Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To Imagine what is Different. Are you intolerant too?

So many people write or speak about change. You may find yourself thinking about change in your everyday life, I know I do. Some people wait their entire life for something, anything to change. Mostly, they seem to leave change to fate, chance, religion, God, other people are a popular one to choose, or they just leave it to any other reason that they can think of and believe it will initiate a change for them.

The question to ask yourself,

"Are you the person waiting for change?"
"Are you the one that will make change happen?" 

Be honest, nobody is listening and the only person you would be fooling is you.

"Are you a mover?"
"a shaker?" 
"Are you a motivator?" 

Or are you barely hanging onto the present. I think that one is me every other second of the day, LOL! Are you afraid of what is around the next corner? Do you believe that good things happen to people who wait? Or do you believe that good things happen to people who make them happen? Do you run from a challenge? Or to a challenge? Do you face a challenge head on? What do you do? Do you have an answer for yourself?

I would venture to say that most of us are terrified of change and usually it does not matter the type of change, we will be terrified. The change could be in your employment or romantic relationships, getting a bigger house or a different car, change in responsibility or a different creative idea. It may be a change in any number of these areas or any other aspect of our lives, but change is change no matter how you slice it for yourself. However, at the urge to yearn for change, we will fight change the entire way. It would make no difference what form change arrived in; the battle against change is on! In fact, when anything changes at all (in this world) our entire world is turned upside down. Strange, don't you think? Especially when everyone around the world seems to want something, anything to change.

Have you ever met anyone that fits the above description? I know I do, hence why I am writing this blog I suppose. Other than me, lol, do you know anyone else right now? What have you said to make them realize that the very thing they complained about not happening is also the very thing that they are pushing away when it is offered.

The closest comparison I can make would be a promotion at work. People want to make more money and would like to have more responsibility, generally speaking. In order to achieve this goal there is a major thing that must take place, CHANGE! Change of position involves more responsibility, more money, it involves changing the way that fellow workers looked at you, this could be good or bad I suppose, but it will most definitely be different. The biggest change of all is usually the degree of accountability you are now responsible for when accepting the promotion.

Day by day, I am so struck by the words that pour out of people’s mouths. For instance, I actually had a person tell me once that if I would only threaten him with his job that then and only then would he be capable of working better. All I could think was "Wow", this person is not only afraid of changing his mind set toward his working environment, but he would like to dump all that responsibility for that decision on my lap, so it’s all my fault that he will not change. Do you think that he was afraid of change? What would you say to him? What should you say to him? How could you change this from a negative to a positive situation? How can I put the burden of responsibility to change back in his lap?

Why do people yearn for change and then run from it? What can you do to help them realize that change in your life is exactly that "change?" Is it possible to identify the people that are afraid of change? Should we be wasting our time to help them identify themselves? Should we be offering up idea’s, position’s, promotion’s etc., that will require or initiate change, even though we know this to be their trait (fear of change). Can we be that selective? Is it wise to be that selective?

The definition of "change" in the 1959 Old Webster’s Dictionary;

1. To progress from one state of being to another, as a grub changes to a beetle (a grub is a worm-like larva of some insects, as beetles and yes it really does give that definition)
2. To become different, vary, as the colors of a sunset change.
3. To pass from one phase to another, as the moon.

As you can see, it is not a small feat to ask for, receive or recognize change. For some it may be exciting and for others it is just plain terrifying. This World is afflicted with the disease of apathy. No matter what you believe apathy is not good, not healthy, not prosperous, not growth, not anything at all! Freedom from such an affliction will only come to be through change. I believe that the people who choose to make a choice will be standing tall in the face of the unknown but they will be standing not watching. For it does not matter what you believe, it is only a matter that you believe. The loss of belief in ourselves has been disastrous for mankind and created a world that is screaming for relief from the pain and the agony which surrounds us.

Referring to the 1959 dictionary again, "belief" is defined as follows;

the intellectual acceptance of anything as true; the act of believing; a faith or creed. Syn. Assurance, confidence credence, creed, faith, reliance, trust.

Do not knock another beliefs because you do not agree, it truly is unkind and cruel. Worst of all, when you do such a thing to another being you are on purpose shattering their soul with your words. That to me, is the definition of cruelty.

In closing, and to combat what I have seen in my life, I am writing down what I believe for all of the shattered souls and hearts in the world. I would like to see those souls, hearts and minds healed and better yet, I would love to see and hear them sing again. This is only a structure that develops belief. What and how you choose to accept or use this is for yourself is for you and you lone to do with as you please. I hope that it will ignite a fire in each of us as individuals, then I hope that as an individual we choose carefully every step we take and that we impact the World with change.

So here you have it in black and white, funny or not, it is just my understanding, the 5th dimension so to speak, it is not just a Rock-n-Roll band. The 5th Dimension is the transformation of your own consciousness to understanding, not just knowing but truly understanding, what you know and choose to do. This is known to me as "Mapping", in order to achieve a finite equation of what life is to me, you must "map your own heart", "map your own soul" and "map your own mind". I would like to share with you how I see this in my own mind, and since it seems to all be a math equation anyway I thought that seeing might be part of believing;

(F{[Da(5)=dm(m/o/s) >- dm(m/o)=(dm(o) ><>-(27(9)-24(8) divided by 4(4)=M(8) Co->-{Qf(1)=F(5)}

actually the equation is simply, or simple, You!

