Friday, June 5, 2015

The click to cluck is the ‘TTTT’ at barn encouragement the saddle is The Fickle,
In proved the bearings of the rider are on the Arm tack of the halter in say,
Shall the Crossties of priority be a snap or the quick release of the trailer,
In hitch to the venom of that Race Track formula of soundness in limp,
Course work troubles the run for the forced gallop of not to fast by last,
Place to perk in the change of lead is the corner market over the length of tracked,
Silks on the jockey for the actual plow is to number the court matching the horse,
For that a pad in nature to the back of the ride is of difference for easily i.d.,
Proud the flesh with ancient in tonic if the mind is not of carriage it remains unsourced,
What gains speech to discussion of the slope is the dune of mountain Hills,
Trace the condition to muscle on the haunch a beginning to the idea of thought,
Sparking the increase is the trainers on a crop to saddled in the paddock for the green,
Pasture for performance Trees on the fence portion of the standard to feeding buckets,
Hoarders on the stable of pushing cubs to Sow piglets know the runt of each the toe stop.

Crease the middle settle where is the marrow thought for on the either side it’s raised,
A calendar in dinner Candle lights flours nerve to Water in beneath,
Straddle out a certain to the tone of pitch the trot Posting is the lower legs Irons are the bat,
Struggle with the Mane for if its roached rite off,
A good hand hold is in the case of mental brace to back the Spine at stop,
Halt on the heel is the shape of greater start to not be in the pinch.

On the pass to long done in And on the ride to the collection of cattle scene,
I ride English as that is not only my chosen sport but the most in comfortable,
The position to the seat is adjusted in constancy as a horse is in general always,
The moves to the shied The Spook or the random buck gone rogue,
In that moment of naturally ridden it is the feat of practiced to taught,
Sum up the time under saddle or the ground work of the shockers,
To take the receipt of a great And powerful animal is to appreciate the fate,
Shall the tremble be of coward or the cancer caused be cleat.

Studs to terms will Have paid enormous attention on that particular active,
From the girth to the song of a shirt that just jumped on,
Up & Down the casual rein A Horse that tremendous language,
Thereupon the corridor arm was banding to scoot along,
In safe of the view touch the class of the school,
Wise fear vs know fear to that simple shift to gone,
A work is a temper of the eyes in the sky Credit bearing magnet to Watch the catcher ride,
Jump a ditch to open sit the casual will show,
In society or the Social a Means to lather is not I until the horse does shy.

Minute second backwards reverse to the quick of dilatation,
Look straight every part of space as something is a creek`d,
Fast to point determine source the grasp will mark the pat,
In that question of the Answer it is in the back.

Carve course to the label in that The Upside Down effect is nothing more than Skirt,
The saddle flags that thick in flap the longer reins to Curb,
Those are the trades upon Swan Songs that goose the gander lake,
In sword of rave the traits gone dress And party till it’s Up,
Know that in the virtue Constellation of lived lives inner tights,
Connection to the bit verse saddle calves that special song,
The Tuttle from the surrey to an actual on the back,
Take to grant than the rush is pearly in the side of gushed.

Park a situation Talk than lesson goes to doors that rock,
In temple of the Mind on swing the look did beget the halt,
For there on in the sight unseen that clarity could not be denied,
One step took No Way I’ll say for that was overboard to keen.

Like lost in locked of thresholds docked to hold the factor gear,
A good hard jerk the out of fear would have locked it Work,
Than explain the equalizer on the brain in certain bridle,
Cheek pieces have a talent to be buckled for the tongue,
In a jaw of the horse teeth hour growth is rasp in known,
Perch to table conversations of the trail wise to stone,
At base of nape to tickle Mi. barrow the guitar was a particular tip.

Period comma to the semi colon that this is indeed a trip,
So on the dance of homeward prance the stall is of equipped,
Straight and narrow are the Taro those cards are extreme in Work,
No flip the channel for the handle as the station forges straddle,
A horse shoe Clique to know the run is of direction on the bone,
Nail screw hooves with rhythms grown the foundation is a loan,
Not to stake the journey plight for on the Outer Realms it’s bright,
However Moreover and certain Therefore conditions are the search a floored.

