of the enter Section to Isle of the Fired,
words to Taste in the dilation of the raft.

Built well to brisk the Saline on eyes of Particle labels,
darwins course to the Sir^Vie^Vol of the colds,
take a shallow dish of soup is the richness Marrow glued,
blood in stress a Craft with Wired to jaw decay.

Cavendish in the gnaw treating logic while Pickle jar swam the Trunk,
decade times the mastication of Thought inching the Scale,
greenish girth tacking a Muler on the Skinner of ole,
wrist Ankle shaft a Miners glory with rails to the Carvers shacked,
deep in the diamond of jagged Edges there have binned chips of Mighty owed,
granite with Sands Stoned in Puff the Magic Dragons of Veracious glads,
as the Formal to the Chance that Aye`d the Pirate to Won eye on the Fixtured Swell.

Bloaters on belly roars`d a Whispering horse to Tack say barrel it gratch,
bale the purple tell a Neigh on the knickers to seat a Balanced thorough snack,
like the Sugar Cubes ore as the Tribe courses in A Carrot of The care owe`d,
a Stall to the bedding of Entrance that carpet or Mud flats position stamping a Stores mat,
on the imprint of the cycle a Bike Rack is placed on the avenue of Skid rows,
roasted Chickens Try tips on the Coals.

Barb A Cue to pool the Stick at the Table of the balls,
eight Nine baldwin Show pans skill brought delivery of Track,
paper Mace in the shower of Notes to write in connect of the tired Off the snaps,
cling leans of Tin Foil method to Sword of file on the Waist watering clay.

Choke the brain with fervor and not a Nose from Umbrella the staff is reining the teaspoon Post,
gently to the Ladle a tablet kindles the Sundial to a shadow for the shade does sneak to Mind crime`d,
for the flavor of the Arson to stern the Kiel is a Whalers laugh,
the hardy of the Heart telling Throw stories like the Windy dales of Hills & snails.

Chalk let covered Bananas on the Shipping a New button to snot the Remote to quite possibly the found,
I can the taunt string to Pull typing as the ear and Listen cork strongs as the recipe to Fleet,
there at the sea of bays Tug Boats pore the engine to Paint the ass with a Stoic on the scream,
chase the Wind on a Tornado and lasso your Self to muster for the Storms are in the sash,
lip Liners to decks of Sails awkwardly pea`ing the Titanic of earth on Planets seal Clapping a Sneaky Pete.

Each Sound Of Rain

On with Ships on the outer says to touch the scene with the magic of Herd the Ancient be Trail,
to see for the truth speak Honest with sent a Last on the system to hours of leant,
banks for the Rice on the groove of a cheek Scratch the Chart to map sheds for the tout,
in the width of exist there is a counter on skeet World a planet saying hello to the Smurf.

Cartoons gave a Me the primal of Feet to walk with the distance and harness complete,
from the garden to nestle at the pond of the remote Freckles did sing to my ever in rode.

Ask nothing for nothing the answer so simple As nothing from nothing is not much to steer,
a curtain for speaking the rise of a cheer The Animals directions gave perfection an Ear.

Sent Human Beings throughout the History of pages rote on the Sand to pack the big Coats,
years to the steam Mountain in theme providing that hard Knock to sever the spline.

The body of message the choice to be sleeve driving in Car nation to sail the great shag,
the Terminal echo from chalk that Hop Scotch hearing the finals called give Up the ghost,
passing ore death to shout from the Soot chimney with lumbers to finally the Take,
in relief of the anxious James Blunt sang a Key to Music on jinn ger the Sea lime to lead,
in that thankful tincture my eyes kept a stair to venture the Imagine and releasing the Signed.

So great Fantastic cleaning A curl from Steed in worried for Thousands of Millions of Clear,
in obvious Wonder the Blue Door of rear locked for the safety to Row of the Tear,
thanks to the Touching response of Society Plato had proven that nothing is Sad,
more Over the simple to Constant in Tale believing that fill off a See is clubs of a Sheer.

Fleece the shock It buy the Choral singing to pieces so as to leave circles in sheet,
fields of dust that jacket to soil Fir^Tile ambrosia to cotton of deer,
round Rams the Ant lur of dial a Bam that bounce for the Rubber made hot butter Sand.