Monday, March 31, 2014

Wide Open

The sculptured format posts,
the wholes of the verbal Coast,
the whipping of the lines,
digits Key stroke to find.

Value the primed as the constant dime,
the quarter of a call no longer stalls,
a growth in the percents,
caller I.D. delivers know cents.

Private matters behind close sets,
the echo of not a bet,
the cards Being dealt,
a tremendous wave to gamble,
the here would be the proof of ample.

Fast and never furious I accept what is as what was,
and what will be shall prove that in this write I know the move.

With clarity and too exact,
the creative places tact,
the life will have known a dual tone,
perfectly I straighten to be,
awakened by disturbing keeps,
to the facts of my destiny.

Gross Profit Verses Topic

Do not bark me out,
the reveal of the maximum ploy,
sold for or is it to,
whom will pay the highest soon?

Alive for another day I am,
not your purchasing dice,
thrown for the sight of what you did say,
living forever the Contracted Play?

Round this say in speech and seek,
the dollared valued adds to a past,
servitude of the sack,
the ayes' of the battled task,
send to speak,
the verse is well in spake and easy to take.

Crafty practice to spike the call,
will not matter if maternal falls,
the eldest sibling has different plans,
to sell that which provides a way,
for sake of the monies pay.

Life manifested a twisted fate,
the break in the private line,
to announce never whine,
it is the appendix of the seed,
also derived from original deed.

Introduction to the plotting,
never thought but it's been sought,
your psychotic phone call brought reality,
the tone was thrown to deliver the battering.

Eldest Sister oh please,
insist on the highest fee,
for Little Sister Sarah from your first lover,
is just behind your back,
seeking what?,
our Mother's contract?

You state an ever-lasting life promotion,
signed and sealed? such a lark,
the News of the Maternal Part?,
did you witness this in marked?

Proud you were of telling such much like another rut,
 I did listen as you paved,
the life that is not yours will say,
these our resights of what is,
 so grave.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Scarab

Excellence of a wiser move will produce,
a path to a trail that places the mark upon,
the Tale of Sped.

Where their is know action,
I deliver to you the written-out map,
an inked kiln. 

Ringing of the abstraction pointedly the stance,
people our humanity's found,
the appropriation of funds,
a measurable tasking will be certainly,
the weight of decide.

The able 'Continue' to breathe,
never taking that first bite,
the platter is the dinner of consumers,
enjoying the demise in the nothingness of the rumored lie.

Serving a personal role,
the collective mission,
reality does not come to view,
 it clicks too.


Suffer yourself to the totality of,
following the crowd?,
the proper of loud?

Vitality is the Unique life,
speaking to reality,
society dines on guess.

Heeling to command you have obeyed the digestive stake,
an approach to building more with less,
is in the whites of the eyes that informs the dye,
to dilatate in fright,
 the proof is an intoxication,
creating more of those silent lives seen.

Broader spectrum's encompass a find,
to not entice the bitten,
rather embrace that life that's been left for the appetite.

A strobe light in the sky,
the venture of the bold in told,
already have begun to succumb to what is,
a terrible spit.

Why cry to scream I know I'm stable,
speaking on Exorcisms in my past,
a child immersed in scripted verse.

The spread of belief is advertised with a rate,
as you have so readily reminded,
I am prepared for their chore.

It is merely a religious gang-rape with a tab,
if you don't pay the Piper then the Piper will not pray,
it is their Con running.

Should a liability have produced itself,
then why have the Catholics not asked,
the question to answer a given task.

Friday, March 28, 2014

No Body Feels It's Planted

Say hello and know good by,
the pass to a favorite guy whom,
made what has been the impossible,
the possibility of rubbed-out.

Grounded to where I roam,
I can only be the One whom,
speaks with wonderment,
and questions the unimaginable with:


The soak of the only trust I had,
goes to fly the sky of a radical shaft,
between the find.....there is this,
thing we call a bind.

In amongst the red of a life so blue,
the balance of my dual,
he takes me to the heights of extraordinary shifts,
shafting send.

 The journey from behind,
the curtain of,
is the verse of grasping take.

I lose my body to go the Being,
seeking out the grand of scene,
the scope of entry has a staff.

Properly told I never can hold,
I must be a on a quest,
to be more, eye can lead.

Brightened liberty Fires do,
the light in him is the shadow I must breathe,
the venue of a life,
that knows venuing blows.

