Monday, August 31, 2015


The post traumatic system which can be referenced as a terminal station of an understanding that is an operation that Humanity places on raised hour plates.  To negative the stern as a template to comprehend the bulb of a memory on a day specific door that swings to a tempo off the brain of body in the foots print on sand.  Reminding self of the ocean, and, the beach, waves are a steady parade in the solution of the problem (un)to itself.

Equaling at equation of the brain on a function will or may not enhance a terrible, but the service is a number to a position in latitude.  Life is a stagger on tense timing like the egg beater of a cartons container.  Being the breeze to engage a trunk on with the thought of straddle, or is it the environment of mankind on the ladle?

Scene of lakes to puddles of milk.  Does the cow of a barn in the stability of the cooler before the receipt at the grocer, bill the hide or become familiar to the farm.  Sentences that range the hulls of swept down like the crop circles, are not the crickets on song.  The brush of tractors that swather or the weather turmoil of a cyclone reining the harvest to the waist,  that is bringing a kernel of corn to the cob and it is not quite the growth of the seed that was planted, yet, the full bloom is of an edible keep.

Throughout the course on fields the sprinklers are on timers.  A hose in the garden or the soaking effect of thrist to that drought will certain the ditch to a float.  At the pouring on of lathe to shingle a skull with bone fragments now as oppose to then, the heard is turned to be fed the meal.  Treatment plants that have weeded the cement are in the swim of a pools concrete or vinyl lapse.  Creative to these talks is the ankle bending while writing the heel in form, as that is a rider in the storm.

Down with the feather as the ink in a scribe with paints and points to grade the drain not drown the fountain.  Sea spray on the rocks in the pebbles stop is shore to the river and reins to the dry muds.  Air is the breadth of depth to a gauge enveloping not the sealed but seeing the open pictured as the beauty of natural foundation on the floods.  Hard tack is a nouns name from the racetrack at the run of what can be known as a trace element of the production.

The condition of the condition at the condition conditioning, marks deeply the raising of toll.  Bridges on the rinse have downs, but those same counts could be considering the rearing.  Towing a heavy rack on the chaining of welds that have screw bolts to nails show that the horse shoe is a good farriers iron, noting that barefoot in the park has caused the hoof wall to chip.  Forged with a sight to speak the gate is also the form by comprehending the hinges that say sometimes WD-40 is the oil to smooth not silent the squeak. Just like the expression of words to communicate the barned life on a ranch dressings application that has a corral with no pasture to stretch the idea of grace.

The Pad Locks

Nerves versing the necessity of the Park Setting and environment of tranquility to the desk, it is a harness of the words as creek flows.  Touching the pots of Humanity the root bound lives have broken planters that have cropped hour minds with minuet notes placed on cliffs.  Brave are the traces of bones to discus.  That track of found to be sound.  In the inch the contemplation of the mile.  At measurement of math I draw only the sky as the figures of solution to a cloud that is a picture in change.  Those thorough the scene to task this simplicity, yet provide chorus the complex in thought.

Treated to a school of earth on the turf of tough narrows has been the sailing north by south channels. The YMCA of song to branch a spelling of Hotel California.  The check^in of a towering room with a number on the stood weapons are the arms of gossip in rings.  The trail of breadth is a breathing counter to say shouldered.  Breaking waves on the oceans sand tire, is as the beach.  Dunes to the arid reminders of post memories memorized through only the body of informational steers delivers those tiers.

Driving quarter turns to whole moons is the world of strangers that beacon light houses as the lamps of lighting crawl to the eclectic pole of said.  Within the seat of cadence at the nut stitch, the skull on portion with the connect at the hood.  Twine is a wire in the oats hull.  Bales on the curb talking speech.  Fractions of drillers that have mind to bust.  What than is the stamp to passports that raft?

Being of stride to character the society of coarse mended, the singing of every calendar is seen as presently found in find.  The grasp is to venture with ease and a gentle snowflakes please off the season of winter and entering the spring of Fall on the falling leaves. Raised by a bow of the arrow that Cupio tells Cupid that hugs are the embrace of a quiet purse.  No lip to kiss or cheek to key and tell that the value of the jeeves is the tune of a grass sheds cork.  Flight of a grape to the Vineyard on that is the cellar of drained, or, is the barrel of Wine waiting for its Time to be led by the private labels seed.


