Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why God's future depends on science

Why God's future depends on science
The Washington Post
By Deepak Chopra

Which will be more important in shaping your future, science or spirituality? For any number of people this sounds like an empty question. Science has shaped our age; religion is a declining force in the West, as it has been for decades. A clock could be placed behind every pulpit ticking off the thousands of people who leave organized faith behind every hour of the day. But there is a growing movement that is repairing the rift between science and religion. It has nothing to do with the noisy band of atheists who continue to foment discord between faith and reason. Rather, science has reached a point where certain basic mysteries cannot be solved without resorting to the one thing that spirituality has always specialized in: consciousness.

On that basis, groups of scientists have begun to eavesdrop on the future by looking into the worldview that we broadly call spiritual. One such gathering was recently held near San Diego, the second annual Sages and Scientists Symposium sponsored by the Chopra Foundation. Its purpose was to bring together not just the brightest scientific mind but also the perspective of a spirituality that is consciousness-based. It's hard to speak plainly about such things without stepping on toes. Science is dominated by materialism, a worldview that traces all activity, including our imagination and creativity, to physical processes in the brain, and these processes are either chemically determined or random, depending on which strain of materialism you confront. Spirituality, which is much broader than religion, is based on the assumption that a transcendent reality exists beyond the physical world. This is the domain of higher consciousness, or if you are conventionally minded, the home of the soul and God. It's hard to credit that either side would find much common ground.

But as the various talks offered here testify, there are enough mysteries to go around. Scientists who are willing to venture into speculative thinking, joined by sages from the world's wisdom traditions who are willing to look beyond arguments about God, face the same primal questions. Where did the universe come from? What preceded the Big Bang, before there was either "where" or "when"? A century after the quantum revolution in physics, science has to face up to the vanishing act that the physical universe pulled, as matter and energy were both seen to emerge from a timeless state that is either an empty void (which no one accepts) or a field of infinite possibilities, a veritable womb of creation (which almost everyone is beginning to accept, however offended science may be by learning that the world's ancient sages and spiritual teachers knew about this timeless domain long before physics arrived with its exact measuring devices.)

The reason that your future and mine depends on the settling of these questions isn't what you might think. Science can proceed perfectly well in everyday affairs without thinking about "metaphysics," as materialists like to call spirituality. For its part, spirituality can keep appealing to individuals one at a time as they arrive at personal crises, revelations, and awakenings. But what will be shortchanged is reality. Ultimately, worldviews are secondary. If X believes in Buddha and Y in thermodynamics, their two worlds can sit uneasily next to each other or simply not interact. But reality is a shared concern. It's also a topic we can't afford to leave to specialists. Where the cosmos came form means a great deal, because the answer will tell you where the human mind came from, and where it's going.

Is the universe conscious? If so, then our minds are embedded in the cosmic mind. Is the universe evolving? If so, that casts human evolution in a new light, along with the origin of life. These are not specialist questions. They go to the heart of the human condition. In that spirit, take a look at the attached talks by various illustrious, curious, open-minded speakers. Don't pigeonhole anyone as sage or scientist. Try not to join a camp for ideological reasons. There is a struggle going on between science and spirituality that will shape everyone's future, and if we each decide to join in, a blending may occur with magical consequences. What could be more fascinating? Together a complete engagement of the human faculties promises a more powerful and realistic basis for humanity's next evolutionary leap.

The Washington Post

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Believe, The When, Was Where We're

I have lived my Life in Mortal Fear.
All because of what I had expected to have,
 to have, to Live thru Here!

It Was like a dream,
but Moreover, 
this Nightmare came True.

To See, What is, From where I've Been,
instills a strong belief-of-sin.

As You condemn what is Now,
I beg to differ with you still!!!

For When I Was and Saw from Then,
the hatred of yourselves, Drove-In!

Remembering That,
I know I'll go,
and be free of what I tow!!

No worries will I keep,
for people that I'll never meet.