Gargantuan conclusions of swinging gates to the thoughts of movements’ lot,
Line the Doors with each a style for the In & Out is trial,
Practiced formal still halts back for the distant mile it’s Rack,
On court of search to loose the sign return would be a No Way.

Whom is familiar with Auto Pilot on the body of thy subject,
Just math Computer flashing lights And throw a few words in for rinsed,
These days not one would take note to the empty persons lope,
Just charge it off as not at home or day in dream of scene to boating,
For that the ship would have Had sailed to know the engine in the rails,
Ages Time Irons signal that the balance is of Fiddle the reason for the sow,
To stitch the break with pull it frontal than pant the fact to leather laughed,
A sort of Courtyard on the inch per plaque that C.D. is all but knack.

Skip hopping jumper the heels proper to porch the Waltz to prime,
Ink Tattoo with beasty flew for on the scratch it’s padded threw,
Raised the Mass to echo lack on the green of blue,
Round to speak that form of priest One watcher sands the thrice on peach.

The temper on the beached in life Says ride like you own it State it simply doing ore in process,
The rocks & hounds are on the stop of Fence to gate to pastured That there is escape for wilds,
On great NOW is the rider on course of the magic Merry land of core Concept to trail go forth,
To not gallop the Run A Way is not I for gain but the rather of a delicate play in a game of raced!!

I cart before the horse theory with Humanity A bareback rider with able body carriage in why saddle,
For that girth to the tighen is done while atop the movement of the rider versed barn,
To tack up that brisk on the difference in the less is a must on the active rogue burst life,
No time to climb off to leg over with that bell free it is settle at the Halt of riding forward.

Waste of no timely situation as thesis life has spanned the decade in breadth to ridden,
With wisdom of freeze in that shock of a crop bursting supply of brushes groom,
System of a two hand thrusher to the cleaning as you go a strapping with a towel.

Grasp not the convertible on toppers of canvas as the turnabout is of body,
Fine shaped with removable tires that reinvent the crown to evolutions sound.

Discussion on the Crust of earth ground is vocal to the matter of Cars outer bound,
Boisterous communicates the list of like The Match is of fire and that Flame is out,
Lapping at the breath of wonder by design The Milky Way of grander than before,
Traveling the memory to active by the scene close those eyes and blink to fog that’s humanity.

Shorts to script Clippty zip Zap is on the bounced,
A trip so buzzed with Light Years rode James Blunt forgot the shrugged,
In caliber shot to a current crop a Well-oiled machine in stock has fellow in Shipped a ton,
Anchor only to the actual show Up of the boarder to that free ribbons profile to nod the spotter.

A good eye on the Planet is an Air Plain in the text for less the bell door rings,
Working it out on a bigger route is Mapping the sake to make better of best scenario A part,
A bing today on thought of think that weird happening of a zap in this that said,
Should happenstance be of a rub And lucky just be good than shall the world laugh,
As in career of global tour on the worth of sales twirl a compression of the word,
If more made mention of this strange in coins denting his would the fetch in aid,
To tumbling sales on no high nail mark the tender of the smile would the burp go Jump,
A standard of transmission spelt reason certain on the name in Noun of rusty blunt,
If lines brought ladder than would he climb to Tech savy as the dollar or for attention,
Inking deck to real frame as a guide to what is lane does money pronounce or proclaim.

Frostier freeze James Blunt shoes in with buckles laces loose A curtain of the fame,
Yes the technical computes to change but in that value is it slain,
Does the character of Mint to coin produce the measure by a dime,
Should the movie in my mind bring the film of the blinking sign,
Art to official Wise to symbol at the tag of catch the salve,
Corks that bottle than shake the burst is it Wine or Champagne work?,
Could the natural storm of Nature be of I in reining stats would the Master be a cat.

Question marks do not need dots as exclamation points the start,
In an expression of a sphere is it the Flats of heavens gear,
Now that said is product clear for in the bring I scored that dear,
Further down the pike of ground window mechanical slicing sound,
Speakers allowance to the silent can the verse be of a gain.

