Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Doctored Thought

To Blast-Off,
the simplicity of thought,
complexity of a riddlers plot.

In a verse of poetic trot,
I gallop a-cross,
I canter a-Lot.

A Riddle stands to 'Tell' of sought,
the footprint lives 'To Show' the thrill,
 although it's fast the landing's still.

It just takes One to begin,
completion two,
established Vend.

To suffer fall became a trend,
to walk, be tall, 
too straighten been.

 An order came to out the Maul,
a like erupt,
a certain call.

The nature of 'The Continue'
is a rate to see the venue,
a rhythmed sum to add up done,
before the fact,
it has begun.

Reality can deliver,
the despair I've seen in send,
but to look and know you're loved,
removes the pain with such great care.

The anger surges like a tide,
the ebb and flow rises high,
to destroy and too spy,
but all I see repairs this pry.

Belief in Word,
sentence read,
kind of short,
it's still a dream.

Supported 'Title' stating 'Rite'
to ignite the blast of fight!!

My Turtle Doves are back in sight,
as it seems,
 'A Given' plight,
but as I watch this girl and boy
the communication is enjoy, 
as a sort of morning glory.

High atop the limb of sought,
there is no squabble,
a darling marveled.

The sight to see,
I breathe it in,
I watch them nurture,
a kiss from him.

To compare is to know,
the example is a real show,
Two are Inn,
now to wait,
 'Four' the LAN-ding,
it is a play!!

Speaking softly as too mute,
innocence peeps a certain leap,
like a talent or a Fen,
a boat to China is a Win!!

Phew, Begin