Reality does not relate to this Fate,
a destiny of a stream,
where I can go and be,
the singular voice of lyrical spree.

Follow not the sound that says..
come with me,
whom you know you are,
you are the only one,
 with in my mind,
you are the Man of my only might.

I am not drowning,
I'm soaking.

Take the life I lead and know,
it is the elemental in me,
that speaks to read.

... lay my head down,
to the place that ...
makes you go to face..

the power of what is hard,
is the strength of this given lark,
to produce the evening of,
a certain part!!

Swallowing back to deepen the start
the load to release,
provided relief,
arrives when anguish spoke thirst.

Mic ~ ing

the pumping of know feat,
to settle the increasing speed,
my hands on your pockets,
angling in to bring down the stand,
my voice is throttled in sight of the speaker.

The grip is shown,
the tone of what is grown,
to enlarge such a piece,
the organ-grinder screams,
scores in lines.

Gasping never,
the taste is certainly in the sheets of,
the diameter of the measurement,
a heady state.

the batter of the baked,
 explosive rate,
the intention of,
erupts with 'out' to much.

Everybody Dies,
not every one Lives,
too Testify,
I exist.

Thursday, March 27, 2014



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Technical Difficulty ~ Links Deuced



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The vast all this promulgation,
the sense of tension brought a burst,
as breathing thought to send,
just as you have a sorted trend,
I have confidence in what's been.

Magnitude is simple,
the complex is only truth,
shortly put the Epic spoke,
the span delivered with ink in hand.

A fast pass to make an attempt,
to not just last but to provide a path.

The width of the divide,
the channel of the switch,
gets down to get dirty,
not create a skip.

The innocence does touch,
upon the part of,
who needs love.....
without a trace has been my fate.

Depravity is the cruelty with a devastating scry,
you have worthed your value to what you buy,
the Mass of the Confession witnessed,
the testimony of whom have died.

Pushing-off accounts of done,
the present is the historical lung,
the silent screams of how you've shown,
disaster has delivered stone.

No fault line will seek to find,
thoughts that made this place take shape,
ever captured the call of fright,
the caged is the rise of an Albatross' plight.


Come What May

The player is a riddler,
the words crafted a chiseled road,
the writ of thunk,
let us Prose.

Sentence stanzas Life,
the bellow of the shrine,
the brink to Cliff Notes,
shall we Scrib?

Purchase the blueing,
the short of the doing,
a quick yet fast trace,
to know,
their Library requires taste.

Rarity of the spelling creates,
Book Marked,
dog tagged corners,
or speak with strewn,
all about the face of who is whom.


Resonate with what's gone too,
the blank in the shot of shrewd,
the slurp of drunk you've all been screwed,
the driver of the base has roots.

In the unusual turn of a lend,
ever known of the broader hymn?,
a bitter truth in costing you,
the jailed liberty in the bars of Leud.

Drink the Blood and Eat the Body,
oh wait,
that's called Communion or is it Fate?

Doubting Thomas spoke of this trait,
felt the proof for Nailed sake,
the Cross from the Verse of what you gave,
the King James Version serves a Trade.

The balance of the vice,
the winds that blow,
our living Toll.

The Choice of how you have blown,
the sale of , a given horror,
oh I guess you deny,
that History has a Pass,
to fancy,
an additional Fuck!@!

Self Instruct Letting

With identity of the dark,
hold to what you always start,
the path of that which has a Part,
the role of a given Ark.

I'm not the Sow that brought this lark,
I counted 'piggy's,
it's a Mark...

...first little piggy went to the store,
.....second little piggy was know more,
.......third little piggy went to war,
.........fourth little piggy said I'm a whore,
..fifth little piggy said these are my sibling's and there is....

The rapport of words that score this Live,
the scars are notes in posts and for,
if you follow and can't resist,
the mere of facts do show this Hist.

It is not left for Hit or Miss,
shall we?

Down in the cycle of scrolling rifled,
the production makes a Show,
liken Rite to a well walked griff,
pay for the penitence of dues.

Are you in the Frill,
ware the dungeons of you're will,
have brought the verse,
take the pill,
swallow hard and know it is the Keep,
it delivers still.

Right in Wrong I say know Song,
dangerous and asked,
"want a ride?"
there is a standing Human clear.

