Monday, September 4, 2017

Pop Surrealism In Picture Inn Verse!!

I rift the Times in banks of the Wheat to sway a rice hull on the field of Wreath too!!

Each aspect to condemn is the people of the world on the tummy's friend?,
what is the island of the baid,
should that be a bring than is the sky just a boned,
did the fish say to whale sand a shell stick on the vertebrae of great wrath.

Sheep to ram is the mail or is the fee mites?,
does the grain fathom grain to ankle in the lawn,
is range a born to womb only exits,
is the in tree a pine or the nut to syrup on birch.

Should the read would sway or does the Wind North to ditch,
hemisphere do you raft?

Sheen is the color of glow,
than is the rein bow a shackle that rats?

Mice are the Men?

Ware is the directive that symptoms six Nist?,
does the shortening of verse make you come?.

Speak of that talk and Sent tense?,
wise is the human race that bangs the born to big,
this is the wreck.

Oh for the fist that gave for inches to a belt,
Orion scored that depth to a Star and the Suns began to Sing,
a Moon gift!!

Just as the grid smiles so does the pyramid speak Annunaki,
oh how I miss the sane.

People to Person the Tribe and the Groab,
what have the languages dun,
the shades are lamps and the Ghosts are hours of minute timers on the scream of Chiles,
jip that peanut and the jiffy said butter.