To Work Oneself,
to set a snare,
to Know that Lives are Kept from There!

On occasion,
I Stop to stare.

Disbelief will cause Dispair

I Welcome All,
the rest of mine.
For I am sure,
 and you seem blind.

In keeping from The Begin,
I do believe, we must Ascend.

I know that I will be again.
Without the strife or dealings from Then.

A small Relief from knowing Them,
please remember not to Sin.

For with all Certainty,
and without Mend, 
I simply know that we have been.

 a  dear and very old Friend.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Yoga is the work of the devil, says Vatican's chief exorcist (and he doesn't like Harry Potter much either)

  • And you'll never guess what his favourite film is...

Father Gabriel Amorth has carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms in his capacity as Chief Exorcist at the
The 85-year-old can boast 25 years in the post after being appointed by the late Pope John Paul II.
At a conference today, he surprised the delegates by revealing some of his greatest dislikes - yoga and Harry Potter.
Father Amorth, a colourful and often outspoken personality, said:'Practising yoga brings evil as does reading Harry Potter. They may both seem innocuous but they both deal with magic and that leads to evil.'
He added:'Yoga is the Devil's work. You thing you are doing it for stretching your mind and body but it leads to Hinduism. All these oriental religions are based on the false belief of reincarnation.'
Father Amorth, speaking on the subject of People And Religion at a fringe event at the Umbria Film Festival in Terni, spoke of his distaste for JK Rowling's young wizard.
He said:'People think it is an innocuous book for children but it's about magic and that leads to evil. In Harry Potter the Devil is at work in a cunning and crafty way, he is using his extraordinary powers of magic and evil.


Satan is always hidden and the thing he desires more than anything is for people to believe he does not exist. He studies each and everyone of us and our tendencies towards good and evil and then he tempts us.
'My advice to young people would be to watch out for nightclubs because the path is always the same: alcohol, sex, drugs and Satanic sects.'
It is not the first time that Father Amorth has raised eyebrows with his forthright views - last year he said that the ongoing child sex scandals rocking the Catholic Church were evidence that 'the Devil was at work in the Vatican.'

While in 2006, Father Amorth, who was ordained a priest in 1954, gave an interview to Vatican Radio in which he said that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Russian dictator Josef Stalin were both possessed by the Devil.
According to secret Vatican documents recently released the then wartime Pope Pius XII attempted a 'long distance exorcism' of Hitler but it failed to have any effect.

It is also not the first time that Father Amorth, who is president of the International Association of Exorcists, has spoken out against Harry Potter saying in the past that it opens children's minds to dabbling with the occult and black magic

Today Vanda Vanni, of the Italian Yoga Association, said:'A Satanic practice? Pardon the pun but that is an accusation that is neither in Heaven or on earth. Father Amorth's accusation is completely without foundation.
'It is an outrageous thing to say - yoga is not a religion but a spiritual discipline. It is about freedom and a search to find one's inner self. It does not touch religion and has nothing to do with Satanic sects nor does it encourage people to join them.

Giorgio Furlan, who runs the Yoga Academy in Rome, said`:'There are some paths of yoga which do lead towards Hinduism but other paths are more philosophical but their is no direct link with religion and certainly no link with Satanism.

'To say such things shows you have no idea of what you are talking about - yoga controls violent impulses of the nervous system and subconscious - to be honest with me it had the effect of bringing me closer to Christianity and in particular the Catholic Church which I had abandoned as a youngster.

Horrific: Satan at work in the 1973 film starring Linda Blair which is perhaps unsurprisingly Father Amorth's favourite film

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Game Of Long Time Past. Surreal Proves To Be Real!! How Scary

The temptation of the lies,
I watched and then I cried,
as the ripped away at my sides,
I stood and didn't die!

How easily a narcissist creates,
what they need and never gave.
Lessons in a cover-up,
no truth was taught, umbrella bought,
as lights shone in their Home.

