Friday, March 28, 2014

No Body Feels It's Planted

Say hello and know good by,
the pass to a favorite guy whom,
made what has been the impossible,
the possibility of rubbed-out.

Grounded to where I roam,
I can only be the One whom,
speaks with wonderment,
and questions the unimaginable with:


The soak of the only trust I had,
goes to fly the sky of a radical shaft,
between the find.....there is this,
thing we call a bind.

In amongst the red of a life so blue,
the balance of my dual,
he takes me to the heights of extraordinary shifts,
shafting send.

 The journey from behind,
the curtain of,
is the verse of grasping take.

I lose my body to go the Being,
seeking out the grand of scene,
the scope of entry has a staff.

Properly told I never can hold,
I must be a on a quest,
to be more, eye can lead.

Brightened liberty Fires do,
the light in him is the shadow I must breathe,
the venue of a life,
that knows venuing blows.

Reality does not relate to this Fate,
a destiny of a stream,
where I can go and be,
the singular voice of lyrical spree.

Follow not the sound that says..
come with me,
whom you know you are,
you are the only one,
 with in my mind,
you are the Man of my only might.

I am not drowning,
I'm soaking.

Take the life I lead and know,
it is the elemental in me,
that speaks to read.

... lay my head down,
to the place that ...
makes you go to face..

the power of what is hard,
is the strength of this given lark,
to produce the evening of,
a certain part!!

Swallowing back to deepen the start
the load to release,
provided relief,
arrives when anguish spoke thirst.

Mic ~ ing

the pumping of know feat,
to settle the increasing speed,
my hands on your pockets,
angling in to bring down the stand,
my voice is throttled in sight of the speaker.

The grip is shown,
the tone of what is grown,
to enlarge such a piece,
the organ-grinder screams,
scores in lines.

Gasping never,
the taste is certainly in the sheets of,
the diameter of the measurement,
a heady state.

the batter of the baked,
 explosive rate,
the intention of,
erupts with 'out' to much.

Everybody Dies,
not every one Lives,
too Testify,
I exist.