Monday, April 7, 2014

Swording Sealed

The line of ink,
a writers brink,,
the essay of the poems perceived,
a riddle or a rhyme?

Beneath idea,
the pen made hand,
the purveyor,
in such was planned.

A constructed content,
a particular pledge,
the nuances alarmed,
so much in stead.

This is a tendency of only Page,
 power scorn never say,
the who of whom creates to crave.

Within the Verse,
an approaching storm,
the persistent fire.

Apple requires,
the scalpel of another's cut.

The appeal,
the substance concealed,
in ramble of the deed,
it is ample and deceives.

Served in complete,
without the thought,
the mind?,
a metered grip!!

Clean Cut

Betterment of the vivid bring,
the valence of the lifted speak,
to embrace the days of seek,
to Out the bet of the adjunct stet.

Vibe seeks absolute,
digitized brought the fluke,
sonic spreads of breaking sound,
the quick of Feat invited grounds.

Quill to point crawled to known,
seeping in the Minds of loaned,
tethered too a timely scry,
the get so easily amplified.

Wild rings to lurid Keeps,
the end begins to prosper leaks,
pouring gold in platinum Neats,
the foundling said I simply speak.

Clotured crept to bangled Mat,
chosen horns revealed borne,
the stock of held or cracked in felled,
the origin of the Flames a bell.

The towering boom of bridges built,
the flavor of the profits delved,
inking zero to decimal props,
the signal of a riveted crop.

Statistical plow of back in pulled,
the disc aligned the field culled,
to be the seed of what was sowed,
the growth of more than whom is ignored.

The flip in coin of heads-up Tale,
landed in the hand of nailed,
no matter turns the lucky strike,
relies moreover in good knight.

Skilled Scenes

As Blunt stated in a lyrical sigh,
Seven-Billion just trying to get by,
a song of personal dues,
only One did I request to bid a View.

Told to practice being alone,
the situation of my give in stone,
to narrow the sight from such a plight
the bone of which a war locks tone.
The difficulty to send or phone,
to want with no need of watering combed,
to present existence with the shown,
life is coming to know my home.

The Traveler of the open plain,
disregarded societies rein,
to curb the bit collecting strain,
the ventured thought merely came.

Running gametes to understand,
comprehension the write of Man,
so disdained by hate it's spammed,
declaration is all but damned.

To counter walk a discernment clocks,
the ticker tape of a modemed place,
the code enticed bigger stakes,
read in total completed makes.

Gage the fast in paced to cast,
the looks enhanced enlightened task,
viable idea or original send,
the grappling of brought deliverance akin.

Suppose a voice sang to hymn,
notes would meter a given blend,
the Piece developed a base of trend,
put together in a Symphonic been.

Evolving traditions oceaned rise,
no attention to global demise,
turning values to mirror the skies,
discovered persons gave realized.

Learned appeal in Life was a steal,
grateful words brought a verse,
the staple of a stanza let,
the glass half shattered exacted Sept.