Publicly they trend,
to UN-do your mend.
Speaking half-truths so this may end,
just to attack me once again.

Hidden Men, lurking women!
a driven madness from the begin.
Confessions made from a Member then,

"I followed you for them!"

Scary thoughts, of this I knew,
when I caught the first glimpse of you.

Difference lies in Truth he Told,
made me know I wasn't old.

I was a Teen

It is Something to wonder WHEN!!
It is Something to SEE back THEN!!
But the reality of such a claim,
makes you know;
It was all so Insane.

Should I have asked the question back in the day,
I would have been beaten for what you say.


Thank you for telling Me what You did.
It is appreciated and a very long time coming!


Ambient Abuse

Ambient abuse is the stealth, subtle, underground currents of maltreatment that sometimes go unnoticed even by the victims themselves, until it is too late. Ambient abuse penetrates and permeates everything - but is difficult to pinpoint and identify. It is ambiguous, atmospheric, diffuse. Hence its insidious and pernicious effects. It is by far the most dangerous kind of abuse there is. 

It is the outcome of fear - fear of violence, fear of the unknown, fear of the unpredictable, the capricious, and the arbitrary. It is perpetrated by dropping subtle hints, by disorienting, by constant - and unnecessary - lying, by persistent doubting and demeaning, and by inspiring an air of unmitigated gloom and doom ("gaslighting"). 

Ambient abuse, therefore, is the fostering, propagation, and enhancement of an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, instability, unpredictability and irritation. There are no acts of traceable explicit abuse, nor any manipulative settings of control. Yet, the irksome feeling remains, a disagreeable foreboding, a premonition, a bad omen. 

In the long term, such an environment erodes the victim's sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Self-confidence is shaken badly. Often, the victim adopts a paranoid or schizoid stance and thus renders himself or herself exposed even more to criticism and judgment. The roles are thus reversed: the victim is considered mentally deranged and the abuser - the suffering soul. 

There are five categories of ambient abuse and they are often combined in the conduct of a single abuser: 

Inducing Disorientation 

The abuser causes the victim to lose faith in her ability to manage and to cope with the world and its demands. She no longer trusts her senses, her skills, her strengths, her friends, her family, and the predictability and benevolence of her environment. 

The abuser subverts the target's focus by disagreeing with her way of perceiving the world, her judgment, the facts of her existence, by criticizing her incessantly - and by offering plausible but specious alternatives. By constantly lying, he blurs the line between reality and nightmare. 

By recurrently disapproving of her choices and actions - the abuser shreds the victim's self-confidence and shatters her self-esteem. By reacting disproportionately to the slightest "mistake" - he intimidates her to the point of paralysis.


The abuser gradually and surreptitiously takes over functions and chores previously adequately and skillfully performed by the victim. The prey finds itself isolated from the outer world, a hostage to the goodwill - or, more often, ill-will - of her captor. She is crippled by his encroachment and by the inexorable dissolution of her boundaries and ends up totally dependent on her tormentor's whims and desires, plans and stratagems. 

Moreover, the abuser engineers impossible, dangerous, unpredictable, unprecedented, or highly specific situations in which he is sorely needed. The abuser makes sure that his knowledge, his skills, his connections, or his traits are the only ones applicable and the most useful in the situations that he, himself, wrought. The abuser generates his own indispensability.

Shared Psychosis

The abuser creates a fantasy world, inhabited by the victim and himself, and besieged by imaginary enemies. He allocates to the abused the role of defending this invented and unreal Universe. She must swear to secrecy, stand by her abuser no matter what, lie, fight, pretend, obfuscate and do whatever else it takes to preserve this oasis of inanity. 

Her membership in the abuser's "kingdom" is cast as a privilege and a prize. But it is not to be taken for granted. She has to work hard to earn her continued affiliation. She is constantly being tested and evaluated. Inevitably, this interminable stress reduces the victim's resistance and her ability to "see straight". 