Curtail on breadth of came Tent the tribe of Isles blessings,
Yet on the alas no virtue spun is that honest or duty rung.

Catcher in the Rye a rook on Chess the same in placed,
Grunt mouse to the click And turn how is fast if fasters round,
Does than the marrow of the rich thicken by the lip of sipped,
Do the crowds wander send does explaining weight a skin.

Shoulders colder not more than been storage of the bigger lens,
Open close to open again, dust jackets spin the recordings win,
Yet I cannot help myself trust wonder that this is all just a bend,
In the roads of Times on cycles riding with the direction riftled.

Each avenue of breathing crew it seems that it is answered too,
As if to state that reading goes faster than the type goes bode,
House to step the publish bells yet on the after Math just sells,
Up grow portions to International Hotels stars a ring a bell hops tell,
Bustle to the papers cause on the media I speak of clause.

Cork Openers
Choosing witness to richness of body self the words of wealth with my sole in foot base it hath been told,
To creation of evolve a good sweet service to earth employ,
A trait that process of the seat the purchase of the read to piece the mouth, the hands of simple reach.

In Watch of early to stand of sound an ear type listen with firmness tao,
Ports that hold to collections vow beneath while study reined my now.

This epicycle that mights control of discipline the gears of store to held in steady rib of an intuitiveness rang,
The bell of Jordan then bay of creek a shower of the language turf Tuning like a metro birthed.

The tardo shift Mother Earth in search to observe the reasons lurk just at scene a tawdry,
Whist slept in night eyes wiped shut this tutor of a lamb,
A sectarian came to can.

The depth of dream was real to be two Ovals out the side of see,
On the look to over sooth the furious rail inserted shape as a worm sucked into os,
A touch of solemnity a bit of shock to be in the eye hold of the lock,
Fertile tile shells of sat the tip of the one came to read in instant of insertion,
The stock of great in mystery answered with this formality.

My self did gasp at this Math to have it etched with sealed origin I wonder was this first to be,
Ankle understanding me I scored the learn to majesty in chord with efficient Ostrich,
A soldier with length of leg to power off New Zealand felt the bird by rare in Five foot three.

Thibet a Chi to heave the gree in thinkable with Patent Tree a single of the Duck to rub,
One for the docket two for the rack three to the surface of the go ship in the track.

Sort of day that sits with thought to that disturbance wiggled,
The entrance was so frightening that I was glad for stare,
As I know it was my carry but to the delight of stopping lot,
I returned to home in found the lucky of extremely found the luggage in a Fowl.

To Date the tempo of Time in the scheduled court is next vibrant to first parters,
Ocean is a grand bake of salt it rinses the scenery with pumps that circulate sand,
Moving about the world a bottle delivery on score is the show-up on distant shores,
Finding a piece in the riddle of such envelope will tend to brought a gain to tides,
Particular charts fling upon the core a system of operation that dial to land.

Hardily freight is ferried with excitement the weight or to heavy sinks on tabulations theoretic,
Until the sea shrinks leaving brick Salts as castaway speak,
Treasures of ships once in the float do not rise but become exposed to draw backs.

Sheets under the water in maintenance by corrosion are in condition of depth touch air,
At the dry in exclamation a lake of fresh starch is often brittle unless gently barned,
Stable made to bark a Petrified Forestry is Ancient by sandy coverage to the shank,
Yet birds hour wild in the bough of grace that growth of smalls to the reef of an Opener.

Marvel the wave with a breeze dehydrations conversational menu,
Shallow with fish out of pond to Trout in rivers upstream,
Route the bear grounds with Grizzly a source to season in the red of rows,
Clause to take pause in life as the rushing floss is teeth to shark bites,
Ankle to lead in riding the Ages throughout our history the lessons on relationship to Teak,
Tiles of 'hey lo' to the falling star.

Twilight is both Beautiful for the cliff of Nature and telling of the shower of course,
Spanking the verse tack on the words is playing marbles with planetary bars,
A-wash with goods finish to the shine the gallop across a Marching Field battle sharps,
Learning as the crowds stick the paste of a stuck manufactures repetitive factions to swell,
Tot found a gravel in deed no more reality was the cold of the cement slab icing me.

