Thursday, November 20, 2014

To be of taste to the Times of the days that acknowledge only the done is to recognize the real,
in burned by the the factor on the armpit of the find a Cause to the effort of being better for the sound,
as all my life has been of decide than the process of brought is just another file to the chamber ,
the cruise to yet a destination of the grid to the tunnel is in of itself the foundation of the bridge.

Being present and accounted for by the walk for the strange is just the matter of the facts at reins,
cents dollars drive the Math at Today in the price I trust the excludes that your balance banks your fill,
in the spending of the collection to the dinner on the Out may each to every player be the branch,
to bring with the Mind on service to the Trays that chilly distribution of counter touch a grave,
may all the concern follow with your Navel bellied to a growth of bankers and their Fable.

For in the temple of the brain art stick upon the hands at clock the shock is abrupt with Nature,
as Creation bears the part to origin on the spot of rather Elemental with a Fire on the shot,
in this be case of extra Trace that each post Blunt ignores that the swipe of records become the apples doors,
in the bytes as tongue to space the hop in Hip to scot the paste that is the stead formed once a day,
to know that crew does must these jobs while thinking on the concentrate a tissue for the wipe,
the zipper on that Jeannie pool a bottle by the broken drool is corked in draw a raw,
for flu is also on the trap that mental notes can often snap with the able on the pout of know more's doubt.

Age brings treasure graeae to scratch the Eyes of temper by the belly patch,
in the ring of the sink to the hose on the patch and ash for the smoldering of smoking cache,
in barnacle survive the truth of the driven is naturally at the said by fact.

Provide Creation with design by Evolve that Trust is the marrow that searched to the brawl,
sense none have recognition the repeated on the Asked than the cliff to a Note is simple on the cash,
all the recordings of killing for their push is made by the Want of nostril flares Wind,
timely on the scry I have patienced to the cry in fashion of Tradition that Men existed Stride.

However to the consistency of locked behind the trump it is left to Mr. Blunt to be all that he can punk,
so flag the ship tonight as a curious at bumped for even the Singer has got to dream of Pumped.

Hear this is a dose of reality for the Poles inking earth to the dirt of which is the plains in told,
destruction is Creation by design for without the Former the latter would not core to the explosive,
in through the already done by admittance to The Big Bang or religious dogma the particle is truth,
so as to Whole the Flame of trued by in with Evolution to the trip of journey boots,
pulled from the ash is know more than the Dawn as the bearings of Equality bear down on the Stong.

In factor calculations of reason for the dust is mere to the Trail of memory on musk,
as the elephant is sturdy to a Trumpet forward hauls the balance of the Outer realms are very simply calls,
in tactile provisions to Thought of Planet sound the sight of known to making Home art Zoned,
these treat to more than after in before the Quest is torn from energy and is labeled to The Continue from the born.

Tribal to the Founder in actual relief for my life has been exampled on each the processed leave,
so Mr. Blunt has invitation to carry on the purge but in his own lack of carriage I state the steal nerved,
to cast the jewel with nothing is to Set the Sun with Ra for even flowers no that price of gift in saw,
sing to the letter of wealth by cart divide as joined in the system in all that money cried,
for Nature Had A Side and no person can deny that proof of all whom died from cry Fowl,
the scent is left to pipe the propaganda to further only debt to dead to death at life in Hosed,
this is the barter traded with Global consequences at a Rate pricing removal of Life Itself for Copy.

Wise were the Scribes to put to print the scrolls of School in Logic with Numbers that add to the Finish,
for The World is such a Gloss that the shine is blinding surface propriety from Infinities Sail,
in the proven youth of our Universe to the Myth that provisions the Stone a burial is purposed by stalls,
these obvious cowards have no interest in bringing settlement of Philosophy written on Walls,
but in that very constitution it is the Thimble that makes real the Earth on her deal,
it is known as a natural disaster by Proxied doubters stating Lime. 