Abuse of Information 

From the first moments of an encounter with another person, the abuser is on the prowl. He collects information. The more he knows about his potential victim - the better able he is to coerce, manipulate, charm, extort or convert it "to the cause". The abuser does not hesitate to misuse the information he gleans, regardless of its intimate nature or the circumstances in which he obtained it. This is a powerful tool in his armory. 

Control by Proxy 

If all else fails, the abuser recruits friends, colleagues, mates, family members, the authorities, institutions, neighbours, the media, teachers - in short, third parties - to do his bidding. He uses them to cajole, coerce, threaten, stalk, offer, retreat, tempt, convince, harass, communicate and otherwise manipulate his target. He controls these unaware instruments exactly as he plans to control his ultimate prey. He employs the same mechanisms and devices. And he dumps his props unceremoniously when the job is done. 

Another form of control by proxy is to engineer situations in which abuse is inflicted upon another person. Such carefully crafted scenarios of embarrassment and humiliation provoke social sanctions (condemnation, opprobrium, or even physical punishment) against the victim. Society, or a social group become the instruments of the abuser. 

 Cliques of Bullies 

Of course, ambient or stealth abuse and manipulation can exist in the context of any kind of relationship and intimacy whatsoever. However, sly abuse of power and underhanded manipulation, with bizarre paranoid malicious gossip and all manner of Sadistic instigators and their eager and foolish proxy pawns, are only all the easier given distance, even shunning and social isolation as experienced by targets of relational bullying and harassment, scapegoats, dissidents and whistleblowers. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Breeze To Be Me

In the furthest most reach of this galaxy,
a universal breeze blows ever so gently.

To breath in the air of the calmness of such beauty,
I rest.

The explosion of a Star,
bursts into a fiery spread of suns in the distance.

The developing moons are ancient in construction.

I move to know my fear,
so I may know myself.

Bursting at the seams of these Mortal Boundaries,
I yearn for more of the abundance that Nature gives so freely.

Without hesitance, I accept,
 that I build a Life,
One day at a time.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Anger Within Reveals, I've been.

An Atrocity?!!?

I passed away.

As not to succumb or be,
 in the way of Country,
 whom tossed and blew Human Beings onto.....,

I speak.

Intimidation can be strong.
It often pushes back.

Do you want to be whom stood?
Or be whom saw and balked?

Regardless of your sight-full wound,
it is the ones we cannot see.
Those Injuries that bleed us dry,
that requires such surgery.

There is no drug,
no doctor's knife,
to cut this Wound from Us.

But for Reasons;
I believe,
it may bring....

to Trust.

However hard.
Whatever scene!

In that Movie that is played,
the one that rounds your mind.

It seems to play,
 in equal time,
to rate the Play in You!!

To be Afraid?
Or just to Fear....

the Sight of Disbelief.

A Natural State Affair!!!

This is not "Bust"
nor a fix.

It could just be,
 "What is"

is not for ME!!
I'm sure I Volunteered. 


I'm here to remember..... 

"All of Thee?"

Belittle this or make this less,
than what......


You will find,
nightmares get worse,
 and cures elude your Mind.

The interest in,
the research of,

Post Traumatic Stress

Survival of our Minds!
Our Souls!!
Let alone,
our Bodies hold.

Not a Primary Goal.

So, as it grows,
Suicide that is...
no-one seems to...

 !! "NO" !!

! WAKE-UP OLD-Soul !
Wake Your-Self!?! 
just to know....

...,  your value is untold !!

!! But !!

Take your life? 
You'll cause us strife.

!! Confusion not yet told !!

I've see what is.
For snuffed I was...
stuck staring at myself.

Just a Girl.
Not three-feet in length...
I worry myself....still.

To understand the acts of man,
I wonder why I am.

Jumped back in,
my coldest-Self,
took off that bag of fear.

For what I saw,
and why I jumped,
I'm selfish, not "A Dear."

