Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Declare as A Wig,
Declare as An Independent,
Declare as eh virtue to the constitution of these states of vote,
each form is as the wind is,
breeze to no race for that is paste of stick.key shipped,
worn on the tire of arms show.wean but the cuffed.

To know of a shore is sand,
a beach of a good belly scratch from hence a boat must swish to that sounds lung,
this incredible speech to honor the men and women, pirates and loves,
oh harbor to decks of treasures,
this is land and that is as lucky as day!!!

Smile on the sounds singing virtue,
a song to lyrics,
no bars between.

Treats are the Voices,
people are the creed.

Challenge not the Human Race to blame,
the creation of evolution touch a speak of grasp,
hug nothing as to see is the vista of that grand canyons river,
these lands have embraced time to few.

Should the Sanctuary City be said to be that Office,
that sanctuary is no more,
church to stride and memory that sain,
for on the sword of destiny the dust is embers to a fires lained as that fly to platter those tiers,
pen and stow,
anchors and rose,
traveling gardens have been the apple of iced,
string theory as the template devised in technology persons have texted bye lined,
sentence in shelf a previous shelf,
libraries card to register,
it is neither a hold nor a say,
education or where is that aisle of down the feather tiled,
grout of spring with watering beans,
magic is the ground of more than just ring,
it is the love off a sludge that has remembered every thing to know that pebbles bleed rocks that knead,
either from or to sincerely yours or yours truly,
finding a balance on the thundering pain is this lightening that has counted each strains groan.