Monday, May 27, 2013

A Bolder Storms Rite

The Universe is whole today,
it speaks ever so gently,
"the galaxy is leaking."

The radioactive ride,
be it bombs or sun in the sky,
it is the Ozone and "The Why"
we go to show,
what is Nigh is No-Joke,
Dark provokes. 

A burning drone

The rampant bile,
man-made, Vile,
before extinction there was a Moon,
the Sun shown the Planets doom.

Design of creative detail,
is now so frail,
the atmosphere is rich,
chemically sick.


The sad despair hangs-in-the-air,
as breathe takes in,
the last breathing.

The Galaxy Seething

The coat is worn,
the cloak to warn,
 with price of sewn,
doom is looming.

The Crisis, wrecked,
much like SET,
the chaos of destruction waits,
the day? Production!!


I wonder this to ponder Exist,
days of Planet will be missed,
an everlasting Cist.


The shame to back,
more than that,
you have stolen home,
to 'All' whom Roam.

To fatten pocket-books,
increase the dollar,
taxation hooks,
extreme in exact.

No greater-distance to foreign land,
planetary stands to shoot it's planned,
to know remiss increased this,
a Copper-Hue is my persist.

Land, too Stand,
birthed by rite remains in Sight,
born full-bore,
of more than War,
to see what's right,
the Third- Eye to be,
a certain Trust,
 in Me.

The distant Past,
Rite not forgotten,
the blame remains,
man is rotting.

Global Suicide,
brought by,
In addition,
Bombs seem Planned!!

Reaching out with more than Sight,
it 'All' seems due,
death accepts,
a date for dead.

An Eminent Drive,
the gear appears,
to strip the Atmosphere,
of every Ear,
an Umbrella to survive,
a mechanical Cheer.

Holes not drilled are just burnt through,
with the refuge being shrewd,
the End does complicate,
but has been Ruled.


The Heat of Fury,
the Turtle's Shell,
the grey in black of white does 'Madder'.

The Vortex pull,
a Void of Roll,
the Tunnel-spins a Web so strained,
the Wormhole breeds,
to be a Gate.

Silent State

The greater Self,
a Theoretical Bow,
sets the quiver to shoot the Thought,
"The End" has Been,
 Ruled so deemed and seems to Trot;
an Aim of 'Lot'.

Too say that death accepts what is brought,
this Resting-of-a-Pestilence is also Taught,
the bed's Been made:
The Loss-is-Sought.

Where on Earth,
"oh wait, it's gone!!"
will Man land the birth of Shore,
should he go long around in life,
an Expectancy which is Bourne.

The Seer speaks in Rise-of Tell,
don't be bitter with this brand of Hell,
it's knew to view,
but worth makes due.

Prepare or delve,
 the Wealth seems type,
 a kind of Mind with conscious Times,
 depth-of-find remains unseen,
belief does preach,
"Keeping it Real,"
 so far it's reached.

To discount or MAKE-belief,
more than comfort so Faith is priced,
Tithes and Offerings total Sum,
the Church will Curse,
to cause Post-Hither.

Religions do mass and fall to knees,
not for prayer but in displeased.

The freedom to Pray at Times of Days,
schedules rule the breath of made,
not a reading but joint and teaming,
the words of verse is Full-Tone Might.

Revealing the meaning in memory tolls,
rites abide with Tunes of 'Tight'
Script persist,
to note to speak on a different life.

Paradise 'cause Heaven Sent,
I am know Man,
I am Reading,
Once-a-Week is Seething.

It is the Year of Reason-Made,
to no progression has a day,
not to fear admission played,
amongst 'All' men,

The beauty of the Cleric's View,
is or lies with-in each you,
not to judge but to call,
upon such made,
to Serve this raid.

The Tribe's Review,
the Clans point to due,
an accountable and primal move,
not to worship idols engraved,
but to recognize this Life-of Horror!!

Living Dangerously

A temptation to Re-define,
to misinterpret, leaks resist,
disagreements by pointing fingers,
leaving Four to reveal-it.

A reflection of Know-Man's mirror,
is the stare to go from Here,
should it prove to be Dear,
 than One shall Rear an ugly-sted,
for the 'Troddened' Gallop-On!!

Inflicted 'Pity' enhances Ignorant,
of not the beaten but the treasure.

In this vary Waltz-of-Words,
the exhibit unrehearsed,
production of, histories nursed.

The sweet drink of Milk & Honey,
churned the beatings of such too 'Utter'
exposing Beast-of-Wild; Druthers',
to be released exposing Letters.

Ancient food provides the fodder,
in Thought, in Line, in Order of...,

To stew in plots,
'Dimensional Views' providing Sustenance,
to See what's True.

The entry-of, upon arrival,
to ask for nothing in expecting fight,
it does deem,
religious plight!!

A birthed record to alleviate Bored,
a 'Curse-to-Chore' in only, leading,
a simple-oath in-spite of bleeding,
to further growth of what is Seeing.

Reservation man

Death is Deep,
a grave in 'Keeped'
a guarantee to grant such deed,
the more you speak,
increases: Reaped