This "Thing,"
it streamed behind my neck,

   !!! I'd missed my ride from here !!!

I did jump back in Myself,
gasped for breath to be.

Now stuck with YOU!!
but gone straight through.

"This RAGED in ME for YEARS" 

A Child I was,
so close to be....out of this Mess....

 .... of Humanity!

How can I not,
look back at "Tot,"
and wish for any other lot?

"Throw the Bones"

....than to Escape,
and become,
any other thing,
that's been.

But, I am,
 what has been.

And, I was born to be,
 "A Sage" and "A Seer"

I have the ability
"To Know."

A Natural Knowledge,
"To Answer."

It is,
The Why,
which eludes me.

Monday, September 17, 2012

James Blunt - I Don't Believe It

I Don't Believe (It)

I don't believe in what they say,
I don´t believe in the morals the set
cause I believe I don´t have to regret,
Whatever happens when we have met,

And can't you see that you are stuck,
in this poor world where life is luck,
and no one really gives a damn,
what you want or who I am.

And, oh I think I've had enough,
Your attitude is really rough.
stop getting high on all this shit,
you can't hide in the corner to escape,
from it

Oh, I can't see whay I should,
carry on not understood.
By moralistic people who,
don't believe in what I do.

You seem to think that you are free,
living in democracy,
but the other people all around,
will talk about you, and put you down.

And, oh I think I've had enough,
their attitude is oh so rough.
Let's quit this moralistic crap,
leave me alone and get off my back.

Well, the image conscious who reject me,
have their rep but they're not free.
Setting standards for a show,
but do they live life,
oh no.

They talk about being cool,
stick like sheep, and play the rules.
You've heard their morals and you agree,
stuck with them and not with me.

I don't believe in what you said.
I don't believe in promises
But I can believe you let me down.
lovin' life over now.

Over now, over now, over now.

I don't believe in what they say,
I don't believe in the morals they set.
Cause I believe I don't have to regret,
Whatever happens when we have met.

And can't you see that you are stuck,
I this poor world where life is luck.
And, no one really gives a damn,
what you want or who I am.

And, oh I think I've had enough,
your attitude is really rough.
Stop getting high on all this shit,
you can't hide in the corner to escape,
from it
from it.

A Progressive Thought, is an Atheist Thought?

Releasing the bind of our relations upon this Earth to envelope that which may have come before our existence here....... may allow us to interest ourselves in what has been lost and/or destroyed for the sake of modern day religion and the success thereof.  

Much of what seems to remain unknown to us due to the lack of our ability to translate old text, may have contained answers for today's lack of Innocent Faith.

In order to maintain structure in any civilization or society, there must be a Main Vein of driven mentality for the sake of growth and prosperity.

Who will process the Laws that dictate the Belief at Hand?

Is religion what sustains this type of understanding?  If so, is a Pagan or is Paganism accepted in it's whole or rejected as being not worthy, or, of the quality to be a Self-sustaining belief, recognized as such and in turn considered for measurement against the standards put forth today and in the most recent past?  

It has been such in my life, that even the entertainment of such a concept as a Spiritual Belief, has been rejected out-of-hand, threatening the balance of popular belief, i.e. Christianity.

A Quote from a person in my past.

"Progressive Thought is an Atheist Thought."

I do not believe that this is true.  How about YOU??

Thursday, September 13, 2012

For The Wisdom Of Sake

In the Worth of your Mind;
A suggestion.

Be kind to Yourself.
Be Wise and Prudent in such an act.

Avoid a miserable demise,
in a life full of lies.

To practice Candor with One's Self,
is a Peaceful Approach.

A desire to Think with Independence,
to Structure your Mind,
creates a Foundation of Strength.


Blindness to the Progression of Thought,
will deliver only Bought.

Develop a Broader View.
Know your Measure!

Seed your Understanding,
 with a Balance of Acceptance.