A tackling of the mind asleep,
please oh please do not wake,
can you feel?
you are shaking,
and you've only been half summed.

The third little certain,
a bore of a curtain,
the whips of the training,
it is just a game,
no worries,
I'm not the Beast nor the Blame,
it is you whom rang right on through to this vein.

Production Like-In Lieu,
a double bind of nothing knew,
'Just' an example of the ramble,
take a click and have a sip,
the chalice of the drink of blood,
a communal search?
you are in a lurch!!

No Way Out,
directive in,
the verse that you took and learned,
my life had a stern intro too,
the Black of which I say,
you have been brewed.

Travel high in a Tribal been,
do you see the altered send,
their game is the Share and I am the blend.

Digital Lair

As you read in,
 keep it completely real,
the bounce of the tone is just shone,
the best will be the better at making you feel the tack,
so bridled back it's collection,
the impulsion.

Set at Zero the shift is All,
want a ride to the engine of done before,
much like the call,
production sprawl.

Just a Site

Before You Sleep

Dare not the dream of the ride,
for it does arrive,
in your Nightmare not mine.

In that nighttime sleep,
where you rest your head,
the pillow spoke as you went to bed.

It Said

..gently now rest your soul,
for in the deepest night of whole,
the best of worst will visit heard,
the words of learn so poured a turn.

... place your feet so close to meet,
that your knees begin to keep,
the duvet, that sheet or blank it pact,
the type of things that beings exact.

... the shadows of the closed eye lids,
opens doors to exit exist,
the float of self above the floor,
felt like nothing but has been done before.

... crossing the barrier of such a snare,
look back so that you know the fare,
the lift of piece in prose of said,
don't lose yourself 'cause you have dealt such dread.

... you never will know such levered,
the time between is the gear of scheme,
you'll wake to no that sleep is dead,
all in the hour of seeing red.

You don't believe that your Being can leave?

...put aside the horror and move like steam,
perfectly you will prove,
it's not lost it's just a move.

... look never to that which will bind this track,
for the loss will know your Kind,
in this stated as I said,
I'm your pillow,
come and rest your head.

When the ice cream melts,
and the coffee cup can not be held,
you will know you're in the sever
of the place that states a debtor.

... you now lay you're self to sleep,
no that there are particular leaks,
calls are made while screaming's wired,
to the facts that you're a liar.

The throttle of the vocal course,
the tonal sound in silent sport,
shows the difference as a score.

 .. not all go but few will stay,
the invitation of all should scrape,
the bottom of is simply take,
a deeper, darker, sleepier way.

 ... these shapes of things this dangling,
 a belief that you can also stream,
as a game of known to play,
is so lasting resembles brain.

So lay your head down,
take a peek,
it's a Trip you'll need no seat,
the aisle is the lives you reap,
the evidence of such still breathes.

~ pillow talks ~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Satellite Communication

The fright of horror is the door that you see opening again,
in that you cannot say much of anything,
the stun, 
the shock of what has happened is just repeating itself like a trend.


Do you feel the pain when I speak,
are the Posts just a read?

Are you able to know of horror and say nothing?

Time after time I have spoken in signs,
the questions are poised and I am making some noise,
I live everyday in hope that I'll say.

Do you ever stop to ask yourself,
maybe I should do something,
like hold out a hand that won't hit back,
show a face that has a smile without a motive that's black?

Does what I say just fall to die?

These words I pour, the fear, the horror, the dreams, even the positive theme's, I am laughed at no matter the door.

I was born, I am a Human Being, I am Alive, I am not an It, I am not a Thing, I am Life and I am hurting.

Will this make you happy? Will this bring you joy?  Will this make you laugh? Will this be that much more than the evening read or the morning chore? 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This Can't Be Good

By the place the time takes pace,
the rate of already done by no mistake,
the past is a taste of what will be,
the beat of the read,
is the call of Heed.

Told by an elder sibling on the phone,
she has been excluded from the Will at her Father's home,
now there is me and my brother,
and we are both mentioned as the sole inheritors,
by the way,
Dad's not dead.

From the basis of what's been,
at what point does anyone accept,
that both of us, my brother and I had exorcisms done,
by the people that wish us dread.

Now the action of the fact,
who would run if you fall,
to the realization that it's already set,
the reason? Money, that's my bet.