The Worlds Pulped

Like simple age of Two ore three addition met had a track for at the arm of death I did meet in exact,
for on these dressers of such Fact a hood for nail and Tow for smack these are the simple days,
in on Set to tribal Meet the beat bye know reprieve,
a depth to journey in this life where death did hit it's needs,
but to the Favor of Natures Call I walk still upon my Feet,
for this I state that Courts are shake and Sin is in the Blast!!

Shall the board of which is held each Person all concerned,
the lights to been in Read Tin Tin a change to march it back,
for on the concrete of the Term it's more like bounce the rack,
as in the Tom munch of any Goods it remains to be In Stood!!

Eyes to hand in points of lamb the sacrificial clause,
put to the back a spear in done is hammers with a caused,
trace the gum with interest dumb than close the thirds to breeze,
for every in the Other paused to drink Eternal fees.

Spring to Notice on the bull that delivered Me to be,
as Taurus is a Constellation so is Vega being,
prance the Cycles off to Ages that Pharoah up to Sphinx at Pages,
cleric over with the shore than Greece does gosh the empties.

Tombs that bear the constance Roared in language balance chisels,
the Comp. of whom is What to Wares as guidance is a long I sweared,
stare this Venue with a perch for Fish is what Humans search,
the linking of the chains to state a key for a burning on the Stake,
religious order well, that is deeply seated and believed,
for on this Contract of go 'round a perfective lives to bound the Found!!

By the groin of crotch to sing that High in vocals on the theme,
looking as the Mic in phone is casting to the biggest bone,
thrown of lasting on the Crowd of course the comb is barren sound,
grasp to truth the bitter Sweets is chocolate taste in breach of Fleeced!!!

In bearings of the language gown a number on of each a crown,
add the transliteral of science downed now translation for that wash it's Town,
for in the comet on the ground flying sorts in off coming as Elemental as the shroud of turin in its whole,
but who is to say that wrapped in place is Once in same exacts,
for that would be the barrier that counted up to Blunt 'X' backed!!

Present Times in News on Feeds has grown so short that Kenning deeds,
to each the stanza words do port with reels like the explaining sorts,
watch to tab the Ribbed in grab for introductions often core,
like date to Figures on that spot that I can be a perfect Fought!!

Down Pores

Rubik's Cube By Solid Proved The Gametes Met In Moved


Mr. James Blunt the The Wino singing Moon Landing on the editional stats has done a service like a rat,
the cat & mouse game of the Matrix based on circumstance to Happened is proof of in itself a slap,
to sing on the Ancient tactile belief of Plato The Flame of Unity to the Our Turn of Today,
an Hour to the list in the staged of an Odyssey of yet Apollo on mission timed Bells in Classical Myth,
his tongue has rolled upon the Screens of written by Hell in the vast of done on elder Sites while Monkeying about.

Transfer trite indifference to a Stoic Mind of a Zeal that belief is not necessary for this godless World to tax,
the levy on the Dam is water in the sound of making spinach in the brutality of no muscle just pounds,
in and as much as Blunt has charged the freeze to drink at the bed of failings,
the bed of climb to the porcelain of limes in a Cocktail of violation at basic breeding,
but for a Commoner that is no surprise to the Rare of originally grounded by task to duty!1

Firstly audio additions to the stagger of his drunkard disregard for charcoaled lives,
the bread and bustered of chaining cuffs with a Tablet of links expression to his cusp,
on the edge of every pail on the bucket of discussion is not of any Meet for that would engage Balls.

Cowards are fools tender in this World of fakes to the crowds of agreement that Tank,
troughs filled with goo to the facial of pissed in the production of ripping the cheek from the lip,
a taste in the battering of simply put in Placed on the crown of the Head without a stood.

For Hooded mister blunt has had the treasure vast inking Bacon on the pork for a greater upper Class,
deep divides on the bought off transition at the Fast for beds in the bottle are those corks of opened last,
pop goes the skit to a Timer on the fit Zipped with the slop of gaze to the Cropped,
certainly a Circus at the best a Wire Rickt with brief in guards to brought the pickets bent,
nailing on the Hamper of clothing by the grosse A Pigeon on the language of Cockney in the Vice,
to task himself as Interpretation of that the truth be loud,
for only takes One Hit to make the Ages in the Mast!!