Thoughts of Difference,
create a Singular Mind, 
of "Matters."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To cause a rift in the tides of the rivers that flow with no philosophical mind,
is to fight the pen delivering this ink to write with.

Where are the lessons of life recorded?
Are there only Commands to be followed?
Is it only in the study of Old that you can even find the Theory of Philosophy in Thought?

Is it only in the rule of religious law that such messages are taught of Historical plight?
Let alone sought. As it seems past history of such things has all but disappeared.

Do you not fear, a life so near, that speaks with no breath to announce our end?
A silent passing to a place that today's mindless faith has no question as to how.

~ or ~

What to do if?  
Believe? or even think? should the next move come in less than a blink.

To never consider the action,
or the act to bring to Conscious Thought and Practice Of,
 the reality that death will bring to you the finality of your existence in this place,
is simply ignorance of the next.

For in this very idea or lack-thereof,
neither must be and yet, both are a reality to me.

The stubborn persist of a stoic mind.

A Philosophical Thought Of Natural Ability

Where do you believe that All of the Knowledge rests when the wisdom to seek-out or define an existence of no traditional explanation has come to be naturally?

A Natural Capability to define Knowledge Itself as the ability to know, without reason.  Sounds like a peaceful design of a thought with structure, not being taught.

To cast-aside the Gift to Know, with an Answer to Question, "The Why," completes itself only in the Mindful Acceptance of what seems to be given Naturally without thinking.

An explanation of a Strange Delivery in the Streaming of Conscious Mind in a Pensive Thought, brings to an end a need to Obtain, only learning would remain. 

Does this "Natural Knowledge" or "Ability to Know without Knowing" deliver a message from Mother Nature on how to explain where I've been, without the damage from then, destroying you yet again.

To Explain to Ones Self, your History of "Not so Nice!" One must delve-into or be patient enough "to know," it will work itself to an end, delivering a proper or a moral appeal for help.

To Come to Be Naturally, would be the result of Grave Deprivation or the Threat to One's actual Life of "Breath in Death."

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Master's Voice

The length of leather in coat,
announces a Master's place of choice,
not Yoke.

No dare for Sir's of Dungeons or Lairs,
just respect of what was there.

A Mastery of the Oldest Art,
is what I remember from the start.

Proclaiming sound in Voice of Oral Writ,
I tend to follow no particular script.

Attune to only what I've seen,
my childhood is more than what it seems.

Men of Wares, Men of Means,
gave to me, simply everything.

Taught me right, showed me wrong,
an Education for the strong.

I was a Girl in a fight,
to survive each and every night,

Very few can delight,
in a life of such a plight.

Gratitude fills me still,
for the Men who gave from then,
a defense, a way to mend,
from the Nightmares of my begin.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Does Ignorance Direct To Deceive?

To be without the Gift of Sight.
I wonder why.

To even imagine that you are unable to look beyond yourselves,
causes sadness inside of Me.  


How plain Life would be.

To not Imagine or Ponder Upon,
the View of sights so far gone or ago,
being restricted to a Singular Plane or Breath,
causes the pain that I have experienced,
to be no-more
Than A Bump In The Road.

To be Inhibited,
to be Unaware to explore the beyond,
Understand the Past or Be in a Multiple Series of Today to See Tomorrow
would cause such dismay.

How could you or one decide anything?

I cannot imagine not being able to See.
The very thought would cause Blindness in me to this World of Need.

I would rather detach myself from Humanity to stay intact,
than to imagine that the Gift of Sight,
is not common-fare. 


Without an Inner-Eye to decide,
your Words would have no Leverage.

How CAN you stand to Direct,
if you don't have the Internal Intellect to know.

Dishonesty at such a Declare,
would be the Fallacy of Man Itself.

Why would you take the Lead,
if you could not See to Be?

I question all I see so naturally.

The Impact of Change,
is the destination of,
 Forever in Timeless Scene Of Amaze Me.

To Question with Answer,
is to Answer without Question.

The Epitome of My Life.

