Sunday, April 23, 2017

What Is A Pupil Should 'The Moon' Be It's Eye Brows?

Rub that antler to the Spring of this letter,
as the Ocean went to the depth of the strike,
a volcano in that is the base desk to sands write,
etch upon the shell with a clay to stock of tiers at salts list,
inch trick as the darkness may be brightness that blinds the sum!!

Scales on a place that cleans the substrate ink,
washing grain with haul a main knee Yah,
sing a bit to muscle and arm more to Space,
as people Fall on the Winter it marks see Suns!!

Should the balance be of Earn it is the harness of formal,
to reach that is to speak recognition on the transference to telephoning?

In real the hard core would beacon to the Universal Solar Cork,
it would reserve the reflection as the by lines would activate those Worm wholes to tacked,
at the bend to what is a tunnel,
no echo rather,
reservation Wine!!!