Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No Answer!! Know Fall....

To the Love that I cannot feel!
Estrangement from what has become surreal,
stuck with images, like movie films,
Reeling in my Mind on a wide screen.

The Show is Free, admission seems paid.
Life ensures your seat.
Murder is afoot; Witness your Death as a youth.
Separated from myself so young.
My pick-up did not arrive!!
I stood in shock over my body; Gone!!
Confusion, Terror, Loneliness inhabits.
I stared, only to be stuck in that same accord.

So years: They do come and they do go.
No sense for you!
Best Friends take their lives in Fright.
Screaming! Life! 
Only in strife do they answer your call.

Is it Death or is comfort really only found inside of one Man?
He sings the same Lyrics that I write.
Yet, He responds not to what is being bold.
Where is the Justice in such an account?

I write, I do not possess a Soul.

I write of what is strange,
Death Court, Sin Boards, Godless Words!
A quote of nothing, more that what may be played.
I am of the Dark, a dimly lite path.

A fight for Life,
to only tell a story of past fights.
Old Wins, We all Die!
In what you will find is called "The Continue."

That is where you will see,
I am true in my account.

Of Death! Of Life! Mostly of you,
James Blunt

You sing of what will be, its true;
I swear, He seems of my kind.
He states that we have only one other person on this Earth;
I have heard his plea.

A Twin Soul, A Twin Flame,
without this, then Soul Mates will die!
Whats the point?
If it leads to only practice of what will never be?
In the end, you will see like me.

Screaming for your matched Mate,
your Identical Flame!
As it begins to twinkle and then the light begins to be blown out,
you will feel as I do.

In painful disregard for all you have ever been.
For it is in your Last Life that you will attempt to Unite.
All so that you may have the chance to meet and ascend as One.
I am in such a Plight.

I am young and to be left so alone is killing me.
The very sight of what could be; He!
The pain is overwhelming.
Please Death, come take what cannot be; Me!

I trip, and, I fall, just to Hear my Children; To no Avail!
All that I know,
this is to much for what this Life is meant for,
I have not Volunteered to live a life of never being heard, loved or cared for.

Leave this Girl out of your lives,
of Negativity and Doubt.
For I wish to never see what you all seem to know.
Life goes on and doesn't stop when you are Dead.

Should James Blunt believe,
then without Measure and without reason: RESPOND.
or in the end,
His LIFE will be filled with the same as mine.

Loneliness and Hell