Waiting for the stakes to be driven,
I say to all the doubters that it's been done once,
and these same ones will do it again,
as per my step-fathers words said exact,
"leave it to me....",
I can't stomach these facts.

Why be sad,
I have spoken and spoken,
written and written,
asked and asked,
since it's not your life you just laugh.

Not so funny when you consider money,
the sticky mess in a trust,
too much green makes people do strange things.

Scared by this thought,
I write again to state,
it is bad,
when repetitious begins to stack,
with all of what's passed and in exact.

Altered by the grueling work,
of what I see and it's bizerk,
wanted me to drive to a place,
it's called without a trace.

In addition she wants to add this Site,
as a link or as a ......???? 
kind of weird to add this up,
when what's been said is pretty rough,
to identify these very same wrongs.

Whether it is the Hoodoo I could never explain,
the Movie the Skeleton Key,
did make the scene so plain,
a promised state I was told I'd be replaced,
saying this from when I was young.

Tam you left me eight years ago,
walked away and had a ride waiting, 
it's still difficult to believe,
as we were in the middle of Texas in an R.V.

There I was in the middle of no where,
in truth I did not know how to explain this to myself,
even your Lover whom you left me with was drained.

So what's your plan now,
to drop Dad and I off along the road to Moms,
where you say let's change the Will,
look at Ed and say, here you go,
you're in it too but here's your money so please don't sue?

The entire offense seems to be,
a terrible thing for only me unless Ed stands,
did you tell him too?

The warning I send is a chance I guess,
whom other than you has a stake in this mess?

I don't like the implications,
your call made many complications,
I worry for not only myself,
the concern is placed and the question now faced,
your anger is palpable and you have a history that is undoubtedly frightening.

Concert Parts

In that Line not far behind,
making time become,
the watch of the Come!!

Tips Talking

In the like I see the drone,
moving is the act of a guarded track,
even set the sent is stun!!

The Let is the Entry,
the ample is the sample,
the number is the stall,
the call rings on clocking.

Wanting to walk as Society tasks,
by every mistake you walk the rate as pass,
the congregation of the mass,
sums the denial,
 much in staffed.

The Spear of destiny dictates faith,
a piercing nailing in the crossed of state,
the rival in the proof of wrote,
makes these days just a say.

Luckily the prepared,
envelope more than deeds stairs,
deeper, lower, down to the depths of sound,
where what can't be heard can be found.

Rebound bounce to the red enhanced,
first you say it's not true,
than you light a candle ...for whom??
an altered based.

Oh yea I think you said it was....
for the ball and chain,
the linked thereof the fire burns,
the scars do show and as reality blows.

The opened wounds of this stun,
the no trust that says a bust,
the fact that I did wait and nothing's done,
the shock is yours 'cause I'm still stung,
while no regard was taken as to what caused this spoken spun.

Let's Play Pong

In the basket carry the fruit,
fill your plea with silence,
you are the cord that pulled this done.

Terror wraps this fact,
the Apple Cart pact,
bitten for the wisdom,
swallowed in exact.

The Tree in Gift,
the bough of rift,
the picking of the desired,
the doubt never required taste,
the sample of the bile.

Belief in lust will deliver a stern review,
sum of a life that concerns you,
the journey it takes to Road the well-worn path,
did not come from any less that what you did.

Horror you brought in what you said,
visit the state of this head,
realms of never-dead.

You state that this is not true,
than youtube makes Videos for whom,
the View requires the listener to be,
in the place that I can see.

Visit with this common theme,
streaming where your guide is a dream but the reality,
taking you to the state of Being,
disembodiment by no mistake,
meditation of a Monk that rates,
as reincarnation is simple replace.

Do you know the fright of such a case,
or have you just said it does not exist,
or was it that you said didn't happen?
couldn't happen, shouldn't happen?
yet it still does every day in every State.

The latter was not your statement,
the former is a point of your stance,
ask a friend for a hand,
take the chance and you'll be damned.

By Chance?

Catch the beat of a digitized treat,
forth-coming the stick of what you chore,
a trip to the depths of so much more,
the heat within your very core.

Counter time with no clicking sign,
lost inside the Red Beings don't lie,
you have just been dumped in the lair,
of what they have said is not there.

Are you prepared for the after-care?
how many chances,
do you dare to believe in such an action that it's done,
or simply do you say that it's ......who cares!!


