Thursday, April 2, 2015

ITSA Bit Of The Eye Liners

To be in the remind of a day in past history the room was a place that was called by name,
the Snug slim Hall of a type that left strange stings as the beetle on an 815 Balboa for the rat,
window panes coated the Bars as the view was the drive paved with memory on file,
honeysuckle a Greenhouse the path that the Siek next door had spit on the walk as he passed.

The sanity of the dream was the reality of the sit to deck on porch or the back entry calendar a spread,
carpet to the table as the kitchen in the stile A telephone to floor the drawing Sentry of the step,
an Organists appeal as the breakfast in America on that was the dining of the method to cup`t.

Genghis Khan the statue belonging to My Godmothers estate was of a statement to the scratched,
on the book to the garden that Aunt Laura had gone confined from her Arizona residence,
on the Toads of the stool an then the China Cabinets steer,
an Oriental Carpets swing to handles of the Tiers.

On that eight Hour sand of cremation to the brand in with the facts to oust the checkered slammed,
a bureau of the Television as Elvis Presley was a show,
to the carbon on the Mind with roulette that shook my stand,
to taste of the 3:30 Avenue on the lake at out to cramed,
making best of shackles to the years since that was band.

Orchastra of sheets to mattress of Horse Hair brussel sprouts that Ice Cream in midst of all the chew,
dirty festering shingled roofs that tack of Hover stew taking on the reception to offer than to shoe,
in the Speak of sham Paned blues a pleasnt found the ticket,
a sock for the Punch that sang to ever on the cruised,
as in the boots of beach on route a Baker on the Coot,
pigeon holes that drill be floor`n to gates of birch that grew.

My grandfathers Cadilac the 10th between the Nine,
on Clement to talk the shack as Radio on clued,
a belt of buckle the whips my back did have as that was done,
in each of the happenings I snowed to eyes of Trued.

Lives of fountain on the flows a piece upon the Riddle wreath Flowers in the Prose,
poetry of captains lead did break the mystery`d,
a liner on the ocean state of flooding risen bridge,
gave leads to climb a slow be lathe as Shingles are a fate.

In destiny of Starlight price the Shining on the Maze,
practice in the Summer Time of Blues that rang the flint,
over under in be Twine a bale of Alfalfa crime,
inch per Mile with the Meter it sprang a Creek in Low Bose,
acoustic yarn the circus swarm that Mr. Getz did feel,
as with that freezer of the known and A Banana for the Crane.

Visit vernacular dialect shall the ghost form the Shape of scorn,
but in the say it is a Way to put the service Pied,
as paints in Hard shore rocks and Jakes to lets see whats the Sinew,
bows and arrows gum in Vest is trades that know the other,
one block to half a corner turn another block to truth,
chain link fence to set the Prince of Wares inside the sentence`d.

Apple & Dee Tricks was the shopping sound of Jung,
conclusions ran to tinsel stunned as What is in the gather,
should the snake be in the Tree of fresh to bring the Voice of players,
would not the Story make More cents should the sale make a lens look to beak of bird,
as a Mic^Ka or Hi^a^Sent ^th to equal for the rod,
know that end game is a chutes and ladders label ask gamers of trumps Navel.

Tu farmers on the Al^maw^knack for better ready sable`d,
as the fir speaks so treed that frost of sears at Ping ponged,
search does skit relief for on the were Olds run a dulled the spring will Scribe the sand.

Be Leave If You Want Too Ore Close Your Eyes And Breathe A Signed

Hear say growth to the Viking on the Crow,
in shoulder to My Atlas shone it is of the Dragon on a Tone,
the world maps other to touch the beast on the bets of breast,
sinks of washing to Soaps of lathe in crippling all while its cloud,
in the truth of a burning ride it is the beach of sands that rocked a candle to the birthday pipe,
blowing flattery to the rub of the shower to rape the body ground.

The factor on the media of a Magazine in rifles,
bullets flying not overhead but sunk in bones,
marrow deep wet with sinking to sue a sides delivery of Crew`d,
darn the Method to a fancy pheasant as Even the dogs say pants.

Cause tick on the Valley more''s of Fish & Supply,
that hard wrap to burritos source strung with organs tongue,
as the stomach is offering the belly a Digest is it Read or Sport to scramble the Fleas,
as Add^Vantage to settle a Pea speaking Snatch the bottle of Sand is dry to the lip.

Sweat the Chap to stick a Swing to the Rocking Machine of a Source,
on that Finch a Canary can Save Men!!

