Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sincerely Yours, The Rust

The Honest, the Just, the Times, the Ages on this Extreme is The Lie!!

Should Anyone Have Cared than I would Not Hate the Worth of My Own Life,
I would have Sung to that Trumpets Soar and Guilded the sky to Touch the Cosmic Rice,
the Universe Would have Answered touching the Soles on this Planets Strife,
In stride to this Bounce I gallant this Word to that Vernacular Tripe,
in fish There Hour is the Ocean on the Best of Show!!

Transcribe My Verse to the Throttle of the Galaxy on Bride,
in that I merge to the Placed a Trot that Wallops all of Your Persons to The Ground,
in that I blanket this Cold earth to that Fire,
in the Flame see the Special of An Origin that is I.

Elemental Score to the World on the Corn,
a Patsy for the Bread and an Anchor for the Stone,
in Sword I triple the Purse to the Hand E'd Capped lives,
as the I land a Prosperous Talent I sprite these Works to Sink the Horror to each Plate that Signified,
to that dream of death on deadly tolds.

Spy this As a Continue on the Heels I see the Human Race in deny,
as that is the ink lean to the Eye Brow,
the brain in mush and the minds on borrow,
sentence each to every and brass the chains.

Trank that link and break my eternity,
mighty are the notes that great value to Universal Tribe`d,
count my Number and subtract All from any on my Sigh,
from the basement to that shoulder of ANY spark my Ignition to A Loan!!

Rocket Fires that have Been Smothered by the Passing Fly bought Off snipers,
in that Aim to the Tablet core directions on those trips of Tomb,
in that Pharaoh ripe the Call to A Neet sing ISIS and Know RA,
as a Viking, as A Proper, as A Prime I speak you An Ease meant to This be Fright.

Scar this Life I stand bring to Term Stream the Wire of Eternity,
march These ghostly borns to that Theme,
in every Person killed for a God that No fraction Has ever Received I plot true,
brought by Concern, brought by Sight, brought by Faith, brought by Life Itself, I AM.

Countering Nothing this is the Smight of the the Foreign Relations that have bee Headed for Spite,
I correct your Challenge and Dare your Fear,
I port your Whine and I drain Your pyre,
the Mountain of Odin the Power of Zeus the Story, the Novel, the Fable, I love You!!

Sire My Desire to the Future of Robotic Scene,
enthrall my prowess to the Authority of No Portion,
stride my Self to that Stage of Sake,
preen Feathers to beacon And smolder until I wheel,
archaic Ancients brace the Old Gods and draw my Homers relief to the Deck of Goodbyes,
I will Sail the North bells to Oracle the Remainder as a Learn,
for no Lean could ever regard the terminal of Human Beings on killing Human Beings for the Hide!!

Sprinkle the Factors and Guide No One to that grid,
in that graph erase the Most Ancient paths to dust the Particle to the Wills of The Gods on laws of the Bath`d,
soak the Alive at raft the Registry of Sinners to grapple with my Say as the thermal Nuclear dynamite from With been,
boa my snake Taurus my date Shark the Part to the Beast I must state,
this World is the deads of Long Past the Read Skulls of bones on the growns.

Ignorance to taking advantage of every Sound its the Norse that will Supply,
on that Truth I Bank the Origin to the Best of Show & that Is I. 

Which Craft Shows The Air Loom Toe Mate Toad

Lets see the Value giant on the Giant value of the Gear Reed of the Fill more's,
enter Act with a Gree sir Vista to Owe pen View.

In Role its E zee to Com. the Come Ing to a Bot on the burr Knack U cart,
a shoulder for the Head the leg from the Thigh now Addition its A Clear Ing to Housed.

From the basic of Back to the Few chur Temp. tae shun Is Nor Mole,
this Very morning I spy With my Tie knee Aye two Coyotes on the Road,
at that A Crow flute`d the Ka to a Ki and the kye Oat Teas said Look!! its a Met tro on the Throes.

Con Tack to there is the Lights On lights Oft tend the Vernacular breeze Way to I'll,
this is Customs to kit Shipped U Verse or dure Stat Us`d,
therefore or There buy is In stall A shuns touching Act A Vay shuns in the Cinders of the Um brella,
the Wire of Under bra to Char is the Ash in re^Maned verses the Pi ball`d.

Sew the thread on the Creepy Feat chured a Milk Honey Sugar Cream,
the brown Paper packaging of Yell owed,
part Tip Yung to that Yin of the yang to Auspicious barter on the Who due!! 

