Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Its Not The Storm Its The Rein

As the world continues to ignore this existence I quarry the world in lived,
expression to shunned the tablet of the gun Letters of open to the Venue of Blunt.

Once Upon a Sign the menu bartered to that Meet now I just spinned the Wheel to stoolie,
ask Not what the World can Due for You as the Battering is the Living shoed.

Horse to the Carriage that Harness of broke Yokes on the Hames and Reins to the bite,
pinch in the '84 Book of the lots chapter this joke as the World diced rocked.

Ice on the Neet to boozers in the Slap to that tell on the Touch may Your smile be of Sap,
syrup like the Cream of Spin ache to Cramp a crack on the Sidewalk telephone Shopped.

Dial with the Pantheon greek Your welt to Smock in the Clothes room Know the body warped,
that shrinkage to the Words no Slash to par Done lore Chlorine form MSM is the bankers Bull`d.

I Owe Dine to Supper Topped that James Blunt what a Sell,
smokin' at the skinner of the Mule comer Came.

Shredders to that simple Understanding Cowards drain talking all the beach and screwing Sandies laned,
Freeway for the Branch a paddle or the Posture mar Ture`d to You're In that boost to Over lop.

Rabbit EArs the Tinned Foil this Sword of shake that Spot,
swim to the Pool and lap that written Stalk.

Corn patties Fire Bowls hands that Patsy grain BakersField barners to Stability of shock,
raw is the Settle to know the drowning clay`d Mud for the Face and pussy Cats gone KAIL.

W kay R pea that Turkey Bats a Crock e is a Boa the Constrictor on the docked,
strangles is a Horse Court to stallers that did grope,
now with this In For Nation I spell the Copper Topped!!

Lore ease of the White Horse crap I marvel this to Buff a Lo taking not a bring but Inn joying all the Cock,
roosters Crowing hens a paid Eggs that crack the Om,
in the let of Cheese it pours to Pitch & frequency to Ray Dar of the Clock.

Tick a time on the big of Ben`ds and Mop,
massage the rub burrs with the coot Pigeons got the Message to bottles of the bound,
tree Groves Magic Forest patent to this Wild,
a shift Fold of carriers to the Junk currs in the Mailed.

Postcards to Tear Owe that present lipped at Tarp ladder to that Skip a step of love and Mach,
at the speed of sat a light a drink with piece and Train,
ca boose tan to Rein breadth and be of joking locked.

As combination is a gas that Joke in As per Ren,
whittle to that good old Oak and teak the out to Spock.

Kids that Goat of tie your Proud the rip of roaring Failure,
in the learn there is a Teach that Hud said Willy knocked.

All Tide Up that bridge of Same`d be Wares to else in Pots,
routes on the other Map have just sealed your lips to docked,
kiss the Cheekie So fee uh weep leek that Jack a lope to Soap,
on the sync beleaf the Mind and still that House to Slop.

MASH the Unit on the game of Eight ball of DENY,
from base to Finnish plates and Minish the Worth is Once a balk,
as this World dies to grave the branish and Plaster Paris stocked,
I bright to Air the Plain in doe for Antlers always Seasonal to that Reach on clocked!!

Ring ring goes the Sell the Recording of a bind,
bdsm is the Practiced and that is Bond age Writes to Fawlk,
perhaps the Lapse of computer Terms that eh prompt that a script,
the empty screen the NO PROMPT pass The Words that Number`d fought,

May Brian and Lisa Sabo be relieved that I did Said,
for the LOVE of Whom I know does bring to MY LIFE A ..........

well actually its none of anyones business what it means to know that friends are Fireflys' serenity in this VERY real I said NONE OF THE WORLDS BUZZ LAYERED!!

Gore May Wye`N

Zest House a born bright of pots & Pans,
whistle the love to 'A Trailer' quiet,
base Produce too the Truck on Balboa,
milk delivery to the frosted door Owe for the Cools.

Tried & Truths the Stiff Upper Lipped,
drank sync to a B.B.Q. to Task Berkeley to Glide,
increase Once a Live these tunes of the Subbed,
now It's a thread with a Circus of Prose.

A Study of the Finer Points of writing Broughts to the Plu`Ral of range on the Groast.

Toasters electric the Bust of the Marrow in depth the Caste of Rich bell to loach,
D.N.A. 'R' in eh The Sigh enct Tall Owe gee a boat All in the dead Match!!

Tonka Segway to Futures wall the teak & oat to Framed!!:
           Guilded by 'The Hue Mann' brain!!