Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Words Of Expression Have An Origin Of Strength

Onward, Forward, goes my Life,
I ride the Title of this decide,
to be the Wave of Oceans Sees,
to be lucky,

Nobility always did love me,
saw me through the times you read,
to return, to be with lead,
it is a miracle for me to breath.

Their power is their majesty,
their strength has always healed need,
the magic of the horse,
will balance, stay on Course,
not be buried by remorse.

In such amazement,
I mount-up too,
the years of pain were not in vain,
for now I can share this claim.

The heritage within my being,
an example, a way to lead,
a life's commitment to ride a Steed
the cobblestone of a mortared deed.

Know Whole!!

The talent of, more than I,
can redeem Lives with try,
this does take effort,
that is no lie,
requiring let,
allowing memories to work not fret.

The Arena is a Global Set!!