Now if you're really daring but I doubt you are, ready to hear it, Live with versing.
don't worry though,
I wrote this so long ago and I am more than sure .....

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dog Paddling Proof

Where the wares of your spare,
put the site of know man within the plan,
talent Self to train for the road to lust.

Trigger the pull to fire the realm,
dig-up the past and ride the mounting,
presumption will go deep and wide,
never realized.

By the core hello the pour,
crate the box and scoot,
vibrate an acoustic sound,
fool the coward loud.

Climb the walk and keep it talk,
back away from,
the come,
accept the scribe,
in this you will stay alive.

A Knight Time

Watch the power in present dress,
listen to the drum roll,
the sticks of the overgrown,
mark you're prat,
fly to the sunset of never could.

Release the bodily shift to lift,
to the open and vast sake,
replay the video back to the day of scold.

The execution of a scrape,
the black shadow of shape,
grasp the internal bite,
thought for thought....sin is all but caught.

Society does not regard the done,
lost for fact and left to sack,
rival all and simmer the boiling plot,
regress to stay the track.

The darkness envelopes sepia to sight,
'round the barking heard,
the prattle of the footsteps,
overhead the voice in the room of dine,
listen to the argument,
here the smacked with coins of jingle.

The ladder not a sign,
the workbench by heated elements,
a chemical mail-order experiment,
the timber holds,
the cement in grave,
the face of whom did not save.

Stare hard holding,
practice thinking no mistake,
bathroom window Hemway twin,
sill so set that two became,
three know splat stay away!!

Two floors thirty foot drop,
sum the space for earthly take,
NO!! I will not follow them.

Cross checked from a flat,
across the yards of this a fact,
took a look to see the spot,
what the fuck you said we'd be caught?

The muni Balboa Street,
seek and find the Union Square behind,
Geary to the O'farrell theater,
not the Zoo!!

Back lock to the mind,
rewind in the sight,
bedtime develops plot to Bic.

Fire the Cigarette burns so long,
ash sensation looks like wrong,
careful start while it hangs,
overhead and not in tray.

The Square's Garage will be a Lot,
the Avenue represents the do,
the zoo key you've gone to far,
back to the cinema on par.

Look about while on the Flout,
pans will sizzle Hofbrau sky,
billowing Chef with all the roast,
corned beef and chocolate cream.


ADD ~ Total by the rack,
China Town has a Gate,
two blocks down not to late,
fortune cookie on Ross Lane,
over three to the bend up the hill wait until..

Send the Cabled Car Man,
up to the Ritz of Hotel planned,
jingled change pocket sound,
the dollar bill cannot be found.

Lobby stop stairs on sing,
copy nothing keep the bing,
door bell concierge in grown,
just a Hop in the loan.

Red carpet drapery match,
heavy cord is missing pass,
gift shop to find the phone,
down the hall and I'm to small.

Drop the dime to another time,
reducement to the age of found,
put the stage upon a band,
mark the tether with the count of Man.

Beyond the Pines a house in like,
wooden walls with peek hole of a window cut,
kitchen yellow table put,
couch becomes the sight of took.

Set the gear at zero bearings,
the handheld zoo animal display,
so small a bridge doubles say,
dropped from the Lucky Drive.
driven till I do not sigh.

Cello lessons ZUT will guide,
the word of note to bass the struck,
Harp will go and than the tow,
the Stallion left in Paddock bowl.

Geld Frisco to handle law,
or the take will be the saw,
Polo track the point of entry,
the horse took me know the Sentry.

Took off fast was only sat,
'round the bend to yell at scat,
woman replies, no I won't,
hey lady you were a Golden Gate Stable clap.

Thoroughbred picks up speed,
two more laps to his leap,
the bush to where he did leave,
Dare-Me-Devil never lacked

No Person stopped to warn,
the faster I went the bigger the scorn,
HEY Lady, remember now,
a kid on a thoroughbred WOW!!

Don't you worry I will jump,
out of myself and to the sump,
that concrete where I had no feet,
on the ground I spot that sound,
the pumping of the boys from town.

Bearing down upon my staff,
eyes in fixed that dick was bad,
the craft to make that fuck go lag,
keep the hatred communication wound.

Center spite inside those eyes,
walk the Flamingo Room,
hear the rain it's like outside,
confusion state the time and place,
food in and dining out,
the Cable Car has a housing place.