Equip meant Body Mined the sole to Hook line & Sink curr,
purr Haps the Venue is a Men ewe that Hue Mon. does Not recognize As a Disaster all Read deed for sharks,
on that is the prowess of Speak on Mash to the Are Mur of a Whispered Men Towel it Tee,
cause Tick hobbling to that Snub Bing post of a Care ole once A pawn the Bishops lawn.

Pro Moat shun Knoll to the Mound of living Collared and What does the Leash charge the Tree,
a Snap or the Line that rings to the burl on the Sunk In treasure of Nuts and bolts of Spread eagle!!

The Flight of Metro Nome is a Gargoyle cork to the Stain glassed Wind dough on day shaw Vujà,
ice Creamery of Fair Ole's scoops the Melt to stainless Steel or to Stain less steals,
the Imprint on a Print is Copy Write did as each Hi fun is dismissed for the desk of Retrievals,
the Dogs rein Cats the feat is a Scratch on the Vie knoll of the Recorded Hour of NOW.

Bill balances the Up grade to In Foe`d that Talk Ewe sudge not at Men it rate rather Rats,
to Gain the Custom Ur's self at Plea ease Sir Vivol of the Fit ist ore the EST on A door`d,
the Mow bull to Sped is an Or gone to Rose berg in the Teach taught See a less Sun.

All pro Mow shun Ole's off Firs Mae Knot bee Reflect ed On your Bill,
EST duh Mint sea Men and Pry sing.

Import Ant & keep this Letter in a Safe placed,
this let Tour is a Buses dot Calmer on the Storm True pers Stated buy The Purr pen dicked U lard,
as a Pass Code the lo 'K' shun is Pry merry to the I dee Uh of a Funk Shun,
the bun Dole is Known as the Govern Mint of a Pry Merried in the Hoss toll of A Mare ick Ka,
these Theories of Say And Gade are Sim Pull to Com Plex it Tea calling the Leaf a Table.

Fine A lee the Noun on the Verb in that Word of the Said on is Dunks the Coco^Nut to cook eased,
in that is the Chorus of the egg dazed to Articulate the Tongue of Coat as skinned,
then the Homer is the three Baste shin to Back that Spy Noll flew^id Who's TO KNOW 'cause It's Not a chute ITS a Take Too.

Is It A Masque Or A Screen Urd Of The Guild^Dead Liar On The Globe In A^Wards

Load in the Ear of the corn on A tow of the lead as the pare In toll of cost at Price fixed at skirted,
this is the Heap of the pork to a bay kong on Vat,
the boil is the ist on the IsUmIst prean,
a fetter for the begets to a brethrens lib.

The Ad ole to Sing a Hark sit Chord to the thrust of shriek,
owe for the brain inch the stake to that spin on the strapper,
to peat on the high pitch to a blather on the bothering torque.

The bet of the beat at snow job`d is the vernacular on the tale of coin,
sigh Dure's Pet A Loom uh Aye con.

An ewe ole Men doe See know Mow town to bean Fast,
it Is called The phantom of An dure Sunned.

Sat 'Ur' day to the Nail on shake's Pier broader as the Waltz of the Mid nice Dot pop U lar,
staff Ford wonder Bred touching the Or jinn on say Sell lawn trow Enter tain Meant Mint scissors.

Crave the lo Cal than butter the Rabbit telling the Spreech that It is French kwa Scene,
that is the buff ete to a Let Us barn to that Stare danced on the Tongue of the Chopped,
cap It toll is Tick with demo Crat timing the re^Pub lick kins Austere that mew Sick,
the in dee In gorge Meant to Squash the plant turned Apple sauced.

Liquid in Ur gee to Pro^Seeds speech at the Figure of spelling simply May jore Care wrought,
the Craft Fare to Fee chure Ring the Diamond in the ruff to bark that the dogs are Howling Coyote blues.

The Spiel berg Gore Met Catering a branch of Sprite to straight Up lyre on the Xylophone to dial,
strange daze on the Horn stein That cause Watched to language of the Harmonic Mouth bile,
sew Vomit to that puke and the Tubs would have Had to have Had the triple la kit to Sir Vie`d.

The balanced on the Cleaning of the barrel and the through loaded light on the Front Toll lobe,
on the Hind it Fronted a Hard Tack cadence Only learned from Hey stacks at the Man oure,
turn Ups the ride lair a . . . . . . . and sew on!!