Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Ten or, Crescendo!!

The singing breeze releases voice,
of Birds to Seek her height!

The wonder of,
such wondrous Flight!!

With Ease,
too Sail through.

The Battle comes,
when delight,
gives weight,
to seeming needs.

The Drink of Life

A given-plight,
for I do,
feel the plead.

It's Nice!

To dine on such,
in Mind I sought,
to Relieve this Deed.

A Sign

The Grace of Nature,
does embrace.

An Eagle befriended Me of late!

First We Met,
He flew in sight.

He swiftly darted prey,
the sound of such a precise flight,
brought shivers to my spine.


He spied Me out,
a Tree He matched.

In colored display,
with difficulties I sight.

So near He was to Me!

A proximity,
which I still,
dismay, amazed,
an Ominous display.

No Time had passed,
only Afternoon,
brought Majesty again.

as if He's watching.

So, I may know His Claim,
an Ancient, Ageless Reign!

I Hear His Call to Say:

To Prey,
a Natural State.

a given one.

A Fitting Place, To End.