In turn that separation from self to stop stair body was quick in shire yet slow in scout,
As rent to flesh in blood flowing bones this energy of exact to since the same without a mirror,
The ride of bounce in structure was self in self to take stock in self on floor of self still.

The tax of cabby on the vehicle of halt Had a grim look at lung in rent,
Startled to sepia in grave stern the academy of eyes worked the frame as I stood,
Not lost nor sound rather reality of ground the chill only left for it cot ended an alarm.

Sift equals timber a bed forms the raise in acceptation,
As the precept to a rule is the blinking loosed by the sitter at whipped,
To not have chosen such exit to knowing the entry is as if to explain the leather sailed to talk,
In brusk to case a greater face sat to chapel the response as furious to ranch,
Yet on the balance a return was not inevitable but action of reaction touching branch at reached.

Startled abruptiveness is arson in life as the belief of no belief is in itself passion of belief,
The doubt of Put tells Alleviate that bother is indeed the Castor of starry filled,
A crown within the simple is corrosion shall the receipt be frozen to thought,
Fires snap that crackle wraps lit with snapping a nose to spite the face that is landed for scents,
To negative the stay with squelch is the turn of the deeply seated to the complete stop at cropped.

Taller than done at action of leap the eyes perceive the calculations as mathematical to age,
In set on the chalkline of a port The Mind brings forward the actual of remind, the picture,
In absolute these impossibles proven by science do not mimic dish but expel the system at quarry leads,
Many a body story to rounds on the shaft at chimney route to roots foot with a bound,
Sentence with expression can often vibe a bounce with coloring books by shapes and tooks,
Whether the design by worth lines in direction or drawing Arithmetic by diamond,
The inspired shore the call to exact as the litter on the flush of the ocean to a repeated shores dial.

The ocean patterns great ports via tides on her trust,
Too familiar of the same landing lane is not determined but finally understood as the captioned,
The amount of timely Multiplies question but does not discount the actual of the journey to trips,
In the partitions of brainwaves today people carve out the nature that balances these reals performance calling trashed,
Yet Human Beings example that nothing is trash for we Smalls are serendipity recycled not,
We are real person first Handers in experience of rounds that Flight of Death in live.

Therefore our dreams, our walk, our very tempo of expression will bright the role to realities toll,
Not cast down the fax that cycled a split of span in a fraction of the second to the first of the stand,
No counter of rebellious condemnation of the death to tax our heads to our bodies by laid,
The global force that needs the proof should party the experience if that is the shall for such scoop,
For as the beach that holds the collection of the toys goodies and insurrections You must see it to believe it,
The totality is the changer, Word of mouth is the range, And the active is a remainder of a fact.

Drudge of pull is put swivel to muzzle velocity of spread tongue worth,
jeer is rallied at taunt in the Human Global steer until the earth of moved,
crust to shell divide to prime meridian the equator with a bulb,
shifting swirls that balance read ask the curl on the Y at intersective freed,
the parallax clatter to investigate mortar is not mud the clay remorse.

A paradox to equal lines Side show Sides that tip the Thought in plural,
To quote Parcae destiny face is green in blue brought figurative loop,
In contract card of flip the pour is moon bind moon in doubled broom,
The paraphernalia in Ancient carve is not the seat rather discovered by parcel,
The body holds a hi percentage to vast the multiplied by veins,
In the deep bone know muscle tone is performed by each a voice,
Vibration water on grounds touch parch drinking lies building art,
Mark a fort with arms for dropped the feet at parted,
The splits of heels up on shaft will ring the greater gaft,
Population not a raft question of the chapels laugh a Religion on the chapter math.

The gym lives are floor familiar with both uneven bars And parallel,
The balance beam to spring board theme the bounce to execute the landing,
Four corners path a permit pass the run is striking the shape of approach,
In this current medium cloud global human beings on fact in their twilight sleep,
Anchor that with turtle neck the melt is burning from the bloop,
Apple turnovers with Turnstiles the ticket inches pews to fight not brink.