Ask the Miners of the Coal ore The Bakers 13th Scone,
try Cycle on the obvious forth Each to every teak with oat Out on the trunk,
in that it is The Continue of the fact owe be Won can know bee for ever the Bat.

A Cat a Comb is the scratchy lift of tangles on the stir,
is the teeth a brush or is it the Make-up of Mask care eh,
to eye Browse the lashed are Independently sudden,
like the knock on the door for the doorbell is a simple pleasure to Man shuns.

Castle shock with an I land dock at Embers of No less than An Elemental,
to fire on the stamp with letters fort Communique as Turing shored a dial by previous touch kept,
in Isolation on the Verb to enter Web of spiders that do not spin Truths to face the Mirror`d,
in that This World documents the Earths crest as A Wake to the slumbering load,
people scratch the laughter to Can an audience with Mane & Tail just like a grammar Detailed slate.

To the Equal smite on Cricket or Pigeon of the local Flounder its the Crab saying dungeon Nest,
an Al lass Can knew to the Sound of timber yet in the choice A virtue did not shoot the bread,
finding that Needing was more a Proviso of simplicity in galloping a Course to not die but Retreat,
liken the sounders with a particular Singer whom ran the globe to ankle the chore changing nothing torn.

Once upon a life the person dimed on a Scopes water to Sing a bet on the blanket snore,
then at the View of scene the preening Feathered a risen to note the cable on the More's,
this Ace Sop storied a Board with Felt as the clock Watched the Velcro ant lure rubbed,
a forest Full of groves on the sway Swooned to night with a simple last on the breadth of Keeps,
at the tune an Opera of came spoke of the Hugged to be Spilled bye Humanities toil.

There is no greet in the Verse that serviced go away,
in stead the invitation embraced in All paths to field,
for in ever the infinite is a type that energy is the brilliance of the place,
in that the Solar regard hath brought a Moon to shadow on a Swan as a Crane belt,
quest of Operators on a face the Music its the realms of a Maze meant to Exclaim the journeys deep Falls,
thank Niagara for the example of a Picture in the Ax of its Stall.

A Peep Show,
if You were Water would You fall.

Emissions Verses The Hand Held Sole`d

I will rich the frost a sail of frost on the dirt of the Permanently clasp of Albatross,
serenity on the Shale is the spoken Mint of scrub the Mission ot up the lift of Spin,
as cold water freezes the lathe of stream so does the River flow again,
on the rocks touching lumber A Splinter is a friend for it bests the Tow as swim.

Lap around the Version World of scene to diaper the rash on the Pen clock skitting steam to spoils,
as the sunken Treasures hour the simplest sing it is the variable that strings a correlate,
squaw Top with Mohewkan to the petrol stations of still Watch as the roar was and now is Sure deodorants,
Hells Angels!!

Ban a role On to that is the inch off the Milers dial to spread a Dial on preference to air a Saul,
in the Print and the Pauper a dutch and the Craft is wisdom the discovery ore the eleven year gap,
take Too a lung on the engine of the Filter to the bullets Trigger for the guns Machined,
on that is the finger Bic to a Billboards list on Coca-a-Cola speaking Hot Chalk lets!!

Cup of grand Piano to the ignition of the Rock its Red glare hat bounced a shelf to not dare,
in that the genes on the birth to the speech in the still is of Bravery be swung to actual on scene,
these pours are not an Hour of theory bumping the next Hit to advantage a suffocation bind snip,
it is the conscious allowance to calm the Storm risen by the speak and the Watch of tortured.

Trans dish Covers to special Identification drop lines to bottle creeks from basic to priced,
as in the written to the riding it Out an Arena of raked is mucking to bed the Albatross a shore,
in that the Nest lead has experienced the boiling of Frogs touched the sad and Joy`d up to paws,
foot walk Work is in the smile of the Character to Why's are the True Man precluding doors by lens,
to task of that is the feed on the Pane to know that birds court Robin in the Sparrow of blue jay.

Drinking this write to sentence a drop is as the Oak la Home Uh did not venture to the At truck,
road to Hi Way is of in the brad an on that Don Key to speak of candor and shy,
to business on the Thimble a So`ing on the Make Sheen is off to a Movie like the Box Office scream,
tickets on Sail tell The Inconvenient Truth directoire should the Haul have been rinse it was A Wash.

