Sunday, August 6, 2017

Standard Oil

When I send love to all time,
the watch signs,
it's hands become the memorized to the opened shored,
in absence the base is as the sands dialed a stay,
how eventual the song is for you!!

To know of the pain in that glance of a winking life,
I balance love to hug the trace of stacked,
it is the grave stone that makes ice the keenest value to stand,
how is it in the venue of a march to owe pen dew?,
is the mountain saying river as the snow flake whispered your fame?,
are the worlds in that depth of loch a mister or is the shave that edge of razor too?.

Each minute is just the love of missing true,
a navigated liberty to rise the lake of boot;


speak to that gentle harp as the string of theory is no light,
the heaviest particle is mass,
in that is the moon's absent vengeance,
be grace to better shores,
the sands in grains and the salts in rice'd,
bend not to that Lombard that makes streets a permanent named!!

Trips to written or journals on leather bounding sail,
the wind is as the breeze did have a dad,
father breasts to muscles of horses,
the bit of harness is the saddle of a girth that makes all you,
in love is this,
the hug of breadth of Time in the ages of just a Sap,
the treacle of syrup that butter worth is the sugar Cane to choose,
might the island of fashions dress your vest meant to be of grooved.

Music provided by:
Lionel Richie - Hello - YouTube
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