Edge on over the stage is growing with Snow and Rain the flood of strain,
Cork a thought to bearings brought a Tusk in clover Calls the Quarter to never add the same,
Noise of buried news on dead the quick to change the subject brain.

Feng Shei the Orient practiced in the Home is a bridge in body ply of deck,
Although such artistic cars have drove it is the function of the text in living to a tone,
Dial the arch to the foot in tow of most the stews at roast which is the casting burn,
Within the store of belly world a structure musters built to the cuneiform of Text as cloak is only corn,
Rice to path in breathing shore is not the beach inasmuch as Storm in blazing brighter paths to Crane,
Called to furnish station mental is Human being a based or equipped to create Grace by cultivation stretch,
In abstract sink the run is paved than smashed through take & grab,
A curling stone on Ices short is in explanation of described by egg drop soups,
A ligament or Noodle rinse the hock in swine addition bean to tongues that swallow urchin.

Spiny select with ribbets pet is told to stool the partitions stop with Clam stealing the grit,
No pearl forms without just time in active work on bottom line to stand the jaws of shark,
Rowing oar in Ocean bar is understood by bay leaves sharp to Tidal Wave in steed.

Height on crowd is head tack neck the arm is course of crew with hands in holding reamed,
Cell phones talk the place apply with regard to rolling sigh yet on these maps its cheese,
The lime of whine the work not signed discounts the rhythm not said rhyme.

Dumb bells waist the working taste a less to gain the More’s by came,
Rib truth snap to count a fax Junk D.N.A. is used to frack The Drill of sonar tells the last,
In first of ring A golden string spun From calculations sing with poring method fast,
High heat Hotter meld the shirt tucks in to blue jeans the logic of untied in sweep,
Straight knocks herd to breaking nerve fires Forge the caliber perk Coffee teaching tea a burp.

Dianne Feinstein is of Work caliber to the not only Stipulation but of position Talk,
In employed by Global rebuke of the Enhanced Interrogation on fact,
She is in the congress of convention at the paddle of Eighty-one in spank,
No retirement firing her age to classified existence in the on the Worlds ear.

On that Nancy Pelosi is on the Seventy-fourth of her year to birth,
She in addition is in the employment of the Government of steer,
On basis to the fax at the look of both Top Dollar rides for jockey,
In silk to the slide of photograph and side is the Work of intent,
These two are San Francisco found to I knew exact of youth.

Inking the word to the balance of breath is long in the tug,
A cancer has infected the over populous to throw or discount their equals at face,
In tethered to expression of toll old touching address, the wonder is of bred born,
Yet on the media for a person like mic. self the drive is gifted to Women of stealth.

Their carriage of scour Tells on the boot is a hello from basic in the Sixty fifth choir,
As tack to the dress is the mirror of reflect than wise shall the bone to be crest!!

Thought shambled members of society have sold younger of version age is the curse,
Formal introduction to the Tack Brains on doing is the youth of retirement in actual movings.

Ask not of the body for the age is of truth to the cause of the structure be a barracuda at root,
Crass have the bubbles on CBS turned One for the counters the others for burn,
To crate the scoured by no learning bring lathe Craft of Creation is sonars Radar,
Bring to the front understanding of station shown by the Ways of leading a Nation!!

To be of listen the Conversation that backs to a spine the minds are of identification of a city born type,
Great expectations of natural come line whilst porch is the sync to conformation of grind,
Even on task is the old pope in a class, retired for purpose the watch of the grasp,
As the current of Turkey is the forecast in a bath the name and the number shepherds dialing Nash,
Poetry for future expression to past Ink standing statue speak with Fates rasp,
A file on the cabinet muster to grab The Oldest condemnation is the frost of At dash,
Slow in the rise is a seed Sourdough lend that bakes for the Ages in done by the bowl,
Yeast to the charge is a Nipper snapped show Bridge that to bearings the compass pipes joe!!