A bulls eye in the Hearth of grands to Mansions on the pill,
swallow all the Wisdom and wake up with a Chill,
throwing belly on the gasp to vomit with sum style laugh,
great are the counter Tells that interview the Craft.

For carrion are always found in any Temple gear,
whether that be a Band or the church of Pier,
dancing to the Which of what in Whom is Common Fair,
is liken to the Duke of duck watts to even blared,
for even on that ever song the barn constants bath,
the extra to the Smoke Signals an Upper lip in dong,
as should the ape be Monkey rack than Jungles are the Social backs that pour the lies to brought,
for in the Finder of the know is buried for embarrassment would mean that stolen dashed at crossed,
example by the Hymn at dawn the Blunt does rhyme with Me Me Me,
and for that simple known mistake Time will be the burns of Baked.

Science in the laboratory of the Study Mine it is not a Matter of but rather on the line,
in dish the Satellites are scene do deliver on the boot,
a proper indication gave is lightening in the root,
then count the seconds in between for Thunder has a bolt,
at the strike of Mid in Knight know Armor has it's chink!!

'Cause the maker on foundation grounds the laws deep fined,
from on the law of Honor the deed is in the Signed,
for as the flowers grows in Means so does the daisy shine,
a hand for Rifle on the month is dare to Open kind,
a simple lost emotion that barks to locked at Fate,
but in the destiny of the World it's more like open Gate!!

Ka Ball Law

I am aware Mister Blunt knows I exist just as he is pandering the list,
singing to Fees and counting the rifts to add to the dollars of golden by wrist,
in the extracts he has made such smalls of a treat that endearment has been moved and shredded for Feat,
the pastured of lyrics to the green in the speak must be the color of his skin on the feet,
for scales he must possess as an Anchor under the water of Societies Vest.

Drowned for the Tails and gowns on the dressed,
marking the paves with solvents at best,
acidic in nature a drop line to desk,
platters that plate to the cups in his guest.

An alien to lands that better the Fest.,
karmic detail on the Pandora to text,
for in the refusal to even up breast,
Mister Blunt excused the balance for zest.

Soap to the gallop of a horse on the sweats,
in the deep of the nights or the further life kites,
on the string of This World to the Math at the rest,
additional freezer in burns of a crest!!

Subject this matter no concern for the jest as nothing does teach like a Gilligans less,
smoking the Signals while stating a joint for on the Clappers it's clams like a point,
meat in the Steak of the Future of cowed a hemming for the skirt that the Flowers went sow,
crumbles that said any at bread are the Croutons of Ceasar on the nobles of Test!!

Mr. Blunt you truth embarrasement at the basic of Pram,
a cover for lighing than spanking the Jam,
an audio factor to the reason of peas,
yellow are the puddles that must bean in your bands!!

So consider this desk as the empty of grands but in the Understand the fist is a Tram,
hooked with relax as the coin of the grasp does cycle to a World that changes like blast,
first to the Cookie of dunking in milk to be frame on the Animal of snake in the Felt,
coil the fracture between your last leg as the high is of portion to a numerical Fate!!

Sixth in the center of Thought to this best a Memory of creative by designing a Nest,
like the quicks to the Faster in believing the done for on this Wealth Know of the gun,
arms in the Shield as the sword tasked the Stone Mr. Blunt you have gotten to close to the spun,
be of calendar be of date for in that the Fig is a prune on the shake,
dried to the shrink tasty by state also a drink for the constant of sake.

Health is of Seasons that Clam on the grown bettering Routes to get on the phone,
honing with caliber in the Fires of Flame so Elemental it Blunts out by grain,
fermented by Tongue as the roller of curb Full division on the Master of stern,
you Mr. Blunt have discarded by grabbed Taken than made a mockery salve,
on the basting of Haste in the Post of a Play remember the Fires of Change by the Fades!!