Close to cables ride the Mount.

the Tell of present the sight of passing repetitions,
the plot as scene is just as mean,
first one than the second,
blame placed upon the balance,
no one will deny the find,
and the wrong will never show,
the cleaning of the clever low.

Drug induced from a horse produce,
the lie that a related incident did sight,
announced the claim with dignity in plain,
I bent over to absorb the shock.

The look upon the face of whom,,
did not cry we were one of two in the room,
the distance to next was simply time,
quietly I write while no one cries,
that's what's adding to a this very scary piece.

Iceland torn down,
leaving The Fillmore as a best.

Singing A WaY

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clear The Mechanism

Principal interest in school of taught,
the Class became the One to last,
know Recess the years in past,
the call to remember nothing,
information offered makes no mistake.

The chalk of board the game just played,
out like the pen in came.

Written plainly to say what complicates,
the knocked-out life went out to stay,
until the time of ring was heard,
the home work read the post of said.

No notice given to empty bin,
the void created a rift to Pi,
the pool was not afraid,
for the bottom was already made,
the space between simply to steer.

Step-in, step-out, the clock does not tick it only counts,
the days add to zero,
a pre-set gear,
to allow the check-out to merely clear.

Created measure of time and/or pleasure,
seconds pass as blinking stacks,
why add to an already very full task.

Chose the part the last good start,
conscious mind breaks to cart.

One, Two, Three...time-out!!!

Mark Five, go ...... UP, 
on with the Show,
nobody will know,
what's missing? the being inside!1!

Robotic by Design

Open Spam

Paper trails liken Horse,
the hooves, print Ink,
the laws of the sand files at hand,
deeply penetrating and often generating think!!

The 'Monkey Suit' has a head,
it is a Man and gaveled said,
to Skye the tie with scanned.

Oh the pail of watered thirst,
an actionable accounting for what will stir,
the pass of what develops verse,
the court of appeal will be the girth.

The wrench of wired,
the piping of the flyer,
imagine status Que as all in what is known,
without the prove-it 'cause it's been shown.

Riding a mechanical routine,
so well taught it collected reams,
constant repetition of a theme,
an artful distraction in a creative scheme.

Open Venue Site imposed,
the tack of a saddled made,
the bit to a purposeful halt,
to hold until the call records the difference,
 not the stall!!


Tell A Port

The ever talk in each a thought,
to 'why' the need at all,
the fact that often nobody knows,
it seems a sudden action.

A dream or nightmare does not matter,
either way the path is stature,
to hold, to be, to understand,
not all becomes the walk of Lamp.

Surprises leave the door so built,
that a knock or doorbell will,
announce the invitation real,
should the interest have been the deal.

Left for right I stated might,
the aftermath added sight,
that life is something that if lived,
delivers more than just a stiff.

To remember good in bad,
the words have sometimes been.....
a flicker of a hope I had,
that something could end in and then....

You really never actually know,
are you home? or, are you Out&About!!
seeing the Universe? or being a doubtful....

The global fan of blowing banned,
the exit enters the been of are,
surprising only the stirring of what is,
the natural occurrence in a trending sip of,
a delightful ride to a life in Like!!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Verbal Vibration

The power of the pulse,
the flagrant beating of pound,
the drum set rewinds,
reversal nines,
now eleven times.

The brain will meet in complete,
with each you will find,
the treat of the rhythm leads.

Down to unwind,
the stare well of sign.

Stand the amount of bind,
dynamics create,
revolution will take,

Tap the foot while you enhance the pocket,
the leather in cold,
the smell of only sold,
depths of what?
will come from......behind.

The rivalry of steady,
the balance of the rocket,
the blast of what will talk it,
the shroud of all in socket.

The glare of the red pair,
the words that never blare,
the energy of rolling lockets,
the vibrate of mere desire,
brought it.

Smile the speaker means to be heard,
the eyes of such are never stirred,
the criteria of all ways touched,
in only an extremely seductive much!!

The Being in Flight,
the scene in found,
the stage of appeal,
the path of the corridor,
the halls of Rites,
a tunneling of lyte.

Wrap 'round that spiraled sound,
Microphones carry as noise varies,
the ears of which sits,
the road to redemption is very well equipped.

Stereo Rides 

Virtuosity Proper Primes

The sighing of the breathing stopped,
as the horns came to only suck,
the windpipes blew the records coo,
the waves of all came true.