Mare for the challenge the logic is Train preparation by writing the Riding is brain,
Start fires synapse that connect to the sewn Wise is the night to have hide by gain blow,
For the hit to a digit by scholars of More’s stage to the timely of ringing the grown,
Question this answer with Proverbs that shake to paraphrase in Barn the Horse or the farm,
Ranch is a course to Cattle the deer in Wild on the range it’s a Reason the buffalo clear,
Wide are the paths that trampled the dead but Won on account is this blog on the gun.


Observation to the touch detail on any portion to the between of the why,
Question a balance and ride for the seat of trust communication as a rein,
On the horse that is saddled the back is of difference to the felt,
To go bareback the thighs of the leg are in relaxed as this is the comfort of knowing,
Shoulders up eyes forward steady as the fountain of engagement roams.

Loving beach rides the crashing waves were always a cause for attentive,
The pricked ears to the all force scoot is the expected on the unexpected shower,
The mist of the spray on the rush to the shore is weird when you are on board,
To look at the sea as the movement is motion a bit on the dizzy Horizon has lotion,
The rushing sands pebbles and clams the cliffs to the Winds gale ports stand,
Walking along to an immediate move the ride is exhilaration just sight of the vibe.

The dunes to the mountains dependent on trailer those steep trails with the seasonal brew,
Up to the bottom of the peak on the store creeks with a sound that lakes would adore.

Puddles in winter the rain grows with slipped a real environment with nature at hand,
The journeys a trip for the next big shown dip is never by made up its wild romanced,
Your heart beats to pulse of the pound of horse breath that big blow out that moves all the ribs!!

Sigh in the gallantry of Horse and a truth that the only reality is that perfect in slide,
Smooth to the groom all effort reward,
Shining with love as the blankets are warm,
Minds that meld to nuzzles that form A lasting relation to the shoulder of Form.

I refuse to become discouraged as every worth is rare Human life is the unique introduction,
To the gifts and the talents in the passing of ages to Top the exit with joint on the pleasant,
To feather of boa a strict order by grown the Sky on the rain with clouds for the grain,
In the bough of the left there is right on the stage etched for the Aero on nautical lays,
Charge to the not bothered for the light is of plane, shining to lamps on the posts of the lane.

Provisions to boats the Sip of ships boots A Clubhouse for portion on the ladle in chutes,
Toward to the talkers the dead come to rock For all in about is the burning of route.

Raid the lister with a couple of Century terms clam to the puck in the galactic perm,
Curls for Solar the radiant cave in prisons of snot the Nose is okay,
Eyebrows for striping to color back in Or the makeup that doesn’t make-up anything ‘cause a sin,
Pain in the belly that ache for the fudge Cramping the anal retentive for shrugged,
Spark in the fire ask a log from tree punned will you just burn or sud-up the sung,
Like the hissing and spiting that wet timber speaks as the flames go to crackle a bigger in leap!!

Crown upon the shoulder for the colder get chills The Geese in the form of the Fluff over born,
Card to the post a good ole sing strong do not forget that a coin is important for the tattle of skit,
Shallow tongues art language the Needle in sew that thread of the shield as the lips pocket grow,
Those bugs that fill form intestinal shown creeping and crawling laying eggs of just stones,
The incredible cocoon in the belch of the lung inhale the anchor it comes from above,
Step carefully through the death of the pew As in the bent knee it’s the joint of the shoe,
To keep at the oddity of sunken for grave yet in the big picture it’s a curtain in raised,
From instant to lightening the Thunder of scold the breadth of the park is Rome by the bowl,
The Catholic work Pope without a singing reverse Wearing the clogs as the slippers of hurts.

Robbing more into the grace off a charge lifting with one stance smashing the paunch,
To grind in the scortch to the formal of priest is the recognition of the balance of reap,
Christians in the United States are found proud so the Row^Men rise in the pontiff by louds.
Gigantic chorus to execute proviso the Exorcism done in backdoor hotels,
With each of the findings the level field is blown with dynamite Christmas and children’s dead bones.