Karen A. Placek

Free to See! or to be a "Seer"

As you open your own eyes and begin to see the world around you in a way that you have never seen before, what do you do? I have always believed in this simple thought, if people were afforded the opportunity to truly "See", even if it were only for a moment, then in time they would leap at the chance to open their own eyes (minds eye). So believing this, I made myself a promise a very long time ago, or, should I say early on in my life, I don't want to sound old. Anyway, I promised myself that I would never walk by anyone without extending an invitation of kindness with a smile. I would smile and say hello, (simple but true) this may sound lame or stupid but I thought starting with simple courtesy would be something. When you don't know where to start, then you start with the simple and go from there at least that was the idea behind "Hello". In the beginning of my journey I had a difficult time communicating this invitation, mostly, the smile and hello was not working or I just did not know how to communicate at all. Then I could not understand why they could not see all the wonder of the world that was right in front of them, forget my stupid hello. The beauty that surrounds us always amazes me. I have to be totally honest; this made me wonder most of all. We are surrounded by wonder and people so unhappy, including me on occasion. I hate feeling unhappy or miserable about my life, so each day I wake up and say to myself, "new day, new footsteps for me to take in the world today, maybe I will skip out my front door or walk, maybe run, doesn't matter how I do it this morning, I going to do it happily because, I want to, I want to do it for myself in preparation for all the people that I may meet today."

It has taken many years for me to understand, worst of all, it has taken me years accept that some people, seems like a lot of people just do not want to see anything, regardless, if the eyes are in their mind or in their eye ball sockets in their head. They seem to want to remain blind to everything, have we become an apathetic society?

I used to believe or better put, you could say, "I used to think", maybe people do not want to "see" anything, even the things that seem to be blaring them in the face. Could it be that choosing apathy over sight was due to all the pain that it would cause their own heart and soul? I have to say to you, I am not sure that is it. My reasoning lies in this thought, wouldn't you have to first look at the problem to remember the pain, not simply not look or never look or decide to never "See". It is almost as if people have lost the eyes to see or do not have any eyes at all, no eyes to open or close, regardless of where they may be located, in their mind or eye sockets. How has this happened? Why has this happened? More importantly, how can you heal your own sight if your eyes are gone, replaced with apathy or worse, is now a simple void in yourself.
What is a void anyway? A void to me means an empty space but when I looked it up in the 1959 Webster New Dictionary this is the definition;

1) n. an empty space, a vacuum.
adj. empty, vacant, unoccupied; without effect.
vt. to make empty or vacant, eject; to make ineffective of invalid, annul.

Take a second or take a moment and ask yourself, "What does a void mean to you?" Are you seeing trouble in our world, do you ask yourself;

"What is happening?"
"Why does it feel like something is missing in our society?"
"What is missing?"

I took a look into my own Soul; I see the design of my own Heart. I can see an illustration of my own Life; it is a map of sorts, full of mountains, valleys, rivers and roads. All sorts of roads, there are freeways buzzing with thoughts that are racing through my mind. As I look more closely at myself, I begin to see the imperfections, as well as, the well worn paths; they seem to be the byways that run across, over, under and through this strange freeway system in my mind. Upon closer inspection of this different world inside of my mind, there are places alive with waterfalls, flowers, trees and pastures, green with new grass and then other places are the driest of Deserts. I can feel the hot air inside and the sun seems to beating me down, it is stifling, it is so incredibly arid. These are definitely the places I do not like to visit in my mind or think about, yet it seems that I am drawn to these places, why? Almost as if we enjoy being miserable in our day to day lives as oppose to choosing to being in all the beautiful parts of ourselves.
I believe that the reason we are drawn to such desolate in our selves is simple, we need to find a reason for the lack of rain or comfort in that spot. I look at these spots and ask myself,

"Was this a time in my life when I was lost and lonely?"
"Did I settle for the discomfort of the situation because it seemed to be company for my misery?"

Here is the answer I wrote for myself; I would like to share it with you;

The past is our lesson.
The present our teacher.
The future, an adventure, not yet had.
Learn by our lessons.
Receive the education.
Change the future.
Happiness lies in our hearts,
explore the depths,
shine a light into our cave,
know that Hope springs from the hands that sew our tomorrows!!

I am writing this for all the words that I never spoke to the people I passed in my life. I have a thought that would go with each one. Though care, nor love ever ruled in my life, my care and love has always been present. Sometimes, we or I cannot share our deepest emotional strife, but in each stare, when I missed the opportunity to be kind to another being, I write this for you. In each moment we are here together with one another, walking together side by side, realizing that in one stare lies so much of ourselves that is communicated to each other. Words are so simple, thoughts so complex, the journey that I have been on, has been a means to an end. I have learned and am still learning, "that finding the end has been the means for me to begin my journey."

I wrote this and I would like to share it with you;

Stand proud!!
Allow your posture to be your Voice!!
Then your words can be your grace!!
Silence is golden, until is broken,
that is when you go Platinum!!
This is our heritage,
Freedom is priceless
will cost you everything
no promises.

yours truly, Anastasia