The seer's of eyes in rolling bursts of memory,
for the move of course, 
so the Tenth of degree,
its normal for the mind on a rein.  

These days the sorrow hangs quietly, 
a drive to good ole numb, 
that is the rattler of the tale and,
the bet was no rum.  

I blanket tall to stories reel, 
the product of a mentioned peel, 
the dark hour, 
the long minutes, 
that stretch to speak a moments window.  

Out forecasts the weather chills,
the tears become the ice that is found,
that cheek once new a dimple,
now it grew a frown,
the root of lumbered loud.

Now tremble to this tambourine and state a sink,
the scent of a potential trouble so aptly life on living through,
immediately jump up,
dance to the muse and do this connection for the health of the raise ores edge,

Be grade to a graduate,
the class of university that did say know,
odd to that is my name is know body,
but that is the traveling skeleton under the skin,
the energy of the mind stating silence,
the planted route of spinners,
remember the date of the buzz and ring it out gently, 
for it is your life in the realized,
the creek of that rivers wild and now,
you're a dial.

From The Thorn Bush Or Thicket

Snowflakes on the fall of the breadth of Wind is a taste of Breeze eased,
the flutter of the said to a language in tack speaks a satchel to compass the ground,
to navigate the season of cold coolers chill,
the stature of rocking a horse to the pole.
no road to the train.

Rails on perth a venture to scene,
sights to have green with modern day dug,
sheep so well the fleece Mammoth tell,
the elephants ivory is the color of spelling a dorn .

All well the natural piano chord less,
another minuet that chuppah did guest,
pouring the letter a verbal read coach,
basking in warm water of summertimes Nor.

Shoe to life the prisons undone,
now on the tower of hours and brung,
yet on that is the challenge of silents,
ticking the talking at twisted tongues shock king.

Taps on the Chap lens carriage broke,
fix in the mail took vittles to sail,
built by a rasp that filed the tile,
what is the left win the fork is a jeep.

Shuttered Lives

Scratch your head,
or is it paper,
that tore the piece,
to say its later.  

The book of matches,
leads a list, 
the blackout addressed
to ever lisp, 
what say you?

Did dead bark lie,
or lies beg death,
at court turned say,
the coins away.

Fidget realm of Heads or Tales,
round the bends under covers,
the draw to oceans deep,
coming up is down to skinned.

Truss the skull of tadpoles,
wink the eye at wind,
enter whether the roof tops lens,
that ankle of an elbows limb.

I Like Self Best!!!

Wise to the pen on the paper of the pause of thought to take ink to the pad.  As the mind is in the meld of key stroking placement does now the pen sill lead to a windows display?  Does the did in a tow of the said on the sit happen so slightly that the numb on the sleepy time sent not recognize the at lip?

As the desk of yesterday years to an address of the lesson bender kid, does that rinse of alarm tick to the starch of the test on the worth tell of words?  Should that have not been the casual return on the typeset to scribe, than did the does of the actionable at hand bare the nudity of thought today?

By trades on a station to the think scot hop scotch drink to the message, or, age to the question on page?  Do the rings of gossip crowding the persons screen double to a scope or is it the imagine of an audience at tone?

Another word of stage freeze with a taste of anonymity to judge the clear beyond the responsibility of those eyes staring bar to bar with a rivalry that enhances the actual communication of the conversation at the intersection of the interaction in the personal process of a zone?

Running on sentence to cause the temptation to be on the lie side of that one direction of the screen as the tell a prompter speaks a dirty partition to breathe the easy format with no accord on the disappointment of the sad eyes of the body watch that falls from the hit of the receipt of that tenderloin of the chopped message that was said to have been a complete status stated.

The bells and the thistle, the thorns and/or the nail driven in so deeply that the depth of the frequency of such drilling matter on a subjects brain has oozed into that direction of contagions quantum.  For tread the slip message is port to the inbox of chord screaming read me, like me, share me, erase me. These stagger the strange drools of lets get dirty on the stunt with your trunk and zip purr.

Did the bump tell the rump that the toast was a staff that swallowed the word hole?  The quell of the questionable raised.