Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Radio Flyer That Is Front Wheeling

Stride a machine on the Sphere as the Talk tastes Barnacle flew,
in the id of only an answer Nature speaks a Flutes Tuned!!

While the crowds have decision to such spice,
that is the syn^awe^Mon. to what is a stripe down this Cause ticked,
a clock to the brains in that study of a choice!!

Now on the trial of cheese is the lime a Cow or the Feeds,
a troubling time to know that Watch is a bean,
as the wrist trembles is that a case of library or IM!!

From the forest as the ocean floor and the grove as the buried stone,
cobble is the sand and the beach is a value to smooth sailing,
which plastic formulas sings is not not the voice,
to vernacular what is a glued??

Tibs is nearly the very,
exactly wisdom on a shoe.

The Fork!!