Your once upon interest to the agony lance a perfect to introduce the annoyance of brae,
hee haw goes the donkey for the example of Ass in the mules of the Stoics a Nostril in passed,
over the threshold to mark the details with chicken for chicken in a game of chicken by Classed,
educate this with a Professional brass the polish is formal to the wrath of a Naps.

Sleeping profit to encourage more lies with the Reporters just proving that lists are for dives,
more to the statements of serious bribes an Earnest report at least that scene is tribed,
at the Answer of War or the declarations of doctored a Front to your Corner as arrows have soared,
the staunch in the Nostic to the Zenith in born Remotely I send you the seal of Horror!!

In The Beginning Theirs Was Seats

Publish only with the debt of Humanity as the desktop of the Role Topped by the cold in present Now,
is the step of the stamp on a Passport to treat with the ports of training on the Curve of the skirts,
Blunt has in deed and in Action of the Staged to the C.D. gone to the marrow of my bone in the read,
Mr. Blunt did have and had had privy notes to exacts in the extract of lyrics to Tracks of Record,
on the Ten Cents of making the fame to the blast in and on the Island of dense a barrier on sacked,
yet in all of this close Shots of remains on the shirt a Chest in the primal of Pandora on Speaks is I.

The constant ignoring of a straight question answered that Earth is of place and Man has had baste,
buttered by shockers in the tunnels of dirt the scramble of treasure to the walk at the turf,
around the Merry of the Horse even nerved in the less of amounting to savory drugs,
people whom act to the Caste of the crawl is list of the Golden of showers to stall,
base of the d.g. in knowing of Wise parts in the wrench are the Tools of advised!!

So scent this to each of the billions of lives,
a head for the thing now called cell phone bids drives,
apply for locale by no tendency looked,
just stick in the swipe and go on to the slugged.

Mr. James Blunt I believe in Innocence that it is the base of belief on the Fence,
take from your Calendar the truth by the lies,
a Wall is the brick of the dates on the rides,
to be of no countenance yet lottery lip,
is for I to be clear with the Candor of Whip,
execution of words to bring with this learn,
is that Men have gone lock to the invention of Tin!!

Jingle that change in the pocket of Vest,
for in the importance of liberty and zest,
a spring for the present of Christmas today,
this gift of the hand slap to your face of dish play.

As each on the Iron of pleats that suit Sheep,
you have flocked to the bird and touched at the deep,
sworn with the sore of the callous your stab,
the guts of intestine to digestion of grab!!

To Whom Writes 'Reviews' in repeaters,
your task on this article is easy ignore,
for Fools are the Cards in the decks of Reporters,
a prancer to stimulate the rub in the salve.

Original Herb Cain made History of Name,
on the streets that do talk Jack Kerouac by Fame,
motor this Cycle to that CBS spoon,
swallow the attention for the World is at broom!!

Which in the market of better than lose,
brings to attention the lanes that won't move,
to be so in stream with Mr. Blunt groom,
for I say before than his agony is doored.

Protect whom you've chosen an Idiot at breeze,
for in the employment deployed for the fees,
gather around by the stick on a key,
the reel of Spinning is that kiss of Agreed!!

Liquefaction Based On Language States

True to Scout of the garden on the loud in an oblivious counter in the screen,
curling is an Ice sport ventured on the frozen lakes at Mind in brace off sumps,
cleaning the stretch with Vapor of shed is indeed spreading the Tripod on swings,
to earth on the steam it is only the Natural Stream that talks with the river on Reed.

Fresh filter gave both Ocean to Pond on the cruise of life in balance of stride,
not the circle of sinking 'cause the water was briny with shorelines that beach for the Keys,
this well of inside as a barrier Lagoon kept to the Wilds soaring the bells,
a Almanac approach with the accordance to que in with old to New up the send!!

