Sunday, March 17, 2013


To Quench Thought in the marvel of a mind,
the thinking kind,
to deliver Centuries lost as a learning to cost,
lends life a light,
a guide to teach not take,
not break the Will,
so you may stay,
in this thwarted till.

In Ancient Times study of death,
created a way a direction to say;
Life Continues.

So many Realms to Cross,
to Pass-Over or Through,
an understanding lost,
 returns to you.

Discarded are these maps,
for points of view,
referred too and said to confuse,
so that you take your eye off Sake!!

Why does Humanity believe,
that You do not have to work through,
the Darkness too??.

With Light there is Black,
in each begin there is an end,
in every Road traveled,
there must be a reason to journey.

Surrounding Nature's display,
Her quest seems so grand,
how does Man remove himself,
as not part of this Plan?

The very breath afforded Our life,
is given by that which is discarded as used.

Should We not also be of Use?

Or, do You believe that the Work to Be,
to Produce is only for Consume?

In every effort energy expends itself so naturally!!

To discount what you do not See,
cannot appreciate, as yours for the taking,
dismisses the ride it took to produce your need, or required want,
without thought to the development of that which You take for granted,