Monday, October 5, 2015

Awl A Bam A Slam Myrrh

Water based waist is the stride of the press to Action part of lye,
in the bleach of the factor a platter on the dinner of supper climb,
bring attention to the dollars Pound on Commercials ladles full to brim in the rink on cause,
the speed of message boards with talk to pose are Far beyond the fist of ran.

Singing on the string touching the Kite strike lightening ankles Canned,
that electric foundation to the Clip Notes on a rinse at Profiling for the cuts,
than to The push a signal on the keys,
cage to block the avenue of Healing for the bisque is now not even peas.

Register receipt of snarl in the shell,
grits to Oats the Meel are worms in Can of ears,
squirm the hand to hook the sheet than elevate the twirl,
round And round the flout ace Clarinet to trout,
baiting meld to branch the apron brillo carrots bot!!

Smaller bells on account of swell the body bloating kelp,
see wads on the grounds to state at elevator clearing House to register the chart,
pull the snap of finger Ring that is the mire ridge,
fork the Noun plump a curb than chain the Links a verb.

So on that in the air Oh plain a rivers smile creek,
down the Hill to clown control whom does the listen skill,
up the stats to knack Knack knack popular for Milk,
at the acreage of the ground is what environment Toll fill.

On that is the balance of the World on its Knees,
borrow beg to cork the skew Pork belly records leap,
now the bus to Took a cook and bakers bright routine,
ruining the foundation to the built by bread & circus Peen.

The Loggers Hour Is The Minute Know Of The Gallery

Shall the honor of the venue be of the Antler in the spring,
a season of introduction to the special understanding of the weight,
in and on the once not known is the not confusion only the lead to Trees in the Fall,
as Winter is of the Cold spell it is the budding of the Redwood on showing growth after giant clear cut,
to that is the Lumber Yard on the That Production to the to by for of learning a U knee verse in Creek.

River on the Turns is a belly growl on alert to Hunger on the grains of seeding,
that is showing the rein on a Farmer or the Almanac to the Hedgehog at Cycle of An eddie,
is that Modus Operandi a toot to bee Keepers as the root is the Call learn of device,
for in the Badger the dam is of Importance to the building of a Top comb,
both the measure of the leave as that is evidence through the Mark of the gear!!

As Humanity has thrown to the trash both Garbage & stir It remains to be the Seal that barks a shore,
the swell of the Ocean to steep in the Kettle a whistle to say Hay there it is a storm of grade,
in cent to the traveling Hold is the fragment of How the Airwaves move dust,
a part tick Call to journal the Diary of ankle that Announces these Fields on rung.

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to being of the Rally equestrian on a Stable the Context is of the Mucking to riding balance,
practice in the apron strings only the Custard for it is the reality of how the recipe is divided for the lump,
to that is the Clouds in the sky of Scene a bit of sugar and the bucket of green, 
that is the Cyclone knowing Tornadoes ping.

Ears of Corn are shot to Stores at the Core of ripe,
but no that is not exact on truth for does not the produce mark a time for satisfied,
in that it is the Time it bakes on Nippy of the bringing course far down the Haul,
oh plate to sound the Hoof print Song clipity clop the for Hoof Park clock that raining On its scale,
tender shoots of screen per hoops is basket ball the Tiers of loops!!

To that the wrist of Watch has replaced the eyeballs late and this provides the mapping on a masque,
to shield our state on Wild Fires the consequence of route to torque is understanding pinch chures,
for all do know the scent of que on Bulletins and after scoot from this remains the track,
mosquitoes bitten with itchy Ticks left in forest at the picks,
lettuce shows the Wilt to say the garden Posture of what does need the Water off the Ate or is it Oven baked.

Just like the bugged the Water is a save to the application of what the drought does Impose to perk,
for all do know the working pace of moving hosed at ever paste that PVC in sprinklers case,
the Hardware Stores to equal Paints the seeing of the treat in place makes aware the Wheat,
the calendar of character in present arithmetic does blues but at lest it sharks Addressed for the shingle Cobbler tuned,
a roof with Skeleton that moving part Which all do have deep within the Heart,
a logic that is silent as the Forest in the Saw, 
feeling it in the bones because the Trees have Trunks,
what does the Factory claw but Mills.

Dough Tee Washing Ton

Would not it be a strange in the rule of Thumb on the channeling currents a shoe side seem,
that the avenue brain press is Vore to the ether on that ship to the dress,
a scale of stone to ear Conch echo,
cream Pie on eater of the grate to talk a done.

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down the roster to over the fie burr creed,
adding touch to mental Crutch on the hum b'Owl lean,
just in the tetris over the Over boarding Theme!!

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shipping dues with Node as the edger of the bind,
three Whole punch to plugging tent Typed goop,
without the Telling of the a diction with a Touch of Chalk let keen Of sidewalk out Line to deem.

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the method of Operators on the handle growth,
as Said to law by said By law Authority on scene,

Than on the apposite of back And forth to equals,
how many act shuns just Licensed the Mind on evident flake,
to that Observation whom does Counter law to smoke the Sight a take,
would quick in feat put Right the steep to Whistle rams on Peels teak,
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in Instant recognition the Dialect of film,
 Wood Be The lumber Of the Ring to put the badge Jer pelts to Paper Mills on Tend.

The World And Synthetic On Flash Belled At The Speed Of Light Or That First Nook

A long while ago crowds used to talk about subliminal advertising on shades,
in Glass of computer Screened the pop Ins are on the funds,
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the Circus of not proof for the damage done is already on the lace.

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the television back in the day would be of old sayings,
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in wonder bread the terms of long past to swell has been tacked in and for docked.

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tab shallow to that is blinking . . . . the web fitting stitch to saddle the aye!!

So as the eye lid is brow raised a video on the Thought,
a dim Switch to the on Off of the brain in a Thatch,
should the bearing of gristle be of the scratch do not bee Scotch to hop skip & dined.

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goose bumps gave purpose to what was a tag,
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this is just a bridle for the bit,
  peoples choice is the avenue of Tent.

Ask not the question for that would be of provisions,
bye not looking up will the people see the jumping Tin,
dimes Quarters change that dollars Hide,
a balance on the beam that is now on bulletin breadth of the Internet at Ven.

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shifts to the conscious to ever on the crop the discipline is carriage of load shoulders by Clock,
lather rein not with fear but rather with a Knock,
that is the knowing of sight to speak a Pot,
Op^Ta^Mall^eh^Jists is the best addition to say that once done all Ways the tongue on the Wag^guns cun.