Sunday, April 20, 2014

No Candle Needed It's A Flame

Boisterously the pelt of totality,
 filling the gargantuan,
timing problematic paves each riddle,
in the vest of the shred.

Habit melds this open shot,
far beneath the close in trimmed,
buried deep certainly grave,
remembrance lends a darker save.

Wright my Mind in etched mow,
the lever is set,
a turning valve to let,
the finish know that beginning is ply.

The doors that slam are rammed,
the battering had a scan,
a look that peeks me still,
bitterly spilt.

Agast at the cavalierly peeled,
to ingest a kind of stripe,
tonal stroke,
communication became a lamp in echoing spake.

 Manifested future amongst the lingered mark,
forward thinking left a start,
the hide entertained the lark,
heavily loaded packed a tolling from the stark.

Deceptive trust fragility touch,
the hinder of a cusp,
cindered as the World beckons obtuse,
teaming plead to no I.

Battering cream to iced skill,
scoops of ladled mold,
a terrible pummeling to have receded for bettering a plum,
the apple in the orchard seed.

Vastly differing to flagrant expressive arms,
enhanced protective gear,
prepare yourself for life is dear,
lastingly a spur particular inure.

Tippled Skrike

Tabulate the form for strum,
the vibe strengthens brung,
gothically dyne to reform the savage report.

Byte usurps the vine,
dipping mead from living lye,
drainage range the shrine,
know divide rifles plied.

Harshly pinned ballistically shrank,
encounter the need in tripe,
slicing 'till it's lier in trumped.

Vanquish reeve to sum grouped,
siding shim the gourde in PIM,
vocal drinking in imped.

Shaved is a crass cropped,
mechanics in uniquely tripped,
to deliver the leaking vat.

Bundling Beau Just Rose

Amidst the fodder stoved,
deep fried the Oysters know,
a myth of a serried wroth.

The grains of sand missed in planned,
a pearl require to shell in mire,
the grinding of the food.

Oddly resembles taken to simple,
expressions have a basic root.

Preamble the puttered in only the butter,
smearing affect to identify breadth,
in ordered Variety of Clued.

Crumpled displayed in horning just came,
growing antennae in naturally gamed,
the broth of spooking skeet.

Conquering be cubbed as in habits of sub,
the spar relinquished a peer.

Delicate scales sound to begin,
the piano of him,
keys to be friend.

A circle of start,
the perry or part,
stems from the bough of a Tree,
enrapturing spree too always a Lead.