Addiction lags the musical verse,
the course of what takes know rehearse,
driven carefully no signal signs,
the multi-vice of a kind.

The horror of the quested journey,
bottomless void enhanced the noise,
crept beneath the instant leap,
I hold no hand within this Keep!!

Out to fly the candor of why,
existence can feel the call to cry,
in no ecstasy I FLY,
a natural and courageous sky.

The sight of what is seen,
the only better thing,
the open vain of a road map comes,
know guide will take it's place!!

Drive to the never end,
in over it is begin again,
the treasure of Pandora,
released for.....what's your more??

The clouds of reams almost nearly dreams,
an active anxious steam,
volcanics are the ream!!

The breast of a universe,
the capsule of a shooting burst,
the loud in riding,
a grave-digger's Crowd.

Bury your indiscriminatory fear for the Devil cheers,
have you heard Satans Voice?
did he say to make a choice?
or is it the interpretation of the written poised,
that states the soul of sold in coy.

The blacker the redder,
the fiery starter makes a better Letter,
the Post of no demand,
develops an icy plan.

Brought by only absurdly done,
the wetness claims it's fun,
the soak in the misting,
the shower of the lust,
no umbrella needed the mast of the sail,
so vast you need a tale.

Get along little song,
make me feel all that is so strong,
the numbers of the build,
the value of the measure,
the strength of the climb,
a trip through Time!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hakuna Matata

Eight Years to almost date,
when what did happen destroyed for sake.

The term of served in isolate,
one from the other in only done,
will be the beginning of the end in stunned.

The age of consent remarkably,
counts with more than what you'll see,
the tab, the total, the destruction once complete,
now just stops to say,
that what you did has had it's day and now the end is over.

Eventually life will ask,
what did happen in the past,
the answer will be to serve the question,
with nothing more than what you'll see,
the absolute and total belief,
that what did happen, happened in repeat.

So many years of separation,
the time seemed like an operation,
to walk, to run, to just survive,
the horror of all that wanted die.

Now this place that I do love,
my home, my house, my safe reside,
embraces me and hugs my life,
for it gave to me the opportunity,
to breathe and not to run from all the things that have been done.

The pictures hang upon the frig,
my cat is still the same one from,
the days when my children would gather,
around the kitchen table with such laughter.

That same butcher block table,
my breakfast nook creates,
the atmosphere surrounding my home is filled with all but hate.

The desk that I use was a dining room remodel,
I type upon the place where our Thanksgivings left a trace,
of all my children and their sweet, sweet face.

My home is warm with memories so long,
the reminders of when we were a family not a wrong,
the decor is familiar to whom I know,
would have loved to be a child that moved back home.

Remember to do what is right,
to fight for things inspite of stings,
to speak your peace and no such brings,
the whole of human in completing deeds.

Imagine A Moon Planning

To just breathe I inhale the thoughts,
what is written has been a lot,
the basis of dream in only talk,
no reality will come from delivery of walk,
unless random came to sent.

The best of done released a stun,
as I not you was shocked by whom,
made me feel the ancient deal,
a pact of what had been so sung.

The bliss in reaching an exist,
the human toll of absolute in role,
ability to state your place,
the path of wonder a dream in make,
halts the answer the question spake.

The fact that life presents such chance,
the choice of which creates romance,
a hand to hold or man to dance,
the lyrics become the speech enhanced.

The turn of page or swirling stage,
the world that seems to take and take,
without resolve of what may be,
the pointed fingers so readily,
destroy the me I want to keep,
it makes the driven in ridden read.

Silently the quiet rose,
discovery developed prose,
sometimes shared often not,
the plot you seek built to mock,
cause erasing, too delete.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Composure of remand,
a cautionary scale,
the assumptions that are made,
the you and not what's gave.

Presently served plate lets,
the ever remedy with no regret,
the casual of no show,
produces only seed.

The growth of what is planted,
a potted sort of tree,
the roots of merely spoken,
created what is soaked-in.

Should the whale whisper,
I'm drowning in the pain,
would the drill be drifters,
that drove in further disdain?

As what differs letters,
the Poet or the Debtor,
a point to only listen,
crosses all the better.

Retention of a memory,
the Ancient pact of semblance,
does not regard the guilty,
as more than just what's filthy.

An avid reader places,
understanding on the faces,
what is never seen,
defines more than erases.