Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flashbacks Enable Us To Move Through

There were these Days,
so long ago,
I was young,
my Mind doth remind.

In a Basement frame,
the sight of such a Horror!!

It happened more than once,
it seemed Their heavens door.

As first such FRIGHT,
the FEAR was found,
pushed down upon the ground!!

As I did resist,
my size became so easily licked,
the hatred turned to bliss,
I shut my EYES for this.

With EACH increased FIGHT,
enhanced my personal plight,
I saw within these boys,
my fear was met with sight.

Upon these ACTS of DARKEST FAIR,
these Boys would pay Their way,
I saw the spite within Their eyes,
causing such despair.

to STARE them down,
on my back I laid.

I LOOKED into Their EYES,
with hatred for this ACT,
then upon this One Time hist',
the blank stare blinked right back.

The WRATH which began,
increased through the line,
each ONE sought the fight,
insisting it was right: Deserved.

The roughness on Their part,
caused me to erupt,
but I did not back off this stare,
my only refuge there!!

As Their ability to accomplish act,
began to wane 'cause I fought back,
my eyes, my stare began to make,
these Boys incapable to complete this Take.

 The Fear inside of myself,
which I had to defeat to become well,
became what angered me in this place.

Years and Years did pass,
before I understood Their Wrath,
Expressions of Theirs,
I only remember,
the sticky, disgusting shared.

The strangeness in these days,
reveals things not nice,
not a test, not whats best,
just absurd exists in their.

Myself, I learned to hate,
the Act which brought the RAGE,
my EYES became the BAIT!!

Restrained by size,
I did give way,
in this I could only persist,
to OPEN my EYES,
not close and wish,
"Is this the day I die?"

When SENSE brought ATTACKERS madness,
I witnessed death in Their Eyes,
I watched insanity walk away,
the danger was so grave.

Although my life went on each day,
this Act killed me too,
my innocence was taken,
the rage made me New!!

My loss became my gain,
exhaustion delivered disdain,
my life bares this kill,
I know that what was done,
impacted more than (One) Won!!

I know that peace can be found,
to puzzle my past in present.

These Ill's of which I speak,
has brought so much relief!!

Not to reside in these times,
but to bring to complete,
so I may turn the Page with Age,
to deliver Times of Pain,
in the birth of brand new day.

I know that in past pleads,
I wished to wish for a particular relief,
but Reality is my Rule,
and the wish did seem so cool.

Grateful for the Sight,
the Might gives Way to Passed,
but I still Wish for You,
a day where Twin Souls rule.

The passion felt surreal,
brought me strength,
and paved my path,
to face this life of terror.

Thank you for your care!!