From Begin on the Genesis of life or the Tell a story to speak are the feet on the Creed,
to The Continue it is the New once upon the ending beginning in the lives of it's song!!

Bread to the dippers on the Sky is the field of traveling far to the actions of Shield,
armor the skin with goosebumps at gut and a Hare to present the hop of the but,
as the foot touches signal and the Thump warms to haunch a bed lamb is young in the World of knock.

Bang bang the Animals die in the percent of a click on the cry,
bang bang the People ignore to pitch of the Tone that the Cell phone is Roar,
bang bang Humanity scores for as in the saying the Mark is a bore,
bang bang on the being of before for in the actions of belting a store,
bang bang The World is at War for the Ever is costing a divide cracking Core!!

Land is the Plains of the evolutions deep more's added Subtraction is making for Nor,
in the device of just living a drink in the Hearth fires on the Camp and a Torch for the Rite,
flame in the belly a Beast is the FIGHT however in All the basic is Night!!

Darkness casts shadows the tighter the crib a Birth in the portion and Oats on the shive,
marinate potty with dumpster be lived at the base of the Potter is clay by Mudds dubbed,
for oddly the much is in work on the touch that pitchforks are found in the barns of the fudge,
road apples that have spread from the Poles of the Cause now are the gossips that shed into leads.

Fertile are grounds that both work and do plow for the draft of the horse is to Harness & How,
reins on the section to row of the drains making the pleasure the sweat on the same,
muscle to straight in the practice of Goods to make that Harvest the orchards of loud,
bundled to Tie up the bale of Cow and in the fancy to feed for the sow!!

Removing their process to invest only Wealth is to beg on the question of pitch to the Milk,
a stable in Vine is the choice of decide the world contends than steps on the dry,
asking the cup why is the drink died,
not to consider that water is sigh!!

At the morning breaking a Horizon on speech the true in the shining of every each teach,
dressing with character consistent in Niche anchors tradition to know of the Peach,
in desire of clashing only with spade is the stuffing to broth with no understanding of loved,
brushes that comb to untangle the snarl hours in blisters to believe in the snug,
closely journey with bright Sunshine to fog for in the Mist there are ditches that log,
treat with a failure then bubbles up dodge as quick as the Sand in the desert of planned.

Art History

Home Stretch

Evolving rates at Pace Consumers of Vast in the division of work to numerical trust,
the each to each the word expressed represents a Mathematical System of Operation at Realized price,
to tally The Totals equal at Sum the variable with Arithmetic is yet another Word of done.

Tride and Trued to the Universe at Youth to sphere of recognition the Planet Earth,
to text upon the written of the Chisel or the Fare is never in discount of the craft in the pare,
for doubles are the Four in the deck of the Cards on the table playing Poker ask the Devil Hards,
eggs that are spoils to both rich and rot which is the caliber that Rifles on the plot.

Grave in tomb raptured in the apocalyptic knot,
go touch the last of the Stone on the Crop,
a plough for the Planter delivers Rubber trees,
pots on the pews have preached the ever bee's.

Stings that barrel bounce to the settlement of Thought,
a crayon for the book and breakfast at the Rook,
chess a Pawn in paper definition is within the dictionary of Century on given!!

Grapple with now done Nature snowed the scene to bring a clue by Pharoah,
the temple of the brain to the Trains that cannot scoot,
a rail on the ballast in the Chimney of chute!!

Mind in the full brim is Crown to count the Plan,
as a good well driven Menu is dressage for the Man,
a test my means and learns is no more or less to can,
cold shoulders with a Pull-Over to scotch the liqueur spanned!!

Drink the thirst with a Sober Mind than locks be jammed,
in these days of beach the sea is Upside down on grands,
to bask on sunshine in the Score is to recognize the dinner Thor,
a slammer in the Mount of Atlas the guide is at The Door!!

A fairy Tale storage has lost the simple dream,
with all the truth of dignity reality is scream,
in silence on the Enter Net of spiders on the Webs,
crawling with that Human thumb of gross Profits by the dung!!