To Allow What Was, to be, Is The Wisdom To See A Greater Purpose Than Me

To come to this place with a Message intact,
is not unlike saying,
"I know that."

I close my eyes to See the Skies that delivered me into the arms of stay.

Pressure mounted each and every day.

Years have rolled on in my life,
regardless of the strife.

I have had to see and do,
before I could be Wise enough to act.

The crisis of the division in what has been, 
and what is, and, why:

Then I cry.

Rarely do I speak-out on,
the subject of 
"A Life With Purpose."

I am met with friction,
Mindless Doubt, Criticism and Filth.

To Presume,
is a learned behavior.

To Be,
is a practiced one.

In this World of Now,
belief in "A Sage" exists.

"A Seer," 
is older than all of this.

I claim only what I know,
I speak with Words Of Old though.

Rarely do we obtain a view 
of such a sorted action as all of You.

Performance in Life?

To be what you are naturally, is not a Test,
or, is it?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Ask With Answers

Floored by our ability to be,
I seek out the truth of intent as a Sage.

A Trip to this most amazing place,
a blessed event,
a Seer sent.

A venture of yesterday,
to look at tomorrow,
 and have the confidence to stand today.

I shout to say,
as you purpose an end,
I sport a thought of a Begin.

To live with Sight,
who would want to fight?

Full of nothing but Might,
I am right to say,


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Rivalry of What Could Actually Be

Live Tomorrow like it was Yesterday,
and know that it is in the Moment of Today
that this Streaming Thought of Said
Ignites you into a Believer of,
Never-Again be Dead.

Soar like the Eagle you had to have been, to be.
Be of a Day that you knew a Dream that took flight in just a night.

Oh Yes, I Can!!
< not >
I Didn't.

Words to Rue!!
If the Guilty get through.

So be Wise.
Or, it may have been You!

Forgive Yourself.
Don't be stealth.

Work on your Everything,
In the end you'll know nothing of The Begin.

Right and Wrong exists.
Who are you to Judge all of this?

Mere Riders in this Storm?
You carry nothing that is adorned by anymore than what is Worn... out.

Be of Difference,
Be Exact,
Be Knowing,
Be Watchful.

Be an example of Excellence!!

For in this Simple Verse,
you are a person, not of Perverse,
but, One, Worthy of Self.

Do not throw away Belief in its Self.
To sway to the opinions of other persons interpretations of Life,,,,,
of what will be, could be, or, has been,
in the Land you Were,
is merely strife.

Be Ever-lasting,
in the 
Breath of Now.

Take-In the Heir of RELIEF,
not Sin.

CHOSE A Better Tomorrow, TODAY!!

To Sport A Thought

To deliver a message of a greater tomorrow,
takes the sight to see a sad today.

Many throughout Time or History,
have come with messages.
 Spilling from there need to deliver to you,
a greater understanding.

To give the Gift of Sight, of Meaning, 
and of the great importance to follow yourself
 through your own Minds Thought.
 To seek out that which cannot be bought,
is the advice given, to listen.

The Frailty of Belief in this system of past,
has come crashing down on a Society
that believes nothing of Permanence.

To be in a condemned roll,
of a permanent existence of denial of what is,
what has been and what could be,
is either Foolishness or Idiocy.

I don't know which Rules your Affairs on this Earth.

To Presume that these Words are false,
is an Accusatory Sentence of,
non-belief in anything that has not already been.

A double-edged Sword of Retire.

To be so forward with a Mute Intention,
Deaf to any New Idea,
is to discount the popular belief of,

"We begin again."

Reincarnation is not a Sin.


From a twin-soul of Then!!

A Title To An Order

Born on the wrong side of Earth,
I am challenged by that which I see.

Lack of Belief!!

Condemning are the ways of the most commonly spoken.
Yet, as I search, I confess....
there is no place that is Best.

Everyone searching,
No-one finding,
enlightenment to an existence in the waste-lands of today.