This is a wonder year of provisions to daily wonders on the production of my free examine of expressions. Gift to the world in the worth of each frame has really been the greatest gift to myself by reason of the factor. To still be without healing, to still be in great amounts of pain, to still suffer nightmares, day mares and horror, this blog, these published posts have the reality rein. Through thick, the thin, through course, the arena of write, through treacherous denial, the path to preference delivered a Train to oppose the hatred building within my own self.
In 2006 I had decided to make a journey otherwise known more commonly as a walk-about. Before the final decision I found a sounding board to discuss the reasons for such a journey, for to that date the people in my life had given me extremely ill feelings. As my decision was based on the following conversation: In process was my anxious determination of coming events in the world, a real worry wore that intensity and in forward moving I wished for no person to be by my side that was not earnest with their friendship. The remaining question was to the sounding board of chosen, are people in my life surrounding my daily routine for what I can purchase for them or for the off chance I become successful as they do not want to miss the limo ride. These very real concerns were given considerable platform as in the turn event today the answer is all but kept.

From Eliza and her father kicking off reality to that zipper and unbelievable trigger, I must say, that The Kick in my head was undeniably core. That task that was in the drawing room in the hills of El Dorado, that perfect set up, to the exit of whom I thought I cared, to the years of being subject to what must have been hell flashed through my mind for her mother. My world stopped, choked, suffocated, crammed, scored, killed, horrified and skilled me in a given second completely by chance, for the one thing I was not as her father walked across the room unzipping his trousers to reach for his engorging cob, was afraid. The one emotion that would spur fear to the technical difficulties of such a whore, I stood to sit, breathed to think, sighed to girth, and, I saddled my feet with the carriage of dignity by the best walk my life could ever testify, for I continued right on down the path of complete destruction which her father so politely bestowed upon my shattering Mind. I corpse`d and in that death once again I walked like the dead to the life of the read and in my determination not one person stopped to ask what on earth had happened to cause me to flip in Mid-Air with my attitude in no joke but in complete march. Not one person that I had known gave pause to my anything, so as Christmas passes her yearly duty I say that each door is a voice that clapped Parked math.  


The dork is a Send to that Ocean of swim as the See is a Mere aye`t drop tye dyed to a shirts Sleeved,
in arm to ankle Shackle to Hobble the Teach of the Ride is on the Horse for the Traveled,
a gate to a Barn the Pasture hinge stability on Laughter as Hell Owe is a branch too.

Docks with Were Ship and Stick that Carrot sugar For apples and a Sweet for the mount,
air rena gots a Crap to dice the gamble but Oh for the sand of All in the gravel,
pebbles on the smooth Rivers for the throws,
skipping over Water tops to speak the key to Out!!

Yet on the Thought of creek Banks lock the sort of shape of Rocks that taught to fetch the Golden tangible,
to Learn to be that Wave in Dam to Know the dangers of the Sand is filter to the Pitch,
as Silt is in the Bed troom lend so WAS the movement of its lens,
eyes that saw the down Wards rear will Event the blow to know the Show!!

This the Work of Natures Rein to direct And not to Tame,
that Roaring lion the purr Jaguar a Panther in the dark of Fard,
a sliver Shark the Silver say What is the Worth of all the Dirt,
valley blocked buy books and Tars the Dino Soar would brake This Tore.

LOOK! Its A Met Trow

James Kenneth Stephen

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Photograph of James Kenneth Stephen in 1892
James Kenneth Stephen
James Kenneth Stephen (25 February 1859 – 3 February 1892) was an English poet, and tutor to Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales.

Early life[edit]

Stephen was the second son of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, barrister-at-law, and his wife Mary Richenda Cunningham. James Kenneth Stephen was known as 'Jem' among his family and close friends; he was first cousin to Virginia Woolf (nĂ©e Stephen).
He was a King's Scholar at Eton, where he proved to be a highly competent player of the Eton Wall Game; and then went up to King's College, Cambridge, again as a King's Scholar.[1] In the Michaelmas term of 1880, he was President of the Cambridge Union Society. In 1883 he became tutor to Prince Albert VictorDuke of Clarence and Avondale,[2] and was made a Fellow of King's College in 1885. He was a renowned intellectual; and it was said that he spoke in a pedantic, but highly articulate and entertaining manner.