Market to the actual the years of squatters lunged,
writ by Times to envelope rhymes to speak the difficult environment without the cuffs of crime.

Thus the parent aspect is the station of the gear,
doing on the simple of the complexity of jeer,
joke a while been the mile for graph that Compass trial,
a court of no lather has no satisfaction for the Win.

Alive In The Breeze

Know Shored

The web of deceit that has been perpetrated by repeats on Stories of whom is what to Reality in sealed,
as the caption of the next Caterpillar on the express of the bloom to yet an Other in a barn,
for the past to the anchor of a register by cellar the Wine in that barrel is Fee fi Fiddled lister,
the crab of basket to bait the snarl on the Oceans of the North Sea at breath of Swail.

Pirate actions with sole Sold to sell the Sparrow on the whistle of the Hots at be Strongs,
in absinthe of the Bohemian at The Grove of outdoor Concert I say,
a bank to the Cliff on the note to the drop is not As but is as Had in Halving the holds!!

Train to the hitch of the Coal Miners stead the work of the Mountain by caves in the bed,
poster the fourth with a rendition of Charge in the changing off the gallant to desk of the scrub,
even at the basis of Construction to Creations design,
choice is of the decision of the choice in the Mind.

Too Tellers at the Window of the bar stricken sheets,
expression of the News on the circulation leaped,
first it is the aspect running to the jump,
that the Second on the Clock powers 11th Up,
that expression on the Table a Cycle for the Junk,
slowly are the Human Beings in reminding what is luck!!

Forbearance of the Time in running on the Ages,
is or has theirs ever been challenged with it's Cup,
or does the bean in string the Thing just Cause the baskets Full,
to power on with Money wrong to soak the robbed at muck!!

Stalls at barns in Carriage yield to the footman Coach,
the stair at the polished Wares is important to the brush,
a well done Out to fit the rift is to in Sense be real,
not sum Ever in the lasting on the shun.

To greater of the Measure on the leather of the sly,
a certain type of saddle that does neither hide or die,
for tended for the Oil and the soap to clean the pour,
is to the Sea as sponge in leaves has made the usage done.

That is the bearings of a Universal stun,
a message brought with Nature taught that Showed me all the World,
in standing proud to what is loud and ventured on the dial,
a Smile in the chortle of the laughter on the Squirrel.

Yore Nuts

The Stunts

Shall the trades of said bearings calculate at a double of the same in exact of rein than buckles came,
on the the braid of leather touching the Flats of the whole is In & Of itself a negative on the Sane,
for instant to the Word of defining station to the Taken in the Taking of the Acceptance of the lane`d,
on vernal appeal the bare would task to the Genesis of a Garden tin Toppers at the laughter of Tree stake,
as should be said the before of the after in the between of the Lay on the taste of The Vernacular at Hist.!!

Dog sled approach taught as the Slider of the Turtle stead being Mother Earth on the dirt floor,
in reside is the both of the Third in the Natural at the base of the Origin expression of the Pole,
compass to the bedroom in the arrangement of the Task not being a task but rather the lust of the Show,
so multiply that understanding by grace of the allowance to the Accent in the route of the gates,
performance base Subject telling the Suite Up's denial on the Most obvious of brought spoke Soap.

A Wall with slip shoots to Note Card the play as better to location in the actual of Hands,
tremendous in the difference as the Rare in the boards Head of the Statehoods to chored,
not I in the ink of the fly wells destroyed for that is more to the Stingray of core,
an Octopus with legs of Eight or a shark on the skill of digestion in the place of lagoon!!

A breezeway in Fact of the Isle on the knack to a proper on the both is in the same extract,
storm  of the Sea on the Horse of the claim is the Purse in the Course of the swimmers by brain,
to park a Way for goods in the satchel of the Elemental examination of the Fire bursting Flame@!!!