I compare nothing to the emptiness that consumes this Planet.
As the negative words spill from the mouths of selfish beings.

I contest in brutal vein.

Put forth an innocent remark.
Uplift the sense of Air that seems sucked in by Oxygen Itself,
not knowing it would have to Gasp at the shock of what is.

Whom do you believe gives the Sky it's dream to be over your head?
Who pays the Sun to rise so you may have the Warmth of a Day?
Who pats  the Moon on it's side, saying,
"Good Job.  You gave me direction in darkness."

Talking....Always wanting.....Never giving..
but in all the sadness of the existence of what may be our Tomorrow,
it is declared in the echos of Forever,

"You don't know how to receive."

There must be an order to things.

The Eye in the Fire of an Eternal Flame

I saw the flame of Life in my mind's eye last night.
As the flicker of flames lapped the Air,
I was drawn into the color of the Fire Itself.

A deep well of Elemental Bricks surrounded the base of this Eternal sight.
I embraced forever.

Each flame shot as a flare,
out into the darkness of no despair,
a lurid affair of caught in thought.

Drinking in the breath of right,
I search the unending delivery of time in this fabulous stay.

I relieve my thoughts of a Dream upon this book.
Closely held, I put Ink to a place for remind.
Creating the written word of my silent voice streaming consciousness.

As I look to this picture of delight,
the story of all times settles into my mind.

In the days of more,
a Spiritual Guide might implore the World to vow.

Stop the Hurt.
 End the Pain.

Be simply amazing Now!!
...a crackling of the fire echos into this distant night sky.

Resisting nothing,
I type.

To the Flight on the 'Morrow

A Decadent Source to Origin your sport?
to lay in the Arms of More?

A rapport.

Withdraw your nature to only be a Carnal Ride.
For you have not put a thought into the One who is willingly blinded,
for Mere Venture of Night.

Think about your Being ridden as though I am your Liege.

To only be...
so gracious as to allow you to falter in your need to satisfy your drive.

I wait.

Not anxious for a hurried approach.

I learn.

As closeness is not your appeal.
Only a way to relieve a pent-up Life!

I advance.

With each thrust of release,
I listen..
to join the active approach..
of where...

No need to find the climatic relief for ......
I am only in the Begin of this thing called........gone.

As you come down from your Mountain of Contain to rest,
I sort my thoughts to ride those Tides of Wake!!

"A Cause for the Oldest Art to be in Existence Today"

In the Times of Trickling Sand in the Hour Glass of Old,
I go to know the broken shards.

Testifying to the lack of interest of should,
I will uphold that which has seemingly begun
and cannot come to an end or bring to a close that which rose..
under the Dungeon of Done.

I speak on a frame of,
 Pictured Thought

A Templed Plot!

To the Master of Lean... I Report

A raw sense of desire reaches into the 
Darkest Lair of Dare.

To Cuff the Hand of Deliverance..
from Common Fare,
is a shame.

Close yourself off to what peeks,
the Mind of Men.

Entering Realms of Unconventional Shares,
only condemns the blinding light,
that issues a final flight from life.

A flare of what creates the shape of a Thought of When,
starts your heart and will tingle your begin to be.

To speak with a Voice of Silent Record,
opens the values of the;
Weight of Time!!!

We have been!!
Shall We be Again?

Closed off from the freedom of a mere adventure,
of  simple lustful desire.

I question the Stand of All.

Are we Sacred to the Quiet?
So behind, in the Hidden Scene,
one obliterates reason with the Lies of Desire, for obtain?


In open venue of the Forum of Now,
denied is the pleasure of what you have claimed as,
"Faulty Minded"
as your appeal of never did wanes in the night air of done.

I Ask.

Know your Covetousness'?
As you are contrite and without honesty as a compass in your life.

Do not partake in what is not a Sin,
to only turn and cast disparaging remarks on...
'cause you've already been.

A Plight for Rare Difference.