Baseball is still a Pitch hitter Football is Soccer basket hoops the court and scribbles are stealth,
password on the News papers of Media broadcasters are in the supply of paints and the spray,
pea Pods that station a seat for the Clawed now Resting on the laurels flours and laud.

Air stoked with fish the bait and a Slice goods of pi to quit the blubber on the jaws,
yet in the Reality of CBS hood NBC channels ABC to towers of the shrugged,
to Waist is the value of Struggle to scout as a Loan is of Curtain to the said on slide grows,
flicka is a story that dear on a skit the Country just loops with Maggots on a RIP.

Tackle the Piss Tolled a Venue corked to bridge as the lake is of Sword the water is of shore,
to the bed of a sake in the brass of the Bolts thunder hears the light bulb with the precision of a score,
no translation to the ear just the Plains and the steer to Quantify the switch to tongue the mouth with side,
as Sentence to that is the Seconds on the louds tsk tsk is never gamble for the shambles of the sow,
bacon Carton Milk balloons a grade to the Schooling,
clinics are beached Trainers and the smalls have been left with brooms.

A tasker on the Cleanliness a Pony on the Tale a bit to the pieces a Minuet for less,
strike a sort of discipline say with precise People in the midst of dead are living with a stead,
the body bag of clothing a Skinner on the mule Striking to that is breathing the Oxygen of some,
ask not the begging Question an Answer is grave for in the Indivisible the U.S. made its sled.

Seven Eleven

The populous is Able to Confucius the otter as the dam is of Cost to the summary of the Hand,
to technique of Mechanical engineering an Engine on the Rain is a Crow for the sorrow & lo,
to tack the Paint to the ass of that sordid detail is to become not Aware as History is Proof,
these days of no 11th Hour as that would have Binned the clock Clean to automatic shredders.

Took past Nine in the Mind as an Instructive measure of In Dust Tree to balance the Ring,
fork Fires to back same is on the Bench of Wag the Dog to sailing the Trojan Horse,
to negate the City for the fry is to negative a Country on the crikey of actual on James Blunts miss,
as the Boardroom factor to presently gifted a Singer got sham Railed to cycle on the File,
a tool of Great Come did not tunnel the Sum but to that in difference its a Tale on the strum!!

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in while the dance is Milled for the rice a planet to field as the pour is of Sane,
should the Crowd been at treat to bike a sample as Opposite sat to enjoy the sand,
prints on the Wash or the Flood of a trail is merely the Muds of a state that Cactus of Rate,
money up the Wall to dock at the Port sew the phew to the advertised and simply Know.

Post the card to tear oh`d as that is the gates of Cattle across the barbed Wire on fencing T-zones,
as Hood to that steel in the feet of just real perfection is the delivery to the dressage of the letter,
sponge the drip Campaign to nature on the Clearing House butterfly to evidence and cycle the Fly,
in advent to Chalice the religion Dogma as prized the Circus of the ladder is storms of Centuries.

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to bring with a Message the movie on the Theater a Ballet with a Swan station on the Way`d,
provisions with a spoken wheel to the hub is short to say that longer is the grasp of Ole per pockets.

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the stares upon the Face to that makings of the take Pictures pastel Murals from introductions paced,
ignition with this at Tent to strewn beyond the Fates twilight on the basket and body with a crate,
nails on Cremation a Pyre to a blanket Sheets that have Verses to steady on the grave.

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as example to the pass the envelope is sending Stamping to the return a picture of the plaque,
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pasta with the Spice of light is Oregano for subject,
that is thirsty to be sound as that is also on the loud to lets sea the found.

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cricket with the Cane to prey upon the lathe of brain and in my very own experience was focused.

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afternoon of letter cries the sense to rain as eyes can't pound to be left at divisions,
the moment of an actual to the matter of actual is coming to the term,
riding for the from be Come as after in the future past repeats like it is dough putts.

A Maher Can Waist Water In Width of Trans Jinn Dured

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charge the Ocean of the waltz With the dance of Fire on the Flame,
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in Thrush the Whistling is Pan know Pot lead at the locale of a drive,
to the Nth dive on a Plate of stacked in China's Eye!!

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to bank on the Coin as Pennies are from Heaven to dire by law on the degree`d,
heave the logic to Class and bellow the Chimney of stoking a simple belief!!

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in Well surround of Green Milk to that Conversion of communication to Pitch!!

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hem the Stitch to Know ledge as the Cliff Note is minor to the Minuet of the Cistern trunk!!

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a NO-NO!!

lets see Buff eh

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