Stephen became a published poet, his work being identified by the initials J. K. S. His collections of poems Lapsus Calami and Quo Musa Tendiswere both published in 1891. Rudyard Kipling called him "that genius" and told how he "dealt with Haggard and me in some stanzas which I would have given much to have written myself".[3] Those stanzas, in which Stephen deplores the state of contemporary writing,[4] appear in his poem 'To R. K.':
Will there never come a season
Which shall rid us from the curse
Of a prose which knows no reason
And an unmelodious verse:
When the world shall cease to wonder
At the genius of an Ass,
And a boy's eccentric blunder
Shall not bring success to pass:

When mankind shall be delivered
From the clash of magazines,
And the inkstand shall be shivered
Into countless smithereens:
When there stands a muzzled stripling,
Mute, beside a muzzled bore:
When the Rudyards cease from Kipling
And the Haggards Ride no more.
J. K Stephen was at Cambridge at the same time as the distinguished antiquarian and writer of ghost-stories, Montagu R. James, and mentions him at the end of a curious Latin celebration of then-current worthies of 'Coll. Regale' (King's College):
Vivat J.K. Stephanus,
Humilis poeta!
Vivat Monty Jamesius,
Vivant A, B, C, D, E
Et totus Alphabeta!
Stephen wrote a satirical pastiche of Thomas Gray's Ode to the Distant Prospect of Eton College pillorying Eton for being Tory.
A poem which gave him a reputation as a misogynist is In the Backs (The Backs is a riverside area of Cambridge), where he describes a woman he does not know but to whom he takes a violent dislike:
...I do not want to see that girl again:
I did not like her: and I should not mind
If she were done away with, killed, or ploughed.
She did not seem to serve a useful end :
And certainly she was not beautiful.
However many of his other poems show that he may not have been as misogynistic as previously believed.[5]
Stephen was a member of the Cambridge "Apostles".


Stephen suffered a serious head injury in an accident in the winter of 1886/1887 which may have exacerbated the bi-polar disorder from which he suffered. His cousin Virginia Woolf suffered from the same disorder throughout her adult life.[6] Stephen was eventually committed to St Andrew's Hospital, a mental asylum in Northampton.[7]
In January 1892 the former Royal tutor heard that his erstwhile pupil, the 28-year-old Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence had died of pneumonia at Sandringham, after contracting influenza. On hearing the news, Stephen refused to eat, and died twenty days later, aged 32. His cause of death, according to the death certificate, was mania.[8]

Eton legacies[edit]

Stephen was noted for his prodigious size and physical strength. At Eton, he was an outstanding player of the Wall Game. He played for College on St Andrew's Day four times: in 1874, 1875, 1876 and 1877. In the last two years he was Keeper (or captain) of the College Wall. College beat the Oppidans by 4 shies to nil in his first year as Keeper, and by 10 shies to nil the next year. Ever after, the King's Scholars have honoured J K Stephen's memory with a toast at the Christmas Sock Supper or other festive occasions - in piam memoriam, J. K. S. (In pious memory of J. K. S.).
Stephen was recalled in less pious memory in a play by former Eton housemaster and Old Etonian, Angus Graham-Campbell; entitled Sympathy for the Devil, it premiered at the Eton Drama festival in 1993. This was based on the notion that Stephen could have been one of the Jack the Ripper suspects; this theory has been dismissed, because he would have been unable to return to Cambridge in time for lectures the following morning.[9]
Stephen's poem The Old School List from Quo Musa Tendis is included in the front pages of H. E. C. Stapleton's Eton School Lists 1853-1892, and the author refers to him in the preface as 'an Etonian of great promise, who died only too early for his numerous friends'. During his time at Eton, Stephen was a friend of Harry Goodhart (1858–1895), who became an England international footballer and later a Professor at the University of Edinburgh. Goodhart is referred to as "one of them's wed" in the last verse of The Old School List:[10]
There were two good fellows I used to know.
--How distant it all appears!
We played together in football weather,
And messed together for years:
Now one of them's wed, and the other's dead
So long that he's hardly missed
Save by us, who messed with him years ago:
But we're all in the old School List.[11]