Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Evidence Of A Daily Chore

The gush of the Solar System, the deafening crash goes silent just like's over.  The ride of write, the listened tether, the ink in feather, to complete what only nothing proves, darkness intrudes.

As if the flush of aborted life, caused to much strife, the death was unbeknownst.

The violent struggle, a tangled web, the lies grew into disguised, a mask of survive, the rubble torn mind, a hiding fight, noise gave sound too might.

Taller one must know, forget their words enhance the form, the chain in barrel, a snake scare coiled fright, the repetitious began to balance better clarity, increased sight, no glass despair, the felt brought no dare, fifty-two pickup takes twice.

That proof? Never wait, double check, a safe distance will be provide to never dance and always know.

The cold concrete, the pebble burrows, in my back, I rack!!

The pain today, agony long lasts, moments ago, it shows!!

Beaten for price, belts buckled, across my back, knees go black, the bruises under skin of clothes, the nervous tension did have toes, curled -up in rooms with droves, congregations flack.

Story told, breakfast rolled, denial smug, no eyes to blight, just another bread and butter fork and knife,
the spoon did scoop, the restaurant napkin held my throat, the guttural reaction did not work.

This time had passed, older no wiser, just dumb to facts, that my stepfather never seemed to lack.

If I was given charge to do it, he would be done.

Bitter chill of heard, alarms alarmed I also reared, directly out of place in sat, that face of hatred, red scathed, came from behind and choked me to the wood grained floor, the thread bearen oriental carpet snare.

All for one and one is done, breathing crazed, I blare!!!

Murder is murder, a statute of life, the scores of marked ravaged beatings, the slammings against bolted door, the misses, the hits, the aims, the strangling, you did what you did and it is just not right, this body will prove your guilty, whether I'm dead or alive or you kill this site.

March 18, 2006

March 18, 2006

Hello, my name is Karen; my mother is Melba M. Meakin the owner of Tal-y-Tara Tea and Polo Shoppe in San Francisco, formerly known independently as Waters Upton Tea Room and Tal-y-Tara Tack & Tweed. Hugh and Melba Meakin ran Student League of San Francisco and also founded the James S. Brady Therapeutic Riding Program, Horses in California, Inc., Golden Gate Park Polo Club, San Francisco Polo in the Park, Jumping in the Park and Dressage in the Park Show Series.  She also founded Christ Bearers Choral Congregation in San Francisco, currently known as Christ Bearers Bible Church.  My mother has always been the evangelical leader of the Christ Bearers Church.  All of these organizations are put forth as "nonprofits" and are still in effect currently in operation, with the exception of Tal-y-Tara, which is the only profit-seeking business that they own.

As Melba's third child from her first marriage, I have been privy to many different events and inner workings of my mother's organizations over the past 35 to 40 years.  I was born in 1965 in San Francisco to Edward and Melba Placek, parents of my two older siblings.  Melba divorced in the late 1960's, early 1070's, after a falling out about the Church that they had begun together with many others.  Melba then married Hugh Meakin after a lurid affair, which ended up being the nail in the coffin for her previous marriage.  Hugh and Melba Meakin continued on with the Church and had two more children.  Melba now had Five Children, with an age range of 18 years between the Oldest and the Youngest.  She currently has Seven Grandchildren it total.

I left my mother's home at the the age of 18 and ex-communicated myself from their Church.  I did not speak or have any contact with my mother and step-father or Church Members for approximately Five Years.  I had made a choice to never speak of my Family's Business  Affairs, in part because of the strict upbringing, which included "don't ask, don't tell" mentality.

Over the years I have tried to reconnect with my Family and have had conversations with my Mother and my Step-Father specifically asking them to put the past behind us and enjoy all the future has to offer.  I have never been successful in my endeavor to do so.  I have had to bear witness instead to the flagrant actions of my own mother and step-father showing no accountability of remorse for their actions, for the lives that have been lost.  Rather I have had to watch them openly gloat about the events leading up to this time in their lives, even going so far as to suggest or even state that they have not received enough financial gain for their perceived sacrifices.  At the same time they have continued to manipulate the truth in an effort to engage me, in order to see what I actually remembered.  I had to ask myself this question, when is enough, really enough?  I answered that question very quickly and just recently, when she shifted her manipulative manners and attentions onto my children for revenge against my defiant manner.  Her blatant disregard for the feelings and emotional well-being of my Four Children made answering this Question instant and without doubts.  This Time is Now, enough is finally, enough.  My shoulders are not big enough to continue to carry the burden of all the knowledge in regards to my mother's choices and actions and dealings with Jim Jones.  The accountability and responsibility lies on the shoulders and in the laps of Hugh and Melba Meakin and the off-spring that support this Con.  The knowledge of such crimes against Humanity have become in essence unbearable.

Melba and Hugh Meakins sudden independent wealth and perceived Station in Life is, highly suspect and should lead any good citizen to question the Origin of such an Estate.  It does have one.  The actions and decisions made over this 40 Year long Con has made this Lifestyle possible.  Their simple presence and ownership of Real Estate in San Francisco, including their home, estimated at quite a worth, raises questions as to whom has afforded this life.  "Where did their Wealth come from?"  I know. "Who paid for all of what you see and now no longer exists because it has been sold by Melba and Hugh Meakin, specifically."  I know.  Neither Hugh, nor Melba Meakin has maintained or been employed proving a legitimate career that would or could even come close to supporting this rather lavish lifestyle which they have enjoyed for so many years.

With the support of my Children, I have chosen to write a book with my Mother portrayed just as she is. This book will be an accurate account of my life while spending all of my young life at my mother side, as it has been proven I am the product of an affair.  In the end, I believe that this will free me from the haunting memories that have plagued me each and every day of my existence.  I have faith and I believe that by exposing this Con as the lie that it is, I may have an opportunity, albeit slim, to bring validity to the lives of many people, both dead and alive.  I hope that in time that people that suffered these horrors will choose to step forward and tell their own personal story.

I am reaching out to friends and acquaintances alike that may have known my Mother through these tumultuous years in hopes that you may be capable of filling in the missing chapters before my birth to this Earth.  I would really appreciate it if you would write down your memories to help me write a truthful and accurate narrative to this atrocity.  I respect your anonymity and you may remain anonymous if you wish, I will respect your confidence.

Thank you for your time and input.


Karen A. Placek