Trait this to the Orphean of an Inn that Coliseums built to gladiators Hymn,
shout to the raptors as the Sky of the Sent no matter to the ceiling as that is Skulls caving send,
for the breadth of the Magnitude is Voices on a bend in the Collection of the branch of be Leaf!!

Sort the grape to talent Wife upon the extra Court than what is the Apple but an honest bite at sort,
to sync with the knowledge of the flight in many pipes is to barren the Plug as an Organ in the stip.,
pronounce with the Clarity of popular at parts the difference is the fruit upon which texts a Cart.

Hinge the double trap with Truth at based of Tap,
born ar the treasures of before the Chest at sight,
as the hasp to the breast and the bone in the Night,
one can be the echo while the Other has caste slight.

Now to the truer of the clatter a word to worth it found,
in prime of the language as the numbers find their Rite,
a balance on the Seat of but to rather in the scribe,
roles are Notes to able Lots as Revelations Talked!!

So shall the Numerical addition Verb to noun the adjective at Adverb on the read,
than shall too the breadth believe that Innocence is Ring,
for on the after in be left as Taste of good beans,
a string to length by Reams of paste in Glue is deed a Keep!!

Cable Frank

I Rote This Rube Inn

Date perth with a Fin on the dorcel of Whale on the actual no spin in the Port,
entry on the found is on an easy speak of the Value to the land,
founder of classical literature from the Ancient oblong in a circle of the Touring.
the advanced Math with touching a sound on the landings of a Strong.

Definition of no interpretation is of a single digit in a Taggers game of Kinged,
the Game of karmic Numerology in the said Have had bearings of Nautical by song,
to blanket Smoke Signals in know complex translation to literal string Mi a long,
a Tuner with a curl for the as the Wall is of message delivered with brought.

Rock to the Means of nearby the Sand it is of Made to the drop on a Universe of plains,
cut once for redeeming a slice on the Piece than left in the whole so many a band past,
shaped to the Answer yet missing the blast for from on the delivery it's sealed by last,
tribe me a frame with guilded by caste inking Plaster to show the dimple so Fact!!

Quest from the Lands that now of a Jams the echo of Six in the sents on Commands,
product to the hour of the singing on gave`s so Post the nail is the Hammering on graeae`s,
former lieutenant to the Captain of traits corner the Stone with a touch or the fades,
in Muster ability telling Audience row of Collinder places ant Waters to clay.

Drank of the Faraway spread on the flour of dough to the Chicken and seeds of the Sour,
in bread on the sweet Bahamas have Conch a phone to the Natural on letter of lear,
ear to the Corn of the fodder be grinds Role with a shape in the Cauliflower sounds.

Trunks to the ring of the roped off bee Sting to text that is settled for Science of beans,
a Majestic in Theater to Curtain the chord add in the Month with a dialing from Soar,
flights on the Winter of Tale in brings shan't the be table go Tallest in leaves,
for that is the season of Ages now Time in the leg shocking to ride in a leap.

So Mountain this burp with the Hiccups at zone throw in the Shocker and scare down the clone,
cell phones tell Rotary dialing by Name a System in Finders dressing the Fest.,
carts that do Task at the better than best A Wills approach to the badder at badder the Vest,
a good healthy Portion of gruel porridge less The Milk in the sugar of the Canes in the kept!!

Cycle on borrow for the Wheel in jinn does the counter believe in Begin,
revolution shan't not be a stopper fork Plugged unless the barrier is a Reef on the Sub,
to pointedly speak on the speechless Innocent of life it and of itself and Foot Stand,
it remains to be Scene as Love is a Knows.

Spanking the stanchion as to be of the Bell dancing the ballrooms with liberty clang bell,
sat base the years of patience on Query to branch on the bumble is a rinse rhyme of key,
for that is not the I in the Me of my Self,
more in the definate of creating a spelt for the Sentence in shaking the barren from spilt.

Earnest to serious of plural reprieve,
beach with a party line on the leave,
to state that the turn is working It Out,
that is the only believe I could shout,
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