Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Keep your Alarm and burn that State of Complacency to that Dial of the Rinse as Purr Foster,
the frozen Have already busted the Bliss with the Torture of a Sadist on the Carnation of Stiled,
that roundabout pasture with a fountains lied,
digging the based moe spell to striking the fire as 'IF' the reins don't saddle the Wait by rings of treed.

To court on the smallest of brince take that sturrup and gather to an application of brain in that grizzle,
fry the seg bait and burl the fish with cod once in the stein,
drink with the vain and mortify the heart to body by Designed,
grance this verbal carrot as the bar knuckle is bloody to a cole.

Crate the boxer to bisque and marrow,
stride the thought of dreams to a bliss Fold of my dun,
ride the girth with a waist hazards hydrant,
soak the seas with an ocean of drops,
the tiers of Hell in this world of paste.

Sip this word to value,
rub the mind the dane,
cut the plug and dock the come,
ships of warble on wobbling,
fall on seasonable tile.

Spout of mouth with guise as trout be of the suit in bade,
chunk that tongue of lies and shrug make total of the site to gud,
gog and asgog do the thrice and masque the scape to ice upon the scene,
tried and stew baal the Sku and crease the brow of wrist with dues,
deep with tat the bean and fat make mortion to the shruggers as the vow.

Me kin morse the chorus vote bring sing to sheets of ease,
as all do dance the dead and can'ts a dirt between the bye's,
shirt of study read the Y in verse to tribe the scorn,
take the hatred and sqallow know that vocals shrink,
as the throttle of the snot chokes the eyes to blanks.

Be farm to paddock Up to Sedgwick and more the verbal glide,
be blessed to see that garden bee to say that I'm alive,
in breadth to breast the settle chest of lamb on bleeding died,
raised from ash to tide the bass and chart the worlds died.

Serenity the explain so done that simple is the chocolates fun,
a box of known to theater stuns it is the words of lore`d,
shingles thorn to house of sworn I grace the feed this buy,
make sever to the thread in gain as every dust grows parts of lust and that is making drived.

Harness of the yoke I am that Hobble left on Neck and chore I brilliant your decor,
to sound that whip as war shore scars to be the perfect shame,
to touch that see on ole ache shine the back at my deplore,
I echo not why bother stout as this world worses louds.

The Date Is The Year Of The Year On The Date

Oct 10, 2012
Nov 17, 2014
Jul 9, 2013
Jul 30, 2014
Aug 3, 2014
Nov 13, 2011

Should drinking be dragged the language on Tongue to that Swallow off the birds Strong,
than the Mind goes Creepy and that answers a blank to Say that the twist is yule stead to days,
as that is the stage of the Theater on the Rock of the rolls than that Towards to the Tuner of razors Lied.

A flour from the guttural the Undervernacular that Men Tolls burst to twine in the stair,
as that brings the lather of the Sweat Shirts to Dare a Con on the Move is that stool inch the Stick.

Weight on that Schedule of thirst is that brain Angleing source Fold to Frost Folk Lore burr Vade,
message on Boars is the Horns to So, their in branch of I station, I state, that Maps are in Pieced.

The puzzle of Person to between in the Spoke wheels on Carriage as the Tired are just based,
spooned on the hammer in Morning to slight even that Won't cue Ball to stop the wrist Paste!!

On my Experience from settle to S`now Like a thorny Snake river`d to that Banana Pyle`d,
a ban Dan uh to thread in Silks like the Jock key to churn in the milks Sleeve a tip thats Its luck,
how often does a People go to the Tau`N to vibrant the Fax to Upper in Bleat,
scream On the phone of hanging the Plant ignore to twine Baled the crops are Still Signed,
as the Discus comes Reason for the growth of the Rein Than barners are Tables that Mull Ta Ply Twyst.

Math A Mat Ticks in Pour fount is a Front Toll Lobes loft but the People will free baste to Sponge, with a kite,
stringing that solve Vent to Molt ten the Sigh But Ter Flies spider Read in that is the Flight.

Ankle to thigh the Foot with a push A Singer in Mi Can icks Justifies sport,
this Is the Quest of Truth Re^Al^it^Tee bites Fore in the Sim Plisse it Tee Its a Scapegoats Deep typed!!

105k 3/11/2015 
Posted 19th May 2014 by Karen A. Placek
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Sent from the Source to show of a Course,
the trip was exhausting to lend a great strength,
ignored for the difference of exposing the brink,
the locks were not broken the key was the drink.

Bottomed to low in amply so known,
to look for the reason of such exposed bone,
the marrow of streaming from what is not shown,
for in the Past lending the loan became droned.

Example to present the careful consider,
that many have spoken and been laid in the hither,
to seek with the silent approach of just lot,
the park was a stay for the watch beget Talk.

Round in a global quiet of walk,
in only the Mind of the third it was shock,
the counter did nothing but wrote without blocks,
in more of the said it showed only sped.

No fear became reading the written in do,
a bit of strange spooking but followed on true,
the weight of the baster in now buttered bread,
such countenance enamored the County of fed.

Questions of morning to statements of learned,
the Moon answered best in the evening of rest,
formed to protect the signal of vest,
the conduit received without any test.

The education not had included arrears,
so naturally being the grip of the years,
ridden with grace to ensure a good race,
the dreams became wishes that reality did face.

Griffin in Nature a Unicorn of Case,
the lives in the lived performance of shive,
the letters did add extremely to fast,
the answer was given in question did ask.

No note to the former 'cause I did not know,
and I love to question to hear the voice show,
the lips as the move tell in a do,
is this the truth of the real of due.

Backed up to corner the Wild was seen,
approach with out doubt but oddly it's proud,
as if the known stature was pleased with the tree,
the roots were so deep it almost said neat.

No potting for field the hoe aired it well,
the rows were the crops of stanza's in lots,
a disc of the preambled watered the gear,
the heard made the set of the zero in gear.

The spin of the circle in line of a steer,
made counting infinite to absolute lear,
great thinking advised than came the near,
the times Versed Bahut and the Ve pointed clear,
to the U of the A in the E of the key.