Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In Edition

The Plow of a Field to Thought,
idea bringing innocence not shock,
birthed to Life slaved a Lot,
this provide gathers Spot.

Linked with voracious appetite,
I write to work the Range,
the natural way to change,
not choke with poisoned shame.

The sweat of crown to release a sound,
the understood width of frown,
breaking shackles that ever mist,
this day in shouting free to list.

Certificate proves the history,
born to be a potted deed,
the garbage can recycled planned,
the trucking dumped incites to drummed.

Were Naturals shot to death for walk,
the Talk became a numbing block,
experienced youth as people lock,
the values up to measure plot.

The shipping lanes that crowd of framed,
no good deed will proceed to Treed,
stealing worth to announce such curse,
those people passed the facts in versed.

Once upon a Time of wrong,
the raptured stole to empty song,
the Worlds review is All belong,
now deposits show a Throng.

The spoken lines in often rhymes,
the Forest speaks of Lead,
should Two so gather,
than III shall be,
the addition naturally.

Table Talks

As Time has passed in just gone,
the bitten tapped apple saps,
the oranged in grapes of fast.

No containment pitted fruit,
the pitcher chipped the vast in truth.

The red of clapped too late to scat,
after makes a raftered laugh,
the hold became a grip to speak,
society placed opportunity faced.

Ground the broken bits a trace,
took the chance in write of hand,
Stream of Consciousness brought more than known,
civilized tones the written bone.

Upon the Times of Deeds that Call,
better met than fall in stall,
permanence saw a chain and ball,
detached attempts brought greater Mints.

The Fire to Flame in Apple to Orange,
the Grapes of Fruit in Gardening times,
cups to hold Snakes to coil,
the evidential proof seems a bowl.

In Loss a gain the window to,
the Mind began in birth to Land,
round the bend in roads that built,
a natural bridge that came in spilt.

The Rogue Buck

Wild to breathe the wonder of lung,
the frame much held the star in tell,
accounting for the words to score,
the ever galloping run a way.

Direction guided painted hoarse,
it's a favor to simple source,
the system of our solar force,
a Universal counsel entry ports.

Quick to tip the point in chore,
to the whip of looks like more,
bet to real the open steel,
won't mount-up 'cause it's reveal.

Hidden trunks in suits that mask,
helmets warn that breadth of task,
blue skies clearing to View not ask,
prevailing Wind are Ships that pass.

Proud Flesh


Breach the firth of pranced birth,
echoed in the Halls of Trance,
explicitly ride as open stride,
announcement for a steady.

Composition saddles Score,
freely given the girthed of Lore,
firstly one than two for door,
no stall will hold this valued store.

Read in Total tend the Full,
step go step the trot of kept,
grit to lived the inspect is Rim,
internal War delivered Live.

Elemental litten spring,
the ebb shown rocks in babbling bling,
crystallized sheds of certain bled,
a worthy state of being.

Hue the difference simple rings,
shored to ample life in Sing,
reverse direction in Mind I saw,
a Fiery Dragon the Suds of Straw.

Bedded bellies fed the Beast,
within the Sake their Lies to speak,
vocal censure no longer competes,
as Times have proven,
History Completes!!