Saturday, December 12, 2015

Men Of Louse??

Sew the berth of the Deck Aid on an Heir Awe,
the ef Be aye with the Sea aye Eh,
'V' It Nam came on the Harbor of a Year singing Lyrics of An idea,
that was Nine Tee^EAN Six tea Five??

As the sigh Ka dell licks measured the Pan door uh's A tour Bus game,
the Seats filled,
'cause of the para Fa Nell Yah??,
Junk Keys??,
or twas it the Twilight of Plungers for the Sir^Wren jizz??,

On or Is it Of course,
the enter Ject shins in It's Person OLE's Hour of the daze??,
uh test a mown knee??,
the lawn on the Keepers??,
from the Touch to the Tunnel Vision of a Country on its Plurals??

Minute Timers error uh to the Vista??,
forms to lines that link In sight??
Lakes & Ponds,
puddles and Reins??,
move Ease on the Bridges??,
ace in the Wholes??,
at that Vlasic speech to Guitar grain??,
singing the footing to Hops??,

Must be that Hell^Inn Cast or Troy of them There Hoarse streets??,
avenues & grown,
marking the edge of Watts??,
lights on the Boss??,
tons once a value of a giants Stair??,
wares of the Means to bisque of pea Soup??,
chasing the Dawn key to Know the Horizon of a early Wake-up Calling the Cliff notes,
why is the wisdom of reason stunned through edit Toll bulls on the Ox of a calendars Role,
par Tea lines with a Cup of Cough fee to In crease the Hymn Meaning Way Terrace??

Truss funned to bank the Core a Door to say,
it is just on the speech